6 Best Web Development Online Courses for Beginners

Best Web Development Online Courses for Beginners

If you set your sights on becoming a web developer, you should start the journey by taking a good course.

This is a lucrative field as the skills are in an all-time high demand.

There is a lot you can do, from being a freelancer to working in companies that need the services.

Choosing the right course is critical for equipping you with the necessary knowledge to thrive in this field.

The internet has become resourceful for learning, and you can use it to your advantage.

In the same way, a student can get academic assistance while googling “write my essays,” you can find relevant online courses.

They are effective and will give you the knowledge needed for real-world applications.

Here are amazing online web development courses to build your skills.

Programming for Everybody on Coursera

In partnership with over 200 renowned universities, Coursera offers learning opportunities and prepares students for excellence in the job market.

Coursera online classes can be trusted to provide you with basic web development skills.

The platform features both free and paid classes, all with different durations.

They use Python, which requires simple mathematics, making it suitable for beginners.

It lasts 12 hours.

The key lessons include the basics of the Python programming language.

The use of tools such as loops and functions is also taught.

At the end of it, learners will be able to use variables to store, recover, and calculate information.

Web Fundamentals

The platform consists of several tutorials created by Google, catering to both beginners and advanced learners.

There are no prerequisites, and the students have the freedom to decide the pace at which they complete it.

The tutorials consist of an overview of web development, architectural patterns and design, and user experience.

This package also includes base technologies, security, media and VR, performance and integration, and engagement.

Computer Science 50’s: Introduction to Computer Science

This is an opportunity for you to get your skills from a renowned institution.

The CS5O is a Harvard University flagship ideal for both advanced and entry-level learners.

Computer Science 50’s covers such topics as encapsulation, algorithms, data structures, software engineering, resource management, and abstraction, to mention a few.

The languages used include Python, JavaScript, HTML, C, and SQL.

Upon completing the topics, the students will have a deep understanding of programming and computer science, solve programming problems effectively, and think algorithmically.

You can interact with learners with the same goals and gain familiarity with various programming languages.

The students create a programming project, after which they become certified.

Computer Science 50’s usually takes 11 weeks to complete if learners dedicate a minimum of 10 hours every week.

However, they have the freedom to study at their pace.

Modern HTML & CSS for Beginners

Discover another ideal material for beginners that look to build excellent interfaces using CSS and HTML technologies.

It is a mix of learning sessions and real-life projects designed to create a wholesome learning experience.

It covers several topics, starting with the most basic, like how sites work.

Learners will get a handle on CSS fundamentals, grid, and variables.

Live Server and Emmet, shortcuts, and Visual Studio Code setup are critical topics also included.

Learners will be equipped with skills necessary for the creation of responsive designs and site deployment.

At the end of the topics, the students will be able to accomplish both mini and full projects.

The study requires no prerequisite and takes about 21 hours to complete.

It is perfect for students interested in knowing how to build quality sites, hosting and deployment, and UI and grid projects.

Computer Programming by Khan Academy

This learning platform’s major advantage is that it offers a detailed explanation of every topic, encouraging comprehensive learning.

The self-guided tutorials created by field experts and delivered through interactive screens with narration outputs ensure learners do not miss out on anything.

The study’s topics include how to make pages, drawing and animations, natural simulations, and data management and querying.

MIT is among the best technical schools in the U.S. and has also made contributions to the study.

The prerequisites for the course are knowledge of mathematics and high school algebra.

Though not compulsory, programming language knowledge is preferred.

The study takes nine weeks, and at the end of it, students understand Python, testing and debugging, and the notion of computation.

Web Development Bootcamp

Ideal for beginners and especially ones that don’t want to break the bank.

The study has no prerequisites and takes about 47 hours to complete.

With the materials, students will learn how to use advanced technologies to create full-stack applications and platforms with responsive layouts.


There are hundreds of online courses, which can make choosing taxing.

Create a list of the specific topics you are interested in to guide your choice.

The list mentioned above would be worth considering as the studies equip beginners with the information and experience they need to excel in their jobs.

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