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A pharmacy technician is one of the most popular positions at CVS.

It can be a perfect fit for the candidates looking for a career in healthcare as it has a decent starting salary and opportunities for advancement.

This job can be also beneficial if you are looking forward to becoming a pharmacist.

In the article below, we will cover some information about the CVS pharmacy technician, such as responsibilities, working hours, salary, and more.

What Does a CVS Pharmacy Technician Do

CVS pharmacy technicians should be extremely detail-oriented.

Search Pharmacy Technician Programs

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Also, you should be comfortable to work in a fast-paced environment and express a great deal of patience when assisting customers with their needs.

Pharmacy technicians should be able to multitask as well, as their duties range greatly from ringing up purchases to filling medications.


CVS pharmacy technicians report directly to the pharmacists and work with them to fill medications.

Your tasks will include answering the phone calls and redirecting the customers to the appropriate departments according to their needs.

The main responsibilities of a pharmacy technician at CVS include:

  • Operating cash registers and ringing up merchandise for customers.
  • Answering questions of the customers on the phone and in person.
  • Fulfilling prescription orders and processing payments.
  • Getting in touch with insurers when needed to resolve issues related to orders.
  • Tracking inventory levels in the pharmacy.

Working Hours

Depending on the location, the working hours of a pharmacy technician can vary.

The position can be both full- and part-time with a workweek between 20 and 40 hours.

The time of shifts can vary as well.

Technicians with open availability are preferred the most, as they can meet the needs of the store.

Work Environment

For the entire shift, CVS pharmacy technicians have to work on their feet.

You will also make a lot of repetitive movements, such as crouching and bending to get medications.

The most essential factor to consider is that you will work directly with people answering any questions they may have.

Therefore, you need a strong sense of empathy and a great deal of patience.

Often, customers are sick and looking for some understanding.

Types of CVS Pharmacy Technicians

At CVS, there are four types of technicians.

They include Managed Care, Long-Term Care, Retail, and Specialty.

Managed Care

These technicians provide high-quality care with the use of innovative technology.

This position is beneficial for mail-order business and management with CVS Caremark.

Managed care technicians contribute to the well-being and health of patients helping them manage and understand their prescriptions.

This is a perfect position for knowledgeable and detail-oriented technicians.

Long-Term Care

Long-term care technicians apply their knowledge to provide chronic care to patients.

They help them improve and manage their health.

They usually work in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities, and chronic care settings.

This is an Omnicare position, which is a leader company in long-term pharmacy care.

This is a great fit for people striving to provide continuous and compassionate care to patients.

If you are building a career in healthcare, this job is a stepping stone.


This is the traditional position of a pharmacy technician, where you will work in the in-store pharmacy.


These technicians provide individualized care to patients who need it.

This is one of the most rewarding pharmacy technician positions at CVS.

Specialty technicians provide expert support and infusion services to many Americans monthly.

These are technicians of Coram, which is a lead infusion provider of CVS Health.

In this position, you can build relations with patients with complex infusion needs.

As a specialty technician, you can work at one of the Coram locations, which numbers over 90 of them.

Or you can provide in-home care.

Regardless of your location, you will directly influence the health of your patients and improve the quality of their lives.

Training and Advancements

CVS believes in improving the skills of its employees and provides multiple opportunities for advancement, regardless of the location where you start.

All technicians go through extensive training programs.

They include on-the-job training and new colleague orientation.

Salary Information

The starting rate of CVS pharmacy technicians is around $11.

With a valid pharmacy technician certification, the starting pay can be higher.

Additionally, if you know a second language, you can increase your rate.

CVS also offers a benefits package to its employees.

Technicians are eligible for the 401k plan, paid vacations, and health insurance.

Sometimes, employees can also get reimbursement plan for ongoing education related to their position.


Depending on your position, you can receive multiple benefits working at CVS.

The benefits package includes:

  • Discount at CVS stores.
  • Stock purchase plan.
  • Medical, prescription, dental, and vision coverage.
  • Adoption benefits.
  • Company contribution to HSA.
  • Paid Time Off.
  • Life, accident, and disability insurance.
  • Tuition reimbursement.

Available Positions at CVS

Besides the position of a pharmacy technician, there are different pharmacy jobs available at CVS.

If you feel that the position of a pharmacy technician isn’t for you, you may consider one of the other positions at CVS:

  • Pharmacy Service Representative.
  • Pharmacy Operations Consultant.
  • Pharmacy Scheduler.
  • Retail Store Associate.
  • Pharmacy Customer Service Representative.
  • Dispensing Technician.
  • OmniCare Lead Pharmacy Technician.
  • Pharmacy Technician – Sterile Compounding.
  • Pharmacy Operations Undergrad Technician.
  • Field Colleague Trainer.
  • Pharmacist.


The position of a pharmacy technician at CVS is demanding but can be quite rewarding as you will help people when they need it the most.

With a sense of empathy and efficient work, your chances of being successful in this position are quite high.

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