The Best Paint Sprayers for 2024

Best Paint Sprayers - Top Picks, Reviews & Complete Buying Guide

If you are planning to hire a professional to paint your house or anything inside it is expensive and we believe that you should invest some time in learning to use a paint sprayer, buy one and get the job done.

If you are a professional working with paint daily, you can also make your job a lot easier in case you buy the right sprayer.

Now, the question is: how to differentiate between a good and a bad sprayer good?

You need to find the answer to this question by investing a lot of time and effort in researching the characteristics of paint sprayers.

So, we wanted to save your time, have gone through those reviews and made a comprehensive guide to buying a paint sprayer.

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Top Rated Paint Sprayers

Model Rating Buy Now
Graco Magnum 262800 X5Graco Magnum 262800 X5
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Wagner 0518050Wagner 0518050
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Wagner 0518080 HVLPWagner 0518080 HVLP
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HomeRight C800766HomeRight C800766
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Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890
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5 Best Paint Sprayers Reviewed

#1. Graco Magnum 262800 X5

Top Pick
Graco Magnum 262800 X5
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On our list of the top quality paint sprayers the first place is taken by the Greco Magnum X5.

We assure you that this is the best handheld paint sprayer on the market.

The fact is that this is the largest, heaviest, and the most expensive paint sprayer but at the same time, the most powerful one.

Its flow rate is 0.24 gallons per min and comes with a 0.015-inch spray tip that produces a 10-inch fan.

The pressure is between 0 to 3000 psi and the pressure control is infinite.

The default 0.015 spray tip works for enamels, primers, interior paints, and exterior paints.

So, this means that you can use it for both exterior and interior walls.

For those who want to spray stains, there will be a need of buying a smaller tip and the X5 is compatible with tips between 0.011 and 0.021 inches in diameter.

So, it is possible to get a fan width ranging from 6 to 12 inches.

The only downside of the sprayer is a 1-year warranty.

Being that this is an expensive tool, a longer warranty is expected.

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  • Power
  • Infinite pressure control up to 3000 psi
  • Large fan width


  • Large
  • Weight
  • Poor warranty period
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#2. Wagner 0518050

Wagner 0518050
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The Wagner Control Spray Double Duty is cheap, compact, and light, and can be used on furniture.

The flow rate is low, being that it is at 0.08 gallons per minute, but, for a home user with little or no experience with paint sprayers, the low flow rate is considered a positive thing.

It can be used for oil enamels, oil-based primers, oil stains, clear sealers, polyurethane, and varnish.

The unit comes with three spray patterns – horizontal, vertical, and round.

There is no provision to change the tip size or spray pressure, while the spray volume can be changed.

The Wagner 0518050 Control Spray is quite cheaper than the Graco Magnum X5 and also comes with 1-year warranty period.

The warranty period is great when the price is taken into consideration.

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  • Price
  • Light
  • 3 spray patterns
  • HVLP
  • Volume control
  • Good warranty period


  • Low flow rate
  • Not usable for latex paints
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#3. Wagner 0518080 HVLP

Wagner 0518080 HVLP
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People who need a paint sprayer, but have limited budget to around hundred dollars can go for the Wagner Control Spray Max.

This is the best HVLP sprayer with a flow rate of 0.1 gallons per minute.

The scope of materials you can spray are oil enamels, oil based primers, oil stains, clear sealers, polyurethane, and varnish, as well as lacquer, automotive finishes, and latex paint.

When it comes to control, the Max model also offers a pressure control dial, a material flow regulator, and a spray pattern selector.

Our recommendation for this sprayer is that you practice before spraying the actual work piece.

The Max model comes with a 1-year warranty and it is considered a positive side for a product in this price range.

The Max model is designed for those who plan to spray lacquer and latex paint.

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  • Price
  • Weight
  • Moderate size
  • Good warranty period
  • Usable with lacquer and latex paint
  • Pressure selector
  • Volume selector
  • Spray pattern selector


  • Low flow rate
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#4. HomeRight C800766

HomeRight C800766
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The fourth model on our list is super light, compact and cheap.

The HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP sprayer has a higher flow rate than the Wagner Control Spray Max.

It is usable for spraying clear sealers, enamels, polyurethane paints, primers, stains, varnishes, and latex paints.

What you get with this model is flow control and spray pattern control, while it lacks pressure control.

This means that the spray quality will vary as you change the substance and our suggestion is to do a few trials before you spray your work.

What users consider great about this product is its warranty since it is the cheapest product on the list and offers a solid 2-year warranty, better than more expensive ones.

All in all, the C800766 is the best paint sprayer for the money.

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  • Flow rate
  • Cheap
  • Light and compact
  • Usable with most kind of materials
  • Flow control
  • Spray pattern control
  • Excellent warranty period


  • No pressure control
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#5. Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890

Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890
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The fifth model belongs to high-performance sprayers.

The Wagner Felxio 890 comes with a flow rate of 0.14 gallons per minute.

It is not as great as the X5’s massive flow rate of 0.24 gallons per minute, but is quite similar when it comes to some other main parameters.

The spray can be used to spray transparent stains, semi-transparent stains, sealers, lacquers, solid stains, polyurethane paints, oil enamels, latex paints, and primers.

There are also three spray patterns – horizontal, vertical, and round.

Plus, what it has to offer is a wide and narrow spray pattern.

The Flexio 890 comes with two nozzles.

The Detail Finish Nozzle is designed for spraying small projects with fine finishing, while the iSpray Nozzle is designed for spraying large surfaces and thicker materials.

The tool is equipped with an X-Boost Power Dial for pressure control and a material flow control knob.

The unit also comes with a 1-year warranty and it can be said that it offers everything you need except for high flow rate.

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  • Flow rate
  • Cost
  • Usable with wide range of material
  • 5 spray pattern controls
  • Pressure control
  • Flow rate control


  • Size
  • Weight
  • Mediocre warranty
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Paint Sprayers: The Ultimate Buying Guide

In order to make your decision easier, we have decided to provide you with answers to difficult questions related to the right paint sprayer.

So, we made this buyer’s guide which includes all the factors to be considered when buying a paint sprayer.

The buying process consists of elimination and selection, and first you need to eliminate those you do not like.

There have to be some reasons not buy certain product.

Make sure that in the end the product with the desirable qualities wins.

What is the elimination criteria when buying one?

Elimination criteria can vary from person to person, but what we have to offer you are some ideas:

Price Limit: Firstly, you should think about how much money you are ready to spend on buying a paint sprayer. If a product costs more than doubled amount you are ready to pay, it must be eliminated.

Origin: There is a belief that those machines made in USA are more quality ones than those made overseas. However, products made overseas often have better features at a cheaper price, while those products made in USA are more expensive ones.

Customer Reviews: This is a good thing to consider, as those products with a very few reviews should be eliminated. There are also products with a lot of reviews clustered tightly and you should know that they are probably fake. What you should look for in those reviews is information that is not available in the product description. Also, look for photographs and do not take all the reviews for granted.

Application: The material you are going to spray can eliminate all paint sprayers that are not compatible with it. Users who plan to spray latex paint can eliminate all products that do not work with latex paints.

What are the selection criteria I can use?

Those people who have experience with paint sprayers can use the selection criteria for eliminating products.

We wanted to mention some of ideas to select the right tool for you.

  • Flow Rate: This is the characteristic which shows how many gallons of paint the sprayer dispenses in a minute. The high flow rate the less time needed to finish the paint job. Have in mind that working with machines with high flow rate is harder so beginners should go for a flow rate of 0.075 gallons per minute.
  • Flow Rate Control: Flow rate control means the ability to adjust the amount of paint the sprayer dispenses. So, if you plan to work with different types of paints, this is of great importance, but if your plans are to work with just one type of paint, flow rate control should not bother you.
  • Pressure Control: A paint sprayer’s pressure setting means that if the pressure is harder, the results will be darker and if the pressure is lower, the results will be lighter, as well. The pressure control is significant when you work with thin materials and thick materials. Thick materials require more pressure while thin materials do not. Tools with a pressure control knob are considered better as they allow you to regulate the amount of pressure depending on the material.
  • Spray Pattern Control: The majority of tools offer horizontal, vertical, and cone spray patterns. Plus, there are some machines which offer wide and narrow spray patterns. Spray patterns are designed to improve the flexibility and reduce wastage. However, those who plan to spray flat and regular surfaces do not need various spray patterns.
  • Material: The list of materials the sprayer can dispense can be found in specifications. Do not only get the sprayer which meets your current needs. Maybe, one day you will work with other material type, and your sprayer will not be compatible. Buying a machine that works with the majority of materials makes sense.
  • Physical Dimensions: Size and weight are important parameters as there are machines that are too heavy and will make you tired. The normal weight of the product cannot be determined, but if you have doubts about two machines which perform nearly the same, choose the one that weighs less.
  • Warranty: Warranty proves the quality of the product and when a manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty, it can be concluded that they do not have much faith in it. As with any other product, the longer the warranty, the better the tool is.

This is not a complete list of criteria that users think are important when buying a paint sprayer.  You should also take into consideration the length of the hose, length of the cord, brand value, customer support, manual, safety and accessories.

I think I got it, what are my options?

If all the information is not enough for you and you want to do your own research, we suggest you to check out products from Graco, HomeRight, and Wagner.

The branded products are not always the best, but are certainly of a better quality.


In a conclusion, we can just state once again that our top pick, the Graco Magnum X5, is the best paint sprayer you can buy.

However, this tool is a little too much for the typical home user, so we recommend the Wagner Control Spray Max or the Wagner Control Spray Double Duty.

The professionals would look for something more powerful than these two models, so they can take a look at the Wagner Flexio 890.

For those who have limited budget, a tool which is the best value for money is the HomeRight C800766.

Paint sprayers have developed so much and they are not only used in industries, but home users have access to a wide variety of paint sprayers.

We hope that this guide has helped you find a paint sprayer which will satisfy your needs.

I hope you liked my article about Paint Sprayers, if so, please share or comment.

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