How to Learn Game Development While Still in High School

In most cases, high school students have a gist of their potential career path.

If you have identified game design as your preferred option, it pays to focus on your interests at such an early stage.

This involves choosing the right subjects that will give you the best foundation for becoming a future pro in game development.

Read on to learn how to join the game development industry with ease while still in high school.

Helpful High School Courses for Aspiring Video Game Designers

The following high school classes can get you started in game designing;

Computer Science

Video games are designed using computers.

Therefore, you should have an in-depth understanding of computer functioning.

Attend theoretical classes on computer science, algorithms, and practical programming.

Most colleges approve enrolment for game design students with prior studies in computer science.

3D Modeling, Art, and Design

These classes are exciting and relaxing and give enthusiastic game designers a competitive advantage in the job market.

Skills gathered from 3D modeling and digital art classes are directly transferable to game designs.

You can easily figure out the game design process by attending these classes.

Mathematics and English

A good understanding of mathematics is essential for computer-aided game design.

Games essentially follow a storyline, which requires a strong understanding of literature and the English language.

Fortunately, these classes are compulsory in most high schools.

Extra-Curricular Classes

Showing good skills in the ability to be initiative, teamwork, and leadership are also essential in game development as academic prowess.

Since they don’t require classwork, joining a club or sports team can earn you these skills.

Besides academic excellence, most employers appreciate individual passion, which can be demonstrated by excelling in a non-academic activity.

Apart from the courses mentioned above, you can also consider taking advanced courses.

Among them include Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate, if they are offered in your school.

Doing well in these courses not only earns you good credits but also supports your college application.

Getting Started with Game Development

With a background in the above courses, you can proceed to serious game designing with these steps.

Learn to Code

Learning a programming language is the first step for all aspiring game designers.

However, this becomes easier with a solid background in computer science from high school.

Though it may appear intimidating, learning a programming language is quite easy.

The only challenge is selecting a good game programming language from several programming languages available.

For beginners, consider C++, Java, or C#.

Once you master the first language, especially how programming languages work and using them to make computer programs, everything else becomes a breeze.

You can learn independently from free YouTube videos or enroll in paid courses from various sites offering programming lessons, such as The Coder School.

Understand the Game Engine

Video games are designed using a game engine, which is primarily software that helps game developers make games faster.

Game engines feature several inbuilt program functionality, eliminating the need to install every game program from scratch.

Unity 3D is a popular game engine that can help high school students master game design.

From the platform, you can design computer and mobile phone games for free.

Combine Your Skills

The third and final step is combining your basic knowledge in programming and game engine functionality.

Start applying your coding knowledge in a game engine to create your game.

With both skills, you can create any game within your imagination.

Bottom Line

Learning game development in high school is possible.

Take the right courses, learn programming, master how to use game engines, and you are good to go.

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