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Stocker or Shelf Stocker Job Description

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Stocker, or shelf shocker, deals with stocking, restocking, and organizing shelves with goods.

Based on the type of job, it may involve a wide range of tasks

While being a part of a stocker job, tasks can vary from one workplace to another.

The work of a stocker involves physical activity, such as carrying and lifting stock.

Below, you will find more details about the shelf stocker job.

What Does a Stocker Do

The work of a stocker can be different.

A shelf stocker can work in a grocery store or as an overnight shelf stocker, or more.

Most of these positions share the responsibilities, but they may be different depending on the employer.

One of the common responsibilities all stockers share is managing display areas and organizing the products.

Stocker job

Duties of a Shelf Stocker

  • Receiving the deliveries and unpacking the boxes.
  • Ensuring that the packages contain the right number of items.
  • Unloading the items and stocking shelves.
  • Assigning the individual ID codes to the items (stock, prices, numbers, inventory control codes, barcodes, etc.)
  • Fulfilling phone, mail, and internet orders and ensuring the customers receive them.
  • Recording sales and prices and replacing damaged or missing goods.
  • Preparing the merchandise for shipment and restocking the inventory while determining the source of inventory issues.
  • Carrying out the advertising campaigns in the store and helping customers with their requests.
  • Guiding the customers to different aisles and helping them with orders.
  • Classifying goods and placing the extra products in the storage.
  • Ensuring that all items on the shelves are damage-free and prior to the expiration date.
  • Reporting carts, shelves, baskets, etc., damage.
  • Working with shippers, suppliers, and vendors.
  • Carrying out maintenance checks for warehouse and shelves.
  • Performing repairs when needed, and keeping the shelves clean.

Essential Skills


Organizational skills are extremely important for stockers as they have to arrange the merchandise and organize their daily activities.

They have to be able to work under supervision and on their own and to follow instructions and directions strictly.

They should also be highly self-motivated.


Stockers work with people all the time, so they need great interpersonal skills to be able to meet customers’ needs.

They should also keep good relations with superiors and colleagues.


Stockers should know how to work on the computer fast and know basic math as well.

They also need to be strongly detail-oriented and able to quickly learn the schematics of a place.

Physical strength:

Shelf stockers should be physically fit as they have to lift and carry items of about 40 pounds.

They should work hard and be able to stay on their feet for long hours, because their shifts can take place at night or during the day, or both.

Stockers should be comfortable climbing ladders, bend, stoop, and do other physical activities.

What’s more, they should be comfortable being and working at heights.

How to Become a Stocker or Shelf Stocker

The scope of work of a stocker includes following procedures and guidelines of the store, maintaining the cleanliness of the place, organizing and storing goods.

A few employees may share the duties of a stocker.

Mostly, men take the job of a stocker, as was reported for 2015.

Stockers reported to have medium to high level of job satisfaction.

Training and Qualifications

The primary requirements for a stocker are being at least 18 years old and having a high school diploma or GED.

Computer courses and knowledge in bookkeeping, word processing are encouraged but not mandatory.

Although, they can improve your chances of getting the job.

Some employers carry out the on-the-job training for their employees, especially when it comes to inventory.

Company reps usually train the employees the in-house policies and regulations.

Stockers, though, usually learn from the older employees.


Experience is preferred among the employers, but it’s not obligatory.

Surely, every employer wants their future stockers to know what should be done and how before they take the job.

The experience can help perform such duties as working in a warehouse or with shelves, inventory, or filling in for a cashier easier.

Over the 20 years of the career, the salary of a stocker can raise by $10,000.

Whether you are working as a stocker in a grocery store, department store, or some other, having experience is beneficial.

Working Hours

Regardless of the workplace, the hours of a stocker are flexible.

They can have shifts at night or during the day.

Although they have flexibility in choosing their working hours, they may have to work overtime sometimes.

Career Outlook

When it comes to job opportunities, there are plenty of prospects in large department stores.

Additionally to management positions, there are also supervisor positions available.

Stockers can move up their career in the company to supervisor, inventory manager, and even a general manager.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the employment rate for this position will grow by 7% by 2026.

This rate is as fast as for other occupations nationwide.

With a high level of quitting due to work-related injuries or overexertion, there are plenty of job openings, about 271,700.

As per PayScale data, the wages of a stocker can be between $7.92 and $14.14 an hour, with about $25,003 annually.

The salary depends on various factors such as experience, type of job, and employer.

For instance, the retail stocker salary is lower than the one in the warehouse.

Promotion Opportunities

Usually, the stocker can be promoted in the following order:

  • Stocker.
  • Team leader/mentor.
  • Stock manager.
  • Inventory manager (requires a college degree).

Grocery Store Stocker

Since people who are interested in becoming a stocker usually start at a grocery store, we will cover this position in more detail.

What Is a Grocery Stocker

Primary, a grocery stocker deals with filling stock on the shelves in a grocery store.

They don’t have to interact with customers a lot, but sometimes, they can be asked some questions by them.

Duties of A Grocery Stocker

Primary responsibilities of a grocery stocker include organizing, stocking, and labeling the goods and keeping the shelves clean.

They also set up displays and replace the old products with new ones.

The grocery stocker needs to stay updated on the expiration dates, so they can replace the products with fresh ones timely.

Some grocery stockers may also be responsible for some light cleaning.

The common responsibilities of a grocery stocker include:

  • Sort, price, and label goods.
  • Stack and organize products.
  • Carry out inventory counting.
  • Monitor the expiration dates.
  • Record the inventory of grocery.
  • Collaborate with sales and other departments.
  • Keep the store clean and in order.
  • Store perishable goods.
  • Report product damage to the supervisor.


Though the salary of a stocker is below the minimum wage, the job is stress-free.

Stockers have a flexible schedule and mostly work without supervision.

The job satisfaction rate in the position of a stocker is quite decent.

Stockers must be physically fit to perform physical labor tasks for long hours.

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