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Personal Assistant Job Description

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In this article, you will find details about the skills, qualifications, working hours, and other information about the personal assistant position.

The job of a personal assistant is diverse and can vary depending on the requirements of your employer.

Personal assistants provide support to the person they work for, handling such tasks as answering phones, responding to texts and emails, scheduling meetings, arranging travel, and more.

What Does a Personal Assistant Do

A personal assistant, or PA, works with managers or directors.

Their responsibilities include such tasks as taking and returning calls and messages, scheduling, emailing, etc.

If a manager needs an assistant during their business trips, they may have to travel as well.

Their working hours are usually the same as their employer’s.

However, sometimes they may have to work additional hours.

PAs need at least a high school diploma.

Some employers may require an Associate’s degree or secretarial skills as well.

With a different level of experience, as well as based on location and industry, a PA can make from $21,020 to $74,924 per year.

Personal Assistant job


  • Arrange the manager’s daily schedules, including, commitments, meetings, lunches, and breaks.
  • Take and return phone calls and text messages quickly and efficiently.
  • Send and respond to emails in a timely manner.
  • Handle travel accommodations, including travel by air, ground, and hotel arrangements as well as escort the manager during a business trip.
  • Handle all mail.
  • Take notes and records on meetings.
  • Handle errands, such as making restaurant reservations, picking up dry cleaning, getting coffee, and scheduling personal meetings.
  • Handle additional duties, such as childcare, events organization, assisting with home duties.

Essential Skills

Time-management and organizational skills:

A PA should be able to multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently.

Computer skills:

PAs should be proficient in MS Office programs and have advanced computer and administrative skills.


Personal assistants should be flexible because various situations can come up every day, which they should handle effectively.

Advanced verbal and written communication skills:

Personal assistants interact with multiple people every day, so they need strong communication skills.


A PA should be detail-oriented as they are the primary point of contact for the director or manager.

How to Become a Personal Assistant

Personal assistants need a high school diploma.

Experience in secretarial or administrative positions together with some administrative training can be a plus.

You need to possess computer skills and be familiar with the latest technology.

PAs don’t need a license, but you may need to go through ongoing training in the area of your manager.

To gain the position of a PA, it’s important to run some networking.

You should also be proficient in office duties.

Training and Qualifications

To succeed in the position of a PA, you should be organized and well-spoken, as well as be able to multitask.

Personal assistants need great computer skills and should be flexible to work odd hours.

PAs need to have a strong work ethic with a variety of tasks that may arise.

Usually, assistants should be able to drive when needed.

To become a personal assistant, you don’t need to pass any exams.


Most of the time, you need some administrative experience, however, you can get a job with zero experience.

Sometimes, some office experience may be required as well.

There are high chances of being hired with little to zero experience, depending on the specific requirements of the job.

Of course, more experienced candidates have better job opportunities.

You can gain experience through internships during secondary education.

Working Hours

The schedule of a PA depends on the working hours of the manager.

They may work a standard 9-5 day, plus nights and weekends sometimes.

Besides, assistants are usually required to travel with the manager or be on-call.

Extra hours may be required as well.

While the working hours of a PA are not standard, they have to put in at least 40 hours per week.

A PA should have a flexible schedule and be ready for changes when needed.

Career Outlook

This is a competitive field.

Because the job is very demanding, many PA change jobs often.

The job outlook for the PAs is positive, as managers and executives in all industries require the services of personal assistants.

The salary of PAs is above average and additional bonuses can be paid as well.

With more experience, assistants can make more money.

The position is worth investing in with the little educational requirements for the job.

This job requires little to no training.

Depending on the employer, personal assistants have advancement opportunities to gain more attractive responsibilities.

They may also advance to a managerial position.


The personal assistant position is a good choice.

Assistants are in demand in various fields.

The job has minimal education and experience requirements, so it’s not hard to become a PA.

There are various job opportunities and a decent salary.

However, personal assistants need a set of particular skills to do their job properly.

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