How Much Does Floral Design Training Cost?

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Learning to create professional floral designs is a way to express your creativity while also earning a living.

To learn these skills, you need instruction from a professional training class.

There are many courses available at a variety of price points for students with various skill levels.

When you complete the courses, you will understand how to use nature’s beauty to enhance any space.

You’ll also learn about the design concepts needed to create professional results.

Search Floral Designer Programs

Get information on Floral Designer programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Depending on your professional goals, there are courses that provide certification.

For those interested in creating floral designs for use in the home, there are also affordable online classes that can help enhance skills.

In choosing the right courses for you, you should expect to learn:

  • Key floral design concepts
  • Skills to create professional, polished-looking arrangements for any occasion.
  • Learn to create special applications such as bride’s bouquets and dried arrangements.
  • Find the course with the appropriate level of materials from beginners to intermediate.
  • Learn from experienced florists and floral designers to learn the skills you need.

Penn Foster Career School

As a nationally and regionally accredited school,

Penn Foster Career School offers programs that help a student go from beginners to certified florists.

Courses last six months and success coaches are available to help along the way.

Coursework is geared toward individuals seeking to pursue a career as a floral designer.

Courses are well-rounded and formatted to allow mobile-friendly learning and tracking.

Beginning classes start with Design Tools and Basics.

The tuition is $1089 with monthly installment payments.

However, if you can pay in full, the course is $849.

Beyond tuition, there will also be costs for additional supplies needed for hands-on exercises that are completed at home.

These classes are designed for beginners but result in a certification.

The benefits of this program are that it is nationally and regionally accredited resulting in certification.

Also, as a comprehensive program, classes are completed online which is perfect for those wanting a new career while still in the workforce.

The downside is that this program is not designed for those with intermediate or advanced skills.

American School of Flower Design

For students looking to learn from a well-known floral designer, the American School of Flower Design fills the bill.

Michael Gaffney offers the coursework.

Any additional materials that are needed may be purchased and will be shipped to the student.

Mr. Gaffney also offers in-person classes in some cities for students wanting that type of experience.

These classes are perfect for beginning students.

Each online class discusses one floral design that students will master during that time.

In-person workshops are also available periodically.

Mr. Gaffney also has a number of books for purchase to further the student’s skills.

Tuition is $749.

These classes will develop a student’s skill but do not lead to certification.

Materials are included in the course price.

Floral Design Institute

For intermediate and advanced florists seeking to advance their careers, the Floral Design Institute has the course offerings they need.

Courses are offered in specific topic areas so that students can further develop their skills.

Following receiving a certification or diploma in floral design, students often want to continue their education and expand their knowledge.

A popular course is the Advanced Floral Design Certification.

The school offers courses in a number of specialized areas such as Tropical Flowers, Wedding Design, Floral Marketing, and Design with focuses on Contemporary, Asian, and European standards.

The school has added an online feature that opens coursework to students who are unable to attend in person.

Attending costs $950.

This doesn’t include supplies or flowers used in assignments.

For those currently employed by a florist, the employee may help underwrite a portion of the education costs.

It’s important to understand that in order to enroll, students must have a diploma or certification or the equivalent of 500 hours of training, either in a school or on the job.

Ashworth College

Ashworth College is an accredited school that provides classes for beginners in floral design to earn a diploma.

It is not a program, however, for students with intermediate or advanced knowledge and skills.

The program takes four months to complete.

Coursework is divided into several sections beginning with orientation.

This is followed by group lessons with topics including basic design and technique.

This can be followed with a course in the steps of setting up a floral design business.

While this is a four-month program, students have a year to complete all of the classes and assignments.

The program can be paid in installments for a total of $1049 or all at once for $849.

There are several types of programs in floral design based on the student’s level of experience and career goals.

For hobbyists, there is a wide range of online programs to take.

Consider what your goals on when looking at programs and you will find one that meets your needs.

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Search Floral Designer Programs

Get information on Floral Designer programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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