How Much Does Overnight Summer Camp Cost?

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$ One or Two Weeks: $300-$2,000 $ $ Four Weeks: $1,000-$5,500 $ $ $ Seven or Eight Weeks: $2,000-$10,000

The overnight summer camps or the resident camps are two types – general for various outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, etc. or tailor-made for special needs and interests.

Summer camps welcome children who can attend them for 2-8 weeks; however, the special interest camps could be 1-3 weeks.

Certain camps provide a trial session of 1- or 2-weeks for first-time or younger campers.

Typical Costs

There are camps which are run by religious, nonprofit or community organizations like YMCA which cost $1,000-$3,000 for a four-week stay or $2,000-$5,000 for eight weeks.

One- and two-week sessions are also possible at some of these camps for the sum of $300-$2,000.

The prices are based on the location and size of the camp, the type of the activities and the staff-camper ratio.

Financial assistance is offered by some of the camps.

YMCA of Greater New York, for instance, allows parents to choose the fee they can pay starting from $649-$849 for one week and $1,179-$1,579 for two weeks, based on the family finances.

The programs there are divided by age groups 6-7, 8-11, 12, and 13-15 years old.

A four-week session costs $3,000 -$5,500 and a seven to eight weeks session costs $7,000-$10,000 at private camps based on their size, activities offered, quality food and equipment and staff-camper ratios.

As a rule, the speciality camps cost more than the general-interest camps.

At the same time, the high-end camps cost even more as they usually have a professional chef and offer speed boats for water skiing.

The non-denominational Christian summer camp Camp Huawni in Texas, which is privately owned and aimed at boys and girls aged 7-16, costs $1,278 for a one-week session, and $2,458 for two weeks and $7,472 for the full summer (in total 42 days).

What Is Included

The size of the camps vary and are for 100-400 campers.

As a rule, the overnight camps are co-ed, which means that they are divided into all girls and all boys, or as brother/sister camps with separate facilities them.

The speciality camps have programs on a specific theme – arts, academics, sports, computers or are designed for a specific age group.

Ask The American Camp Association on how to decide if a child is ready for overnight camp or not.

The campers accommodation varies as well and could be in tent-cabins with wooden floors, actual tents, to a full cabin with bathroom facilities.

Parents are provided with a list of clothing and other supplies that campers should have by every camp.

There is a typical packing list for residential summer camp from the Boy Scouts.

Additional Costs

Uniforms, field trips, transportation to and from camp, and special equipment could be the additional extra charges.

The YMCA of Greater New York, for instance, offers optional half-day riding and horse-care lessons for $195 weekly and half-day water skiing lessons for $170 a week.


  • Discounts for early registration or multiple children from one family are available at most camps.
  • Under certain circumstances, the government can offer financial help.
  • The camp costs assistance options are provided by The American Camp Association.
  • The underprivileged children or those with serious illnesses and special needs, get free service at some camps or a low-cost.

Shopping For Overnight Summer Camp

  • Pay a visit to the camp and ask the director in person or call on the phone to ask about the background of the director, the counsellors qualifications and age.
  • Ask if the camp is accredited by the National Camp Association or the American Camp Association.
  • Ask for references from the parents of former campers.
  • A list with questions to ask a camp director is provided by The American Camp Association.
  • A guide for choosing a summer camp is offered by the National Camp Association.

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