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Online Medical Billing and Coding Online Courses

If you would like to work in healthcare and help the health community, choosing a career as a medical coder or biller is a great option.

Every healthcare provider needs a reliable and trustworthy person who can submit clean and correct claims to insurers for payment.

Online courses include some accelerated programs which allow you to earn a certificate in medical billing or coding within only four weeks.

There are also many programs through which you can earn the same certificate, but they last longer.

Search Medical Billing and Coding Programs

Get information on Medical Billing and Coding programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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So, how do you pick the right option?

It depends on how much time you can dedicate to your study, your schedule, and how fast you want to start working in the field.

You should also consider which courses are more suitable for you, classroom-based or online.

Below, you can find some useful information about medical coding and billing schools and courses, which may help you make your decision.

Article Table of Contents

What Is a Medical Biller and Coder?

Medical billers and coders work in offices of hospitals, rehab centers, physicians, or nursing homes.

The exact job description can vary depending on the workplace.

But generally, it is similar.

The most commons and essential duties of a medical coder include:

  • Review patient files and doctors’ reports on procedures, conditions, and the entire visit to assign accurate codes for billing.
  • Work with medical professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.) as well as patients to ensure accurate data.
  • Bill insurance companies for provided services.
  • Review information in claims for accuracy, prior authorizations, proper signatures, etc.
  • Review denied claims for reasoning in detail and accuracy.
  • Resubmit claims to insurers once the claim has been corrected.
  • Understand and maintain the patient’s privacy during the billing process.

medical billing and coding program online

What Courses Are in an Online Billing and Coding Training Program?

Some paid positions may require you to perform both billing and coding duties, so you might want to understand the difference between these two career tracks.

The courses you take depend on whether you want to qualify to become a biller, coder, or both.

Billing Courses

A medical biller communicates with patients and insurance carriers, so you will become acquainted with that procedure.

Your classes will also enable you to understand invoices and account statuses.

In addition, you find out what to expect when working with hospital staff and patients when your role requires that you interact with them.

Coding Courses

Medical coding courses will teach you how to review patient records, enter patient data and assign codes to designate the correct billing status.

If you also handle the invoices, you would prepare those billing records for insurance companies.

You probably would become better at your billing job if you also understand the coding process because health care facilities use them for patient claims.

The most common include IDC-10, CPT, and HCPCS procedures, which you will become acquainted with during class and exam preparation.

young students after graduation on their way to become medical billers and coders

Can You Earn a Billing and Coding Certification Completely Online?

You can earn a billing and coding certificate completely online.

That is because this educational program does not require practicing your skills in person.

On the other hand, that depends on if you prefer to work at home or onsite for an employer.

To acquire a job quicker, however, you might at least have to seek on-the-job experience within your community and not just online.

Make sure you also choose a reputable online program that local employers recognize to increase your chance of becoming hired.

How Long Does it Take to Earn a Billing and Coding Certification Online?

Program lengths for obtaining a billing and coding certificate vary.

For some of them, you might earn in 12-14 weeks while already working in a medical facility office.

Earning an associate’s or bachelor’s degree may take you two to four years, depending on how many school credits you already earned.

How Much Does an Online Billing and Coding Certification Cost?

It might only cost you about $700-$800, but the average expense may run about $1200-$2500 at a local trade school.

You do not necessarily need to have a certificate from an “accredited” university unless you decide to pursue an associate or bachelor’s degree.

The highest-end schooling could range from about $8,000-$19,000 or more.

The trade school certification track should open you up to entry-level positions.

medical biller and coder working

Types of Billing and Coding Certifications

You will find dozens of available certifications, one of which may match your educational level and professional experience.

These three certifications may earn you the most entry-level opportunities.

Certified Professional Coder (CPC)

Find more information about this billing and coding certificate at the American Association of Professional Coders (AACP) website.

Exam preparation materials will help you pass the 100-question test that covers 17 knowledge areas.

Important points to study include the various coding methods and billing procedures: CPD, ICD, and HCPCS.

Exam prerequisites include anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology.

Certified Coding Associate (CCA)

This one will have required about six months of medical coding practice.

Make sure you take coursework approved by the American Health Information Management Association before you take your exam.

Required classes include anatomy, physiology, CPT coding, and ICD diagnostics and procedures.

Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT)

Obtaining an RHIT certificate might require associate-level training either after or near college graduation before taking the exam.

You will have to answer up to 160 questions.

It includes up to six different competency areas, and it provides you with advanced preparation that can increase your salary.

You must pass this test with a score of 300.

Other Specialized Certifications

Both AHIMA and AACP offer a variety of billing and coding certification tracks.

Others, such as the Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) or the Certified Risk Adjustment Coder (CRAC), help you offer specific services that a general certificate does not.

medical billing specialist in his office

Benefits of Online Billing and Coding Training Programs


You do not have to pay for room and board, and you do not need to travel to campus to attend classes.

Because of this, billing and coding training programs cost less than in-person courses.

Some training sessions may not require the use of paper textbooks, so that may reduce your school expenses, too.


Studying to become a medical biller or coder online enables you to choose when and where you want to study.

Think about this if you are a busy professional who perhaps also has children and do not have time to attend classes during set business hours.

Less Pressure

Online self-paced learning helps you focus on your own progress without comparing yourself to other students.

That is because you do not have to communicate with other people enrolled in the same classes as you if you do not want to.

For this reason, studying at home or someplace other than in a physical classroom may seem like less pressure.

With reduced stress, it could improve your skill performance, which qualifies you for jobs.

Relevance To Job

You do receive well-rounded education when attending online billing and coding classes.

However, your program will focus on skills and knowledge directly relevant to your job when hired.

This will help you stand out from the competition and find a job fast.

You may not even need to earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree before a company hires you.

Short Training Periods

Some accelerated training programs may allow you to earn your billing and coding certificate in a matter of weeks.

That depends on how much time and motivation you have, especially if you work a full-time job.

The training time may not take long if already employed in an administrative position, so use that to your advantage too.

More Remote Opportunities

You can learn while not in a classroom, and you also have the option to prepare for remote job opportunities.

This benefits you if you do not desire to work directly with patients or prefer to not work in a physical office setting.

What is more, online learning gives you access to classes you might not find in your geographical location.

Shortened Waiting List

If registering online, it might not take you as long to have a school accept you into the program you want to enter.

Some centers offer classes every six to eight weeks.

Instant Messaging

You might have the opportunity to message your instructor or other students at any hour.

It will not disturb them and this can help you express your question or concern before you forget.

medical office assistant during zoom conference

Drawbacks of Online Billing and Coding Training Programs

Limited One-On-One Time

Online classes sometimes have more students than in-person ones too.

This makes it hard to communicate one on one with the person teaching it.

Depending on your instructor’s availability, you might have to wait for an email or group forum response if you have a question.

No Immediate Feedback

As advanced as video technology is, not everyone may have the means to receive the immediate response from their professor that they want.

They might not always see what you are doing while you are doing it, unlike in a physical classroom.

You will at least have chances for feedback during live video classes if you attend, but it is limited.

Technical Difficulties

If you only have so much time to finish a lesson, you might struggle with a poor internet connection.

Your device could also fail you when you least expect it.

Make sure you have a backup plan for times when technology does not work as well as you need it to.

Limited Contacts

Online learning sometimes feels lonely, but you can at least connect with other students in virtual chat rooms or forums.

Local networking might not happen as easily when attending online courses either.

Not everyone will live in your city, so you may have to take initiative to find out how to acquire on-the-job experience.

You can, however, find online career centers that serve your location.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Billing and Coding Training Programs – Summary Table

Benefits of Online Billing and Coding Training ProgramsDrawbacks of Online Billing and Coding Training Programs
AffordabilityLimited One-On-One Time
FlexibilityNo Immediate Feedback
Less PressureTechnical Difficulties
Relevance To JobLimited Contacts
Short Training Periods
More Remote Opportunities
Shortened Waiting List
Instant Messaging

medical biller in a job interview

7 Self-Study Tips for Billing and Coding Online Students

Prepare for Your Career as Soon as Possible

You might even consider taking as many office training electives offered by your high school as you can.

What is more, look at some qualifications for becoming hired even before you take any courses after high school.

Finish High School or Obtain a GED

Medical billing and coding specialist positions prefer at least that you have a high school diploma, so finish that certification as soon as possible.

You might have the chance to acquire your GED online if you did not graduate yet.

Explore Specific Training Tracks

You could take your billing and coding career in one of many directions.

For instance, some paid positions might require physiology or specific medical institution coding protocols knowledge.

Taking an anatomy or biology class may also help, as would any other course that will make understanding customer health care billing easier.

Enroll in an Appropriate Certification Program

Although not all employers require a post-secondary degree, it will build your confidence when looking for jobs.

Start with AHIMA to find out about legitimate coursework you can take to earn an entry-level certificate and work from there.

Obtain Background Check

You may want to start this process before you complete your certification training.

If you do, you can start your job search before you finish your schooling.

Most billing and coding positions require this before an employer will offer you a job.

Continue Your Job Search

Search either online or contact your local job center.

Some temporary agencies might also get you started, and you could look at postings within local clinics or hospitals.

Update Your Skills

This includes making sure you know the current technology and billing procedures.

You also can keep learning new information required for career advancement.

medical coder working for medical insurance company

How to Choose the Best Medical Billing and Coding Certification or Degree

First, you should decide which type of education you want to receive, whether you are looking for a degree or certificate.

Many employers seek candidates with an associate’s degree.

But a lot of them hire employees who hold a certificate.

You can also go for a bachelor’s degree in medical billing or coding.

Previous Education

If you already have some college credits or attended a vocational school, and participated in the post-secondary program, you may be allowed to transfer some of your credits towards your billing or coding program.

Online or Classroom Education

There is a wide variety of options for medical billing and coding education when you’re choosing a school and format.

If you can manage your time well, stay organized, and have a quiet place for studying, earning a certification online might be a great option for you.

However, if you need more structure and schedule, a traditional training format may be a better fit.


If you plan to continue your education later, you have to ensure that the program or school you are choosing is accredited.

Credits that you earn through a program without accreditation may not be transferred to a two- or four-year college program.

Time Frame for a Medical Coding and Billing Certification

You should also determine how much time you have for studying.

If you need to get a job as soon as possible, an online medical billing and coding program can be the fastest path to a new career.

However, if you can invest more time and money, you can go for an associate’s or even a bachelor’s degree.

4 Week Online Medical Coding and Billing Course

There are multiple options to choose from when looking for the best medical billing and coding courses.

To assist you with your search, we have put together a list of medical billing and coding schools.


  • Cost of Course: $799.95.
  • Completion Time Frame: 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Course Delivery Type: Online.
  • Accreditation: None.
  • Certification Type Awarded: Certificate.

While this school isn’t officially accredited, it is recognized nationally.

The course lasts for 40-60 hours, which you can complete at your own pace.

With this course, you can research references and read about the experiences of other students.

All the exams for this class are taken online.

In this accelerated course, you will learn about the requirements for the career of a medical biller or coder.

You will also find out about the employment outlook and how to apply for the right position.

Additionally, the course covers health insurance, managed plans, worker’s comp, processing claims, etc.

online medical billing and coding

Accelerated Medical Billing and Coding Courses


  • Cost of Course: $3,699.
  • Completion Time Frame: 4 months – with 12 months of access to the course.
  • Course Delivery Type: Online.
  • Certification Type Awarded: Certificate.

The medical Billing and Coding course provided by CareerStep can be completed within only four months of full-time study.

Many large names in the healthcare industry train their employees through medical billing and coding training from CareerStep.

After completing this course, you can sit for the COC and CPC national certification exams and gain real-world experience to start working immediately after completing the course.

Ashworth College

  • Cost of Course: $649.
  • Completion Time Frame: 4 to 12 months.
  • Course Delivery Type: Online.
  • Accreditation: Distance Education Accrediting Commission.
  • Certification Type Awarded: Certificate.

Ashworth College offers one of the fastest medical billing and coding programs online.

You can complete this course at your own pace within the timeframe of one year.

Most students complete the course within approximately four months.

The college is accredited by the DEAC and offers a portal where students can ask questions.

These courses include several textbooks you will need in your career.

Some of them are the ICD-10 manual, NHA Certified Billing and Coding Specialist exam, Comprehensive Medical Coding, and other resources.

After successfully passing all of your courses, you will receive a certificate when graduating.

Rasmussen College

  • Cost of Course: $9867 Tuition + $330 Books and additional supplies.
  • Completion Time Frame: 9 months.
  • Course Delivery Type: On-Campus and Online.
  • Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission.
  • Certification Type Awarded: Certificate.

At Rasmussen College, you can earn a certificate in medical billing and coding.

The courses from this school are available both online and in person.

On average, the degree takes nine months.

You can also learn at your own pace.

Besides, after graduation, you can use this course to move to the Health Information Technician program to earn an associate’s degree.

This school is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission as well.

In this medical billing and coding program, you will learn efficient ways to work with patient records and privacy.

Besides, you will study medical terminology, coding, anatomy, and more.

online medical billing and coding programs


  • Cost of Course: $9720.
  • Completion Time Frame: 15 months.
  • Course Delivery Type: On-Campus, Online, and Hybrid of both programs.
  • Accreditation: Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.
  • Certification Class Awarded: Certificate.

Earning a certificate in medical billing and coding at Miller-Motte takes about fifteen months.

You can attend courses in person on campuses in Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, or North Dakota.

However, you can also take the program online.

Some students choose a hybrid program.

This program teaches you skills essential for the modern job market.

You will study anatomy, medical terminology, physiology, and more.

You can also study sensory, nervous, and reproductive systems as an addition to other courses.

Besides, you will learn about laws, practices, and compliance for medical coding and billing.

North Idaho College

  • Cost of Course: $8914 Idaho Resident – $22,711 Out of State Resident.
  • Completion Time Frame: 2 years.
  • Course Delivery Type: In-person.
  • Accreditation: Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.
  • Certification Type Awarded: Associate of Applied Science.

At Northern Idaho College you can take a medical billing and coding program that will grant you an associate’s degree in applied science.

This is a traditional program that should be taken on-campus.

The time of completion is about two years, and you have to take several general education courses.

In this program, you will study medical billing specialist and office skills, human biology, healthcare legal issues, and more.

Upon graduation, you can take the national certification exam to become a Certified Coding Associate, which can increase your revenue.

With this type of degree, you can continue your education and advance your career.

Dakota State University

  • Cost of Course: $10,032 South Dakota Resident – $13,549 Out of State Resident.
  • Completion Time Frame: 1 year.
  • Course Delivery Type: In-person and online.
  • Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission.
  • Certification Type Awarded: Certificate.

Dakota State University is situated in South Dakota, but you don’t have to live in the state to take the medical coding and billing course.

You can complete all coursework online.

You have to keep in mind that tuition will cost more if you don’t live in South Dakota.

These courses will prepare you for the American Health Information Management Association Certified Coding Exam.

This program includes such courses as anatomy, biology, healthcare procedure and management, and more.

You will also study aspects of health information management, biology, physiology, and more.

To complete the course, you need to devote a year, but it gives you an excellent foundation for continuing education to earn an associate’s degree in health information technology.

You can also choose to earn a bachelor’s degree in health information administration.

online medical billing and coding graduate

Schools Offering Online Billing and Coding Training Programs

School Name Address
Southern Careers Institute 1701 W Ben White Blvd. Suite 100 Austin, TX 78704
Weston Distance Learning 2001 Lowe Street, Fort Collins, CO 80525
DeVry University 1200 E. Diehl Road Naperville, IL 60563
Borough of Manhattan Community College 199 Chambers Street New York, NY 10007
University of Cincinnati 2600 Clifton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45221, USA
Drexel University Online 3025 Market Street, Suite 136, Philadelphia, PA 19104
NAUGATUCK VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE 750 Chase Parkway Waterbury, CT 06708
North-West College 2121 W. Garvey Ave. North West Covina, CA 91790
Oklahoma State University 900 N. Portland Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73107
Seminole State College of Florida 100 Weldon Boulevard, Sanford, FL 32773
SDSU Global Campus 5250 Campanile Drive San Diego, CA 92182-1920
Middlesex Community College 100 Training Hill Rd., Middletown, CT 06457
Institute for Business & Technology 2400 Walsh ave., Santa Clara, CA.
Texas State University 601 University Drive San Marcos, TX 78666-4616
Lehman College 250 Bedford Park Boulevard West Bronx, NY 10468
Indiana University 535 W. Michigan Street IT 475 Indianapolis, IN
Texas A&M University 2200 Campbell Street · Commerce, TX 75428
Fort Myers Technical College 3800 Michigan Avenue Fort Myers, FL 33916
Search Medical Billing and Coding Programs

Get information on Medical Billing and Coding programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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You can become an integral part of the healthcare industry after completing billing and coding specialist training.

Once ready for a new career, you will have the skills you need to process patient insurance and invoice records.


You can earn a billing and coding certificate training program completely online if you want.

It is one of the health industry career tracks that may not require in-person clinical experience, although on-the-job training does help.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to find a job after completing an online billing and coding program?

The job outlook measures growth of about 9 percent from 2020 to 2030.

Therefore, you should have a relatively easy time finding work after graduation.

You might compete with people who have years of remote work or medical office experience.

However, it does offer you a viable way to make a living whether you work on-site for an employer or not.

If you do work remotely, you may not have to limit your job search to your immediate location.

Do you need a certificate to become a medical biller and coder?

Some people might obtain a job right after high school with office training they received during high school before earning their diploma.

For these positions, you may not need a certificate to become a medical biller and coder.

Many positions do not require post-secondary training.

However, you may become qualified for higher-paying positions that require advanced skills that having a certificate demonstrates.

How much would I earn as a medical billing and coding specialist?

You probably will earn between $44,090-$51,840 as of 2020.

Some management positions may pay at least $10,000-$20,000 more than this.

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Get information on Medical Billing and Coding programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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