How Much Does Hairstylist Training Cost?

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$ Medium: Around $8,000 $ $ High: $15,000-$20,000+

Hairstylists provide various services at salons and spas – they color and cut hair, they style hair for different special occasions, and they offer advice on home hair care for their clients.

The hairstylists can further be trained in the art of makeup application and massage techniques such as scalp massages.

Typical Costs

Training is needed to become a hairstylist, and its tuition varies based on the training programs at private technical programs and training programs at state-funded community colleges; however, all programs should train students how to work as a hairstylist.

On the lower end of the scale, students pay around $8,000 for tuition, books, and fees, while on the higher end of the scale, the costs can exceed $20,000.

The average tuition costs at the Aveda Institute are approx. $17,000 for tuition in a 1,700-hour program.

Popular Programs

The tuition at community colleges can be less expensive than at private schools for in-state students.

For example, at Everett Community College in Washington State, the tuition fee is approx. $7,500 for a 93-hour program for an associate’s degree; while the tuition costs are significantly higher for out-of-state students or about $23,000.

What Is Included

  • In general, schools offer hair cutting and styling, coloring and permanents training.
  • As an extra to hair care, some schools provide training in skincare, haircare, and makeup application.
  • The training starts in the classroom and then moves to wigs and mannequins, and after that to real people at the beauty school’s salon.
  • The program length requirements vary in each state and are around 1,500 hours (for example, the requirement in Louisiana) and reputable training programs should meet these requirements.
  • Certain schools include access to job banks and other job placement services.

Additional Costs

The hairstylists must be licensed, and fees for a license vary by state, but in general, the fees are less than $100.

Renewals are required every one to two years and are typically under $100 as well.

State exams are as a rule part of the licensing requirements.

The state exam requirements vary by state, where California charges $110-$125 for its exam, and Kentucky charges only  $75 for its exam.

The book costs for the barbering programs are what students usually pay at community colleges or several hundred dollars per semester.


  • The sum available to students varies significantly by a program – some schools provide federal financial aid such as Pell Grants, Stafford loans and PLUS loans.
  • Other schools provide aid through the veteran’s benefits.
  • One should make a check with the financial aid office at each school for information on specific programs.

Shopping For Hairstylist Training

  • How to Become a Hair Stylist: The Definitive Guide
  • Some states, such as West Virginia and Arizona, present accredited schools on their state licensing board websites.
  • The state licensing boards keep pass/fail rates for licensing exams for graduates of programs in their state.
  • Many of the private schools require contact information such as e-mail address and phone number, as well as addresses before they release tuition costs to prospective students.
  • Admissions offices can have information on the success of the past graduates in the school, including the pass rates for the state exam and the rates of the job placement.

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