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Merchandiser Job Description

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If you wish to work in the field of merchandising display, you need to know essential information about the positions, such as qualifications and salary.

In this article, you will find relevant information, including skills, education, working hours, etc.

Merchandisers work hard to create the best image of the products that customers see on display.

Merchandisers are tasked with stocking new products, deciding on which products should be ordered, and determining how to display them the best on shelves, windows, and other areas in the store.

They also come up with promotions and their implementation to encourage buyers to spend more money.

What Does a Merchandiser Do

Merchandisers are responsible for setting up new displays in a store and creating promotions that will attract more customers.

They also assist the managers in deciding on which items to order based on the coming seasons and market trends.

They need to be artistic and can work either for an annual salary or an hourly rate.

Merchandiser job


  • Use various signages to inform customers of upcoming promotions and sales events.
  • Create displays in the shop windows and around the store to catch shoppers’ attention.
  • Teach selling methods and techniques to new and existing workers.
  • Develop new training materials and methods for sales staff.
  • Stay updated on market trends to determine the desires and preferences of customers.
  • Discuss the prospective orders for the upcoming season with managers and shops.
  • Maintain the product inventory to meet customer needs.
  • Give tips and advice to staff on the best ways to display merchandise.
  • Share information about trends with suppliers and distributors.
  • Negotiate on the store’s behalf to reduce the costs.

Essential Skills


Merchandisers may work with more than one shop in the same chain simultaneously.

So most of their day they spend on their feet or driving.

Working independently:

Merchandisers have various tasks and work at multiple stores.

They drive from one shop to another, set up displays, train the staff, and more.

They have to be able to work without supervision and independently.


Communication with other people is a vast part of the job of a merchandiser.

Besides training employees, they have to deliver their thoughts clearly and communicate their findings to the store and managers.

How to Become a Merchandiser

Merchandisers usually need to have at least two years of experience.

There are some online programs through which you can gain merchandiser credentials, however, this is not a requirement for the job.

The primary requirement for a merchandiser is customer service experience, however, some employers seek candidates with artistic skills as well.

Training and Qualifications

Entry-level merchandiser positions are quite competitive and there are usually more applicants than jobs.

Those who have some college education in both art and business may have an advantage.

Students can learn about the operations of businesses and communication with managers and employees through business courses.

At the art classes, they can gain the skills to create outstanding displays to attract more customers.

Merchandisers can also learn how to create displays, what type of promotions attract customers, and other skills through online credential programs.

They usually charge some fees, but these programs can be cheaper than a college education.

However, you should look out for scam programs you can encounter quite often.

Typically, merchandisers don’t need a degree more advanced than a bachelor’s, but some on-the-job training will be involved too.

In this training, you will learn the requirements and regulations of individual companies or stores you work for.


With extremely high competition, it’s quite hard to get a job without experience.

Most of the positions are reserved for candidates with several years of experience, and many employers won’t even interview inexperienced candidates.

You can gain some experience working as a cashier at a retail store.

They learn how to communicate with customers and find out their needs.

Another way to gain some experience is through a college internship at a retail store.

Working Hours

Instead of mid-day hours, merchandisers usually work early in the morning or late at night.

The stores prefer setting up displays to promote their goods and services during the hours when the store is closed, so they don’t get in the way of shoppers.

Merchandisers may have to come in on Saturday nights to set up sales for the next week.

They can also create and set up displays and signs in the morning before the store opens.

Most stores prefer their merchandisers to work 40 hours a week.

Other merchandisers may cooperate with a few stores and travel from one location to another.

Career Outlook

One of the reasons why people pursue the career of a merchandiser is because they want to work in marketing.

This position can be a stepping stone to other marketing careers or jobs in similar areas.

Many professionals work as shop clerks and do the job of a merchandiser part-time since many stores can afford a full-time position.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the average hourly rate for merchandisers to be at $14.47, but the average annual salary is slightly over $30,000.

The top 10% of merchandising professionals make more than $47,000 a year which includes those who work for more than one store.

According to PayScale, the salary of merchandisers ranges between $20,017 and $46,582 per year.

This amount includes bonuses and commissions.

Some merchandisers receive bonuses from shops when the sales increase because of their work.


Merchandisers can work in one store or a chain, and travel from one store to another on a daily or weekly basis.

They create displays that should inform customers of new products.

Merchandisers need customer service experience.

College courses in art and business can be also helpful for the position.

Despite a low average salary, merchandisers can earn extra bonuses and commissions if the store sales grow thanks to their efforts.

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