How Much Does MA in Industrial Design Cost?

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$ $ MAs Average $13,800 a year at Public Universities; $36,300 at Private Universities.

Industrial designers are professionals who decide how everyday products should look and function.

People who want to earn a Master of Fine Arts in the industrial design should know that it takes two to three years, based on the program, with an emphasis on applied skills more rather than just an academic approach.

Typical Costs

  • Master’s degree program tuition and fees are at an average of $6,900 per semester at public universities and $18,150 per semester at private universities, based on information from the National Center for Education Services.
  • The total cost for a two-year MFA program averages to $27,600-$72,600, or $41,300-$108,900 for a three-year program.
  • presents the top master’s programs for industrial design.

What Is Included

  • Industrial designers work from sketches, handle clay or foam moldings, use computer programs, and create items that range from cars to alarm clocks, CAT scans, and cell phones, etc.
  • The projects that industrial designers work on include designing products and packaging, arranging exhibits, interior spaces, or simplifying the software driving a product.
  • The Industrial Designers Society of America comes with an overview of the industry and a brochure on careers in industrial design.
  • Industrial design students have to be active in art, math, and science, since this field combines all three skills.
  • The admission to an MFA program usually requires a bachelor’s degree in a related field and an extensive portfolio showing different examples of the student’s best work.
  • In general, graduation requires a thesis or research project.
  • The Princeton Review can offer necessary information about industrial design programs.

Additional Costs

  • To create design projects, one needs professional-grade supplies, which are usually costly.
  • The sum for books and other supplies is $1,800 per year at North Carolina University and $1,800 per semester at the Art Center College of Design.
  • The health insurance is included in the tuition in some universities, for example, the Art Center College of Design, however in some others, it can cost an additional $800-$1,900 a year.
  • The living expenses are different and based on location; more information is available at the individual school websites.
  • For example, the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia estimates housing and meal costs at $6,555-$9,160 for the nine-month academic year, while the San Francisco Academy of Art charges $6,800-$11,000 for nine months of on-campus housing.

Shopping For An MA In Industrial Design

The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) has a list of all industrial design schools which are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art & Design.

One can check it to see if a particular school has a student IDSA chapter.

At the same time, The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design provides a list of schools worldwide.

It is advisable to ask if a school offers particular specializations within the major, for example, transportation or furniture design, and if its classrooms and studios are equipped with the current technology.

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Get information about programs near you or online.