How Much Does Before and After School Programs Cost?

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$ Public Schools: $100-$500+ a month $ $ For-Profit Centers: $150-$600+ a month $ $ $ Private Schools: $300-$800+ a month

Often named Extended Day Care, the programs before and after school are designed to cover the gap emerging between the standard school classroom hours and the work hours of most of the parents.

What Is Included?

Some of the before and after school programs provide supervised childcare, however, our focus is on the care that includes study time and doing homework, games and sports, crafts and art projects, movies and music, etc.

Before School Programs can last from 45 minutes to 2.30 hours, while the after-school programs can be last from 1 to 4 four hours, this depends on the opening and closing hours of the school and the program itself.

Shopping For Before And After School Programs

These extended daycare programs are offered by schools and churches, by various clubs for boys and girls, day-care operators, YMCAs, and YWCAs.

The US Department of Health and Human Services issues the full list of the program providers.

Parents are aware that after a day in the classroom, some children may need a quiet atmosphere with fewer people, while others would prefer active recreation.

The Albuquerque Public Schools can help them choose the proper program for their kids.

Typical Costs

The cost of the before and after school programs vary.

Some of the public schools offer such care for their students for a standard fee of $100-$500 or more per month ($1,000-$5,000 or more for the entire school year, from September to May).

The cost may depend on the income of the family, the school location, the operation hours, and the provided activities, as well as whether the student uses the program only before school, only after school, or both.

The program can be operated by a non-profit group such as YMCA, the boys, and girls club, or the school district.

The program offered by Southern Saratoga YMCA Childcare in Shenendehowa District cafeterias costs $109-$174 a month for five days a week for a morning program (7:30-9 am), and $239-$328 monthly for after-school care (until 6 pm).

Before and after school programs offered by for-profit preschools, nurseries, and childcare centers can cost $150-$600 or more a month ($1,500-$6,000 for the school year), based on the activities offered, location, the operation hours, and the staff-student ratio.

The program operated by Sykesville, MD Sunshine Kids Club Camp costs $190 for before care, $231 for aftercare, and $360 for both.

The transportation is provided by local school buses, with pick up and drop off students in front of the club.

Some private schools offer extended day programs for their students as well.

They usually cost $300-$800 or more per month ($3,000-$8,000 per school year), based on the school’s reputation, the operation hours, activities offered, etc.

Before and aftercare at Swain School in Allentown, PA offers up to four hours of before and after school, supervision priced at $9.25 per hour per child, or approximately $740-$780 a month.

The cost for a babysitter or home daycare before and after school typically costs $2-$12 or more an hour, which sums up to $125-$775 a month for approximately three hours a day, based on location and number of children cared for, and if homework assistance and planned activities are included.

The lower rates are typically valid for informal group situations when one parent watches several of the child’s classmates after school at a nominal sum or in case a home daycare provider is looking after a younger sibling all day and charges a lower rate to watch the older siblings after school.

The babysitter can cost up to $15 an hour in some locations, yet the price is more valid for infants and younger children.


Discounts are available as well for several children from the same family and vary from 5%-25% or $5-$15 or more off the standard tax.

The siblings discount at the Huntington Valley Boys and Girls Club in California works like that – $68 weekly for after-school care for 1- to 8-graders and $63 weekly for each sibling.

Some public schools provide free before and after school care for students that come from homeless or low-income families.

Good to know is that the care expenses for before and aftercare can qualify for tax credits up to 30% of the total sum.

Additional Costs

Additional costs can also apply.

Most of the programs end at 6 – 6.30 pm, and if a child is picked after that, there might be an extra charge.

The additional cost is usually a flat fee of $5-$25 or an hourly rate of $45-$60).

For example, Charter School Maria Montessori in Rocklin, CA, charges $1 for every minute after 6 pm.

Cancellation fees of $10-$25 or more are also possible if no notice is given in advance that a child will not attend the program.

For example, Crown Sports Care in Fruitland, MD charges a $15 cancellation fee in case of 48 hours advanced written notice and no refund for cancellations on the same day.

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    Thanks for providing estimated costs of before and after child care program. Since I am working for two jobs in a day, I have to find a place where my son could stay while I’m at work. I had no idea that programs offered by childcare centers cost around $150-$600 or more a month depending on several factors. With that, I have to save one for my child so I could sign her up.

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