How Much Does Plumbing Training Cost?

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$ Online Training: $800-$1,000 $ $ Certificate in Plumbing: $1,250-$3,000 $ $ $ Associate's Degree in Plumbing Technology: $3,000-$23,000

Plumbers get training at technical schools, community colleges, and apprenticeships which provide training on-the-job training.

According to Education Portal, a one-year certificate program teaches students to install and repair plumbing systems, and the two-year associate’s degree can also include related coursework in pipefitting and pump system design, basic electricity and basic heating.

The mentioned coursework can lead to advanced careers in plumbing and pipefitting, and other fields of gas and heating technology.

The apprenticeship training programs are longer to be completed, however, students can get a salary while they study on the job.

Typical Costs

The online plumbing training program costs $800-$1,000.

Search Plumber Programs

Get information on Plumber programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Penn Foster, for example, provides a plumbing technology program for $868; while Ashworth College has such coursework for $800.

A certificate plumbing program is offered at a price of $1,250-$3,000.

AC/C Tech in Indianapolis, for example, offers a five-course program in plumbing technology for $1,250.

The plumbing technology associate’s degree comes at the price of $3,000-$23,000.

For example, Southwestern Illinois College secures an associate’s degree program for $6,080 for in-district students and $23,744 for out-of-state tuition.

At the same time, Montana State University in Havre, MT, has a similar program for $23,000.

Plumbing apprenticeships cost $0-$1,000 and last for 4-5 years.

Colorado plumbing apprenticeships programs range from $710 per semester and $120 to $150 for books for the four-year program, while the Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Union apprenticeships require $620 for books.

Plumbers state licensing is $75-$300 and lasts 1-2 years.

For example, Tennessee issues a two-year plumbing license for $75, while Georgia’s plumbing license fee is $30 for the application and a $75 renewal fee every two years.

The fee in Alaska is a $50 application and $200 license fee every two years.

The American Society of Plumbing Engineers issues certification for $300-$625 based on the individual’s membership and practical work experience.

In many states, the certification is voluntary.

See our full guide on how to become a plumber!

What Is Included

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the apprenticeships usually last 4-5 years and include at least 144 hours of coursework per year.

The coursework usually includes blueprint reading and drafting, mathematics, applied physics, and chemistry; while the on-the-job training covers local plumbing codes and regulations, plumbing supplies, tools, and safety.

Additional Costs

The additional costs for plumbing training range from $500-$10,000, and are usually covering books, tools, uniforms and living costs.

For example, AC/C Tech in Indianapolis estimates costs for additional plumbing program as $328 for tools and $369 for books, uniforms and safety equipment.

At the same time, New England Tech in Warwick, R.I., estimates the additional costs like $1,200 for books and supplies, $3,000-$7,000 for room and board and $4,300-$5,900 for other expenses, with higher rates for students living on campus.


There are scholarships for qualified applicants that are attending a plumbing technology program.

The national Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association, for example, gives more than $25,000 in scholarships each year.

The Tennessee Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors, which is the state chapter of this organization, gives away several $1,000 scholarships each year.

Shopping For Plumbing Training

Information on the licensing qualifications and costs for plumbers practicing in each state is provided by The Contractor’s License Reference Site.

Most of the states insist plumbers have at least 2-5 years of work experience and to pass a licensing exam.

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Get information on Plumber programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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