The Best Benchtop Jointers for 2024

Best Benchtop Jointers - Top Picks, Reviews & Complete Buying Guide

The tool which is frequently used by wood workers is definitely a benchtop jointer.

It is a machine which enables that your woodworking is outstanding and that the wood you work on becomes as smooth and as straight as possible.

So, if you are seriously involved into this field, you know how important it is to find one that suits your needs.

Even if you are doing this as a hobby, you do not want to waste your money on a low-quality device that would stop working in a short period of time.

Now, as the offer is great and versatile, which one to choose can be a difficult task.

We are offering you the top benchtop jointers on the market combined with a buying guide to help you and make your search easier and less troublesome.

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Top Rated Benchtop Jointers

Model Rating Buy Now
Cutech 40160H-CT Benchtop JointerCutech 40160H-CT Benchtop Jointer
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Delta Power Tools 37-071 6 Inch Bench JointerDelta Power Tools 37-071 6 Inch Bench Jointer
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PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Benchtop JointerPORTER-CABLE PC160JT Benchtop Jointer
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POWERTEC BJ600 Bench-Top JointerPOWERTEC BJ600 Bench-Top Jointer
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Jet JJP-8BT 8-Inch Bench-JointerJet JJP-8BT 8-Inch Bench-Jointer
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5 Best Benchtop Jointers Reviewed

#1. Cutech 40160H-CT Benchtop Jointer

Top Pick
Cutech 40160H-CT Benchtop Jointer
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As we go through these devices, we will mention both positive and negative aspects of them.

The first one on our list is the Cutech 40160H-CT and this place belongs to it due to very good reasons.

This is definitely the best benchtop jointer which uses spiral rutters rather than the helical used by some other models.

The product is producing smooth finish and its efficiency is better than anything else on the market.

As it should not be heavy and loud, to make your work more pleasant, this benchtop jointer has all ideal qualifications for the home user.

When it comes to cleanliness, it is very easy to clean, considering the fact that it is equipped with a good VAC.

The issues that you may come across are related to hard woods and the engine can handle cutting it down but would slow down.

This means that harder woods can damage the blades.

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  • Great set up
  • Amazing finishes on wood
  • Easy to clean


  • Not designed for harder wood
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#2. Delta Power Tools 37-071 6 Inch Bench Jointer

Delta Power Tools 37-071 6 Inch Bench Jointer
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The second best on our list is the Delta Power Tools 37-071 6 Inch Bench Jointer.

The sheer weight of it is the first thing to notice when you take a look at the device.

This benchtop jointer is created with a very durable material, as the cast-iron is used for the various parts.

The greater the weight is, the more stable the machine would be.

This is followed by certain advantages, meaning that as you feed wood through, vibrations would be reduced and the results would be better.

The outcome is that it is ideal for harder woods and you can easily adjust the blade system offering you the perfect finish on your wood.

When the drawbacks are in question, one that can be mentioned is the poor manual provided.

Both experienced and inexperienced people would have trouble working out how to assemble this jointer.

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  • Designed for Hardwood
  • Adjustable


  • Non-intelligible manual.
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#3. PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Benchtop Jointer

PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Benchtop Jointer
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We cannot say that the PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Benchtop Jointer is not worth enough to get a higher position on our list, but we noticed several features which placed them on the third position.

This benchtop jointer is similar to the Cutech in many ways but the difference is in the price.

the PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Benchtop Jointer advantages are that it is very easy to put together, it has a variable speed functionality which will allow you to achieve the best setting for a piece of wood. This device is slower for more elastic pieces of wood and faster if you work with harder woods, but in the end what you get are fantastic results.

The weakness which affected its position on our list is the issue with the fence, which is difficult to set to sit 90 degrees from the table.

Besides the fact that the fence feels weak and you have to think about the amount of pressure you put on to this, this benchtop jointer is the best value for money.

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  • Worth the price
  • Easy set up
  • Adjustable blade speed


  • Bad fence
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#4. POWERTEC BJ600 Bench-Top Jointer

POWERTEC BJ600 Bench-Top Jointer
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Even though it is on the fourth place, the BJ600 from Powertec deserves consideration and deliberation.

According to the amount of money you need to buy this jointer, it is in line with its quality and you cannot expect extra features.

The material it is made from is very durable solid cast iron.

This causes that the machine is pretty heavy, which is great if you are working with larger pieces of wood. T

The amazing feature of this model is that it has its own built-in dust collection system.

There is a large trash bag for easy disposal and you do not need a vacuum cleaner, which would be just an additional expense.

Above this, it comes with a master safety lock which means that the device cannot be powered on without unlocking it.

This feature is designed to prevent unqualified people starting the machine, especially if you are using it around a family home.

As with the above mentioned model, the instructions manual for this device is also poor, with confusing explanations.

Being that it is manufactured in China, some parts of the device are cheap, but not very durable.

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  • Cast Iron
  • A safety power lock
  • Self-cleaning


  • Durability
  • Bad assembly instructions
  • Better models are available at the same price
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#5. Jet JJP-8BT 8-Inch Bench-Jointer

Jet JJP-8BT 8-Inch Bench-Jointer
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As it is on the last position, this model is definitely the worst benchtop jointer offered on the market.

The manufacturers invested in its features but still the device does not produce the desired results.

The angles of the jointer have to be correct, otherwise it will show on the wood.

This model comes with two knives to cut the wood rather than the three which come with all the other models.

Bigger pieces of wood are not applicable to this machine as the blades cannot handle that work.

Furthermore, the machine is light and that would make you unable to work with larger pieces of wood.

The only positive thing to be mentioned related to this model is that it has the fence with an adjustable movement so that you can bevel the wood.

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  • Designed for small pieces of wood


  • Weight
  • Not designed for heavy wood
  • Small footprint
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Benchtop Jointers: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Many people who are not into that field ask a question what a benchtop jointer is and what it can be used for.

So, we decided to give a short description of a benchtop jointer and its usage.

Its only job is to make wood flat, free of twists and warping.

It is designed for those who work with the wood and makes their job far easier.

The device is making one surface of a piece of wood straight and you may have to put the wood through the device several times depending on how hard it is and there a set of blades would cut off what needs to be cut so that the wood ends up perfectly flat.

By the end of the operation, what you get is a flat and smooth piece of wood.

Benchtop jointers can be of different sizes, which would determine the size of wood you can use.

The smaller jointers are also available on the market, but they are only useful to people who do this as a hobby or have limited space in the workshop

It should be set on top of a benchtop and they cannot cut anything more than 6 inches wide.

Benchtop jointer

What should I have in mind when buying a benchtop jointer?

Prior to purchasing a benchtop jointer, you should consider several factors that determine the quality and value of the jointer.

Size – Being that the size of the wood that can be used is determined by the size of a benchtop jointer, you have to have in mind how large the pieces you will work with are going to be, so as to choose the ideal measurements and sizes.

You have to pay attention to the cutting depth, the length, and width of the bed and knife size.

The knife size of a jointer is determined by the length of the knives and it shows the size of the widest board that the jointer can comfortably handle.

Blade size and the length of the bed are also of great importance when the size of the wood that the jointer can work with is in question.

The acceptable size is 6-inch blades.

The cutting depth represents the number of times you have to pass the wood through the device so as to obtain a straight board.

The most frequent cutting depth of jointers is a half inch to three-quarters of an inch and that is considered enough for small to medium size pieces of wood.

The table or bed is the part of the device on which the wood sits.

People who are working with small pieces of wood would find the above mentioned jointers satisfactory, but those who use larger pieces of wood may need to add tables on either end.

Depending on the available space in your workshop, we suggest you buying the largest table possible jointer.

Fence – being an important part of the benchtop jointer, fence is the piece that sits 90 degrees from the table.

Its qualities should be sturdiness and durability and that is achieved by the material which it was made with.

While you work, you continually put pressure on fence and it has to be strong enough to stand that.

Some tables allow users to adjust the fence to a different angle which is an additional excellent feature.

Power – The most frequent benchtop joiners have 1HP of power.

This is power is in line with the size of wood that these jointers can handle and you do not have to worry about that.

When it comes to electricity, what you will need is 110 or 220 volts single-phase outlets.

Cleanliness – while you work with a benchtop jointer, you would make a lot of mess and you will have to clean your benchtop jointer after the usage.

That is why you should look for a jointer which is easy to keep clean.

The majority of models have possibility of adding a vacuum to it, and these ones are considered the best.

The vacuum will get rid of all the shavings or dust.

Furthermore, there are some models that come with their own system like the Powertec BJ600.

Once I get it, how to know how to set and use it?

Now, that you made a decision which one is the best for you, and purchase it, you might have trouble understanding how it is used and what to do with it.

Firstly, you will need to assemble it by having a close look into the instruction manuals.

The users say that many of these manuals are poorly written, so you need to pay special attention when assembling it.

What you should do after assembling is checking the angles, 45 and 90 degrees.

Make sure that the fence is sitting correctly to the table.

If this is not in right position, you will not get the desired results.

If there is some oil on the surface of the jointer, you should wash it off with some mineral spirits.

Besides having in mind how large pieces you can work with, you should know that the hardness of wood is also important and harder wood can damage smaller blades on your jointer.

Here are some of the safety tips that you should follow when using a benchtop jointer.

First and foremost, you need to clearly read the manual provided and get acquainted with all the possible issues that can come up while working with a benchtop jointer.

The second important thing is to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes and avoid loose clothing when working.

If you are not qualified for the job with benchtop jointers, it is suggested not to work with the tool.

Your benchtop joiner has to be secured and you can do it by bolting it to a wall.

That way the falling will be avoided.

Last, but not the least, all equipment has to be safely packed away and out the reach of children.



It is true that you might have difficulties is finding the ideal benctop jointer and we hope that the top 5 that we have chosen for you would be good enough to suit our needs.

Benchtop jointer producers are trying hard to make as great benchtop jointer as possible, so the competition on the market is high.

We created this buying guide not only to help make that purchase easier but also to give you some hints related to the usage of the jointer.

In a conclusion, we can claim that our top pick is actually the best benchtop jointer.

The Cutech 40160H-CT is such a tool which has all the equipment and everything that a good benchtop jointer needs to possess.

It is designed for professionals, while those low-cost models are more for people doing woodwork as a hobby.

The Porter-Cable PC160JT has almost equal characteristic as the Cutech, except the Cutech’s durability, so no matter which one you choose, you will not regret it.

I hope you liked my article about Benchtop Jointers, if so, please share or comment.

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