The Best Log Splitters for 2024

Best Log Splitters - Top Picks, Reviews & Complete Buying Guide

For woodworkers, chopping wood with an axe is not considered appropriate any more, as they might have to deal with the volume of work which is just too great to be managed with axes, hammers, and wedges.

So as to get the job done, and not to take too long, people use log splitters.

You will no longer have stressed and strained body and you will do a safer, faster, and easier wood splitting.

Our aim was to go through all the reviews of the best log splitter and be able to make an article which will provide you with the answers to all of your questions related to it.

We are sure that comprehensive guide will save you a lot of effort and time, and you will be able to choose a product in this section that will fit your bill and the needs.

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Top Rated Log Splitters

Model Rating Buy Now
Boss Industrial ES7T20 ElectricBoss Industrial ES7T20 Electric
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Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556 Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556
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Champion Power Equipment No.92221Champion Power Equipment No.92221
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YTL International Forest King YTL23101YTL International Forest King  YTL23101
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WEN 56206WEN 56206
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5 Best Log Splitters Reviewed

#1. Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric

Top Pick
Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric
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We decided to set it as the first one, being that it is definitely the best of all – the Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric.

This is a tool designed for home use, a 7-ton electric log splitter that can split logs up to 10” in diameter and 20.5” in length.

Maybe you find 10 inches a little short for a machine in this price range, but we can say that this is the machine that will do the quality work unlike those that boast better capabilities and it turns out that they are not up to the task.

This unit boasts the powerful 1500 W motor and a 3500 psi hydraulic system.

It has a cycle time of 14 seconds and after splitting the wood, the piston retracts automatically within 5 seconds.

If you have quality in mind, we assure you that the parts are made of durable material, the joints are strong, and the connections are secure.

This means that the producers though about just everything.

This is proven by the fact that Boss offers a 2-year limited warranty on this product.

What users found negative related to this tool is one-handed operation, and being that safety is extremely important, log splitter with two-handed operation are considered better.

However, this depends on the person working on it, as some might consider one-handed operation a plus.

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  • Price
  • Performance
  • Operation
  • Very good build quality
  • 2-year warranty period


  • One-handed use
  • Draws a lot of current
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#2. Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556

Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556
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The second place is taken by the 4-ton 65556T which is not as powerful as the 7-ton ES7T20.

The manual says that this unit can split logs 20 inches long and 10 inches wide, and experienced users know that it is impossible due to the fact that it is a 4-ton machine.

From a 4-ton machine you can get reliable performance up to 6 inches in diameter.

Now, we will first speak about the advantages of this machine.

The 65556T is a low-cost log splitter which runs on a 1500 W motor and a 2320 psi hydraulic system.

It has a cycle time of 15 seconds and it comes with an auto-return piston.

Unlike the Boss ES7T20, when it comes to safety, this machine has the ZHB control system that requires two-handed operation.

Many users appreciate the warranty period, even though this is a low-cost product.

A 2-year limited warranty proves that the producers have faith in this tool’s durability.

This tool is ideal for people who want to get the budget-friendly electric log splitter for 6 inch logs.

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  • Economical
  • Two-handed operation
  • 2-year warranty period


  • Capacity
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#3. Champion Power Equipment No.92221

Champion Power Equipment No.92221
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If you are looking for the giant gas-powered log splitters, then our third pick might be the tool for you.

All gas powered splitters are designed for industrial applications and the 100251 delivers the best performance relative to price.

What you get with it is a splitting force of 25 tons and quick work of logs 22” wide and 23.8” long.

Additionally, it allows you to split wood horizontally or vertically.

The cycle time is 12 seconds, and it has an auto-return piston.

The machine has a built-in log stripper and catcher, while being incredibly mobile.

The wheels can withstand speeds up to 40 mph and if we speak about its durability and build quality, this is the tool that will be long lasting.

As we have mentioned, it is a huge machine considering the fact that it is built to tow at 40 mph.

It even has a great warranty period and a two-year limited warranty proves that this is a great machine.

However, the cost is too high for non-commercial use.

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  • Powerful
  • Large capacity
  • Horizontal and vertical operation
  • Low cycle time


  • Pricey
  • Not designed for home use
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#4. YTL International Forest King YTL23101

YTL International Forest King  YTL23101
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The YTL23101 is a manual log splitter.

It is true that this machine puts less strain on the body than manual methods of splitting wood but the job which can be done with it is not like the one done with an electric, and certainly not gas-powered log splitter.

A manual log splitter is good only because it cost a lot less than powered log splitters.

But, let’s mention some of it qualities.

In terms of capacity, the YTL23101 works best for logs less than 8” wide and 18” long.

Almost no maintenance is requires because it has no motor.

What you actually operate is the hydraulic pump, using two handles.

The machine can generate a splitting force of 10 tons.

A good thing about it is that you get a 2-year limited cover on your purchase and if we take into account its price, build quality, performance, and capacity, the YTL23101 is the best manual log splitter available.

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  • Economical
  • 10-ton capacity
  • Manual operation
  • Build quality


  • Weight
  • High cycle time
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#5. WEN 56206

WEN 56206
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The WEN 56206 is a 6-ton electric log splitter. which is cheaper than the Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556, while having a higher splitting force.

Its capacity to split logs10 inches wide and 20.5 inches in length comes from a 1500 W motor and a 3000 psi hydraulic system.

The 56206 is quite similar to our top pick in terms of power and capacity, but there is a reason why it is on our last position – the cycle time.

Its cycle time is 25 seconds, meaning that it is half as fast as the Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556 and the Boss ES7T20 while still being  a lot faster than a manual log splitter.

What you get with it is an auto-return piston, a two-handed operation procedure, and a 2-year limited warranty.

What we can conclude about this tool is that it is powerful, but slow.

This is ideal tool for those people who are on a strict and limited budget or do not have a lot of splitting to do in a single stretch.

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  • Economical
  • Power
  • Good build quality
  • Capacity
  • 2-year warranty period


High cycle time

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Log Splitters: The Ultimate Buying Guide

We are aware of the fact that shopping for any product requires a lot of time and effort so as to get the best tool possible for your needs, so we have compared cost, performance and features for you and gathered some of the most important considerations to have in mind when purchasing log splitters.

Be sure that you will get the best out of every dollar you spend after reading this article, as you will be a well-informed buyer who can only make right decisions.

How can I know which one is best for me?

Among so many different types of log splitters on the market it is difficult to be sure which one to choose as the most suitable for you.

We have taken a look at two types of splitters and those are electric and gas powered ones.

The basic principle and mechanism behind both of them are similar.

What you will find is a wedge and a hydraulic piston to split the wood.

The difference is in the hydraulic pump that actuates the piston.

It can either be electric-powered or gas-powered, and we are sure that gas-powered splitters are more powerful.

They tend to be noisier and produce more smoke, unlike electric splitters which produce less noise and do not emit smoke.

On the other hand, electric splitters do consume a lot of electricity and what you need is a high current socket to power it, which is not available everywhere.

Gas splitters have no limitation, as long as you fuel it.

The only risk is running out of fuel.

One of the things that is positive for electric splitters is that they are easier to maintain than gas splitters.

We cannot but mention the manual log splitters as well.

Being that they are easy to use and faster, it has to be said that the power to run the machine still comes from the operator and that is not what modern woodworker wants from the tool.

A manual splitter can be good only for those people who do not do splitting every day.

All in all, the gas powered splitters offer you power and mobility, while if you want economy, you should go for an electric splitter.

How much power should I expect from my splitter?

The power of a splitter is shown in tons, and if you want to determine the upper limit of the number of tons, you should consider the type, diameter, length, shape, dryness, and grain structure of the wood.

  • Type: If it has the same diameter and length, softwood is easier to split than hardwood is.
  • Diameter: The power necessary to split certain type of wood increases with increase in diameter.
  • Length: For certain type of wood, the power required to split it increases with increase in length.
  • Shape: There is log-shaped and prism-shaped wood, and it is easier to split log-shaped one.
  • Dryness: The drier the wood is the easier it would be to split it.
  • Grain Structure: Grain structure can be closely spaced grains and loosely spaced grains. Closely spaced are harder to split. Also, the logs with knots along the grain require more strength to be split.

After you know all the above mentioned parameters, you can determine how many tons your splitter requires.

We can say that 10 tons is enough for splitting seasoned and green wood less than 6” in diameter, as well as for seasoned wood between 6” and 12” in diameter.

For green wood between 6” and 12” in diameter, it is better to get a 15 to 20-ton machine.

If you need to split seasoned piece, up to 24” in diameter, you will need a 20+ ton machine, while for green wood, you should use a 30+ ton machine.

What are the most significant features I should pay attention to?

The amount of force a machine exerts is not the only thing you should take into consideration when log splitters are in question.

Other important features are:

  • Cycle Time:The cycle time is the time needed to complete one operation. 10 to 15 seconds is the ideal range for cycle time.
  • Auto-Return:After the splitting of the log, the auto-return feature brings the piston to the starting position without your involvement which is great feature as it leaves you time to prepare the next piece of wood for splitting.
  • Two-Handed Operation:Some people like this feature, some do not. We believe that two-handed machines are safer as you control the tool using both hands.
  • Motor and Hydraulic System:A quality log splitter has a powerful and reliable motor and those kinds of units come from a reputable manufacturer. The same goes for the hydraulic system.
  • Warranty:If you get a good warranty on the hydraulic system and the motor you can be sure that the product will be durable and long lasting as the producers have faith in it.

I think I got it, what are my options?

The tonnage is something to have in mind when buying this tool.

Actually, people tend to pay much for this and use it hardly ever.

What you need to do is know your logs.

Those people who never split hardwood or green wood do not need to buy a 20+ ton splitter.

Being aware of the size and type of wood you pick, you can save a lot of money on choosing the tool that would not be too expensive and will still suit your needs.

Those people who plan on selling cords, buying a heavy-duty gas-powered splitter is something to be considered.

You can see that we have made a good selection of log splitters on our list and there are splitters who suit many people’s tastes and budgets.

If this information  are not enough, you can always do your own research, and what we suggest you is to check out the products by WEN, Boss, Pow’ R’ Kraft, Champion Power, and Powerhouse.

I hope you liked my article about Log Splitters, if so, please share or comment.

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