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Coca-Cola Merchandiser Job Description

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Merchandiser is one of the key positions at Coca-Cola.

Merchandisers are responsible for the deliveries to reach retailers in a specified area.

Those who work great in a physical work environment will find this position to be a good fit.

If you want to know more about this job, read on to learn the details about the duties, working hours, salary and other aspects of the Coca-Cola merchandiser.

What Does a Coca-Cola Merchandiser Do

This position is the best fit for people who thrive in a physical work environment.

You need to be able to connect with customers easily.

This is an important position for the success of the company that includes duties from restocking shelves to promoting positive brand awareness.


The main duty of a Coca-Cola merchandiser is the transportation of products from the warehouse to the retailers.

You will have to track the product stock levels in your vehicle accurately and collect signatures from customers after you deliver the product.

Additionally, you will have to set up products displays together with other advertising materials.

The main duties of a Coca-Cola merchandiser include the following:

  • Transporting merchandise to retailers in specified areas.
  • Maintaining a positive image following the company standards.
  • Making recommendations to vendors to help increase growth.
  • Setting up product displays and other materials for promotion.
  • Operating the box truck safely and responsibly.

Working Hours

The average shifts of Coca-Cola merchandisers start early in the morning and end in the mid-afternoon.

However, if there are any delays in the deliveries, the shift starting times can be delayed significantly as well.

The average workweek of a merchandiser lasts for 40 hours.

In this position, you may have to work overtime quite often.

This happens the most during sports events when beverages are highly demanded.

Besides, the demand for extra deliveries may be increased on holidays, such as Labor Day.

Work Environment

One of the most essential things to keep in mind about the work environment is that this position is highly physically demanding.

You will have to be able to lift merchandise of as much as 75 pounds regularly during the day.

Besides, you will also make a lot of repetitive movements including crouching, bending, and kneeling to rearrange the stock levels.

You will need to reach overhead as well.

It is crucial to operating the box truck safely and responsibly as well.

Salary Information

The starting pay of Coca-Cola merchandisers is $14 to $15 per hour.

If you have experience in preparing displays and rotating products, you can get a higher starting pay.

Additionally to the base compensation, Coca-Cola merchandisers can receive commissions for up-selling various products to vendors.

Besides, merchandisers are eligible for benefits such as paid vacation, 401k plan, and health insurance.

Sometimes, stock options can also be a part of the benefits package.


The position of Coca-Cola merchandiser can be physically demanding, but it’s one of the most rewarding jobs at Coca-Cola.

The position comes with a decent starting rate and a wide range of responsibilities.

This position can be a good fit for both experienced and new employees.

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