The Best Chainsaw Mills for 2024

Best Chainsaw Mills - Top Picks, Reviews & Complete Buying Guide

We know that you are looking for suggestions related to the best sawmill options available in the market as you are reading this, and we will surely inform you about the essential things to keep in mind when buying a chainsaw mill.

What we did is make a list of the best of the best among the large variety of chainsaw mills with the aim that everyone can take advantage of our list.

Have in mind that all these chainsaw mills are very different and with great qualities.

So as to be able to discover the perfect chainsaw mill which would match your requirements, there are certain considerations which you have to take into account when purchasing a chainsaw mill.

The chainsaw mills on our list would fit your budget and requirements and after reading this article you will be finally ready to get one.

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Top Rated Chainsaw Mills

Model Rating Buy Now
Granberg Chain Saw Mill G777Granberg Chain Saw Mill G777
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Alaskan Mark-IVG778-24 Chainsaw MillAlaskan Mark-IVG778-24 Chainsaw Mill
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Popsport Chainsaw MillPopsport Chainsaw Mill
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Carmyra PortableYJBJ01 Chain-Saw Milling-EquipmentCarmyra PortableYJBJ01 Chain-Saw Milling-Equipment
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* Ratings are based on Editor's own opinion.

5 Best Chainsaw Mills Reviewed

#1. Granberg Chain Saw Mill G777

Top Pick
Granberg Chain Saw Mill G777
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We can assure you that our top pick is the chainsaw mill that offers the greatest performance.

The Granberg Chainsaw Mill G777 is definitely the best portable chainsaw mill ever available in the market and you will never regret buying it.

The reasons why this device is set first on our list are great features and performance.

We have to say that the Granberg G777 has a number of benefits, such as it will be easy to cut quicker, you will make perfect cleaner cuts and a smooth finish.

The life expectancy of chainsaw is longer due to ripping chains which had been designed expressly for milling.

This G777 is appropriate for 20″ or smaller chainsaws and the installation is not troublesome.

The drilling bar is not required.

In order to determine the compatibility, you can call the company before ordering and be sure about that.

Users claim that this chainsaw mill is compact and light, making the moving of it easy.

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  • Light
  • Price
  • High-quality
  • Mill functions quickly


  • Lacks a few assemblies
  • The guide rails are not included
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#2. Alaskan Mark-IVG778-24 Chainsaw Mill

Alaskan Mark-IVG778-24 Chainsaw Mill
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Our runner-up is the Alaskan MarkIVG778-24 Chainsaw Mill.

Actually, this unit is quite similar to Granberg Chain Saw Mill G777 when the excellent features are in question, but being that it is not our top pick, there has to be lacking something.

Let’s first speak about the Alaskan Mark IV-G778-24 Chainsaw Mill’s amazing features.

This is a heavy-duty, versatile lumber chainsaw mill, which is very accurate.

No drilling is required so as to be set on the chainsaw bar.

The unit is portable and lightweight, and it is possible to work with even without prior experience.

The tool is simple to adjust, more precise, makes less vibration and it is perfect for different types of users such as sawyers, arborists, woodworkers, and homeowners.

This “Alaskan Mark IV G778” is a bigger mill, which can be attached to the chain bar quite easily and quickly with a few turns of the wrench, and is designed to trim all sorts of trees.

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  • Useful with big lumber
  • Possible to cut the trees wherever you want
  • Useful with all sorts of trees
  • High-quality materials
  • Effortlessly adjustable


  • Expensive
  • Lacks a few assemblies
  • An ultra-powerful chainsaw is required to use this mill
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#3. GRANBERG MiniG555B

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Considering the fact that the Granberg Chainsaw Mill G777 and Alaskan Mark IV G778-24 Chainsaw Mill are quite expensive and unaffordable to everyone, the GRANBERG MiniG555B “chainsaw mill” is the perfect match for those who look for a more budget friendly tool.

As always, the third position is taken by the tool which is considered the best for the money.

We assure you that this unit is both affordable and loaded with so many features.


This is a tool designed for lumber and wood.

This Mini-Mill G555b is a gas-run unit which usually spans the length of 25″ and when the performance is in question, we can say that it is great.

Its weight is 6 lbs only and has “bar clamps” which span 2″ in width.

On the other hand, there are some drawbacks that you must know about this Mini Mill from Granberg before purchasing it.

You will have to clean the “track chain” using a 2 1/2″ bar width, as well as rails, measure 24″.

Furthermore, it does not drop the shield so we can conclude that this is the milling device for small-time woodworkers, but not perfect for big lumber.

This GRANBERG G555B Mini Mill is designed for both amateurs and professionals.

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  • Design
  • Cutting manual included
  • Designed for both amateurs and professionals
  • Affordable


  • Not simply used
  • Not designed for big lumber
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#4. Popsport Chainsaw Mill

Popsport Chainsaw Mill
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The fourth position is taken by the Popsport Chainsaw Mill which will turn the chainsaw into the lumber mill.

What you need to do is to attach this portable, lightweight sawmill to the chainsaw.

It is designed for both small and big jobs, trimming any length of timber, and its installation is easy and fast.

We have to state that this is an economical solution especially for DIY home projects. You will get the tool with sophisticated design which can be set up quickly.

The functioning with the bar is the thing that needs to be considered, being that the only way of getting maximum performance is through a powerful gas-run chainsaw.

You need to get a chainsaw bigger than 60-cc, considering the fact that if you decide to utilize a less robust chainsaw, you will have to have a lot of patience as the task will be done slower.

When this model is in question, users noticed that the installation guidelines are somewhat challenging to comprehend, but once you assemble this, you will be fine as this is certainly a great tool.

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  • Attaches to the chainsaw bar
  • Perfect for woodworkers
  • Includes a portable system


  • Adjusting the height is difficult
  • Assembly guideline is not easy to understand
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#5. Carmyra PortableYJBJ01 Chain-Saw Milling-Equipment

Carmyra PortableYJBJ01 Chain-Saw Milling-Equipment
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Each of the above mentioned units has its advantages and qualities.

The same is with the last one on our list.

The Carmyra Portable YJBJ01 is not as great as the previous ones in terms of best features and optimum performance, which is the reason why it is the fifth on the list, but it has certain positive characteristics.

The tool is made of the poor materials which makes it less famous product.

Inexperienced users had some struggles with this chainsaw mill.

The wrench which will be sent for the assembly purposes may not match any hardware on chainsaw mill often and you have to look for the appropriate wrench.

The Carmyra Portable YJBJ01is designed for small tasks so it is a good option small project woodworkers and homeowners.

The tasks such as squaring lumbers or edging the slabs will be done efficiently with this unit, but it is not great for big lumbers.

Users claim that it is ideal for 14″ to 36″ chainsaw bar.

The warranty period is only one year, which is not considered enough.

The positive sides are that this tool is easy and fast to install, it weighs 7.5-kg and is made of aluminum and steel materials.

What you get with it is the user guide and a setup tool.

The lumber planks width and height are adjustable.

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  • Price
  • It fits 14-inch to 36-inch chainsaw bar
  • Steel & Aluminum


  • The guide and chainsaw bar are not included
  • Challenging to use
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Chainsaw Mills: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Milling can be quite a daunting task and people working with lumber are aware that they need quality tools to work with.

Using the appropriate saw increases your possibilities but you need to know the features that make a good tool.

Being that the milling adds loads of tension on saw, we suggest you to search for the following factors in the chainsaw mill to be sure that you have bought what you require.


What are some of the main features to have in mind when purchasing a chainsaw mill?

Adjustability of the Saw Kerf-Size – this is the initial thing for consideration when buying a chainsaw mill. We have to explain that saw kerf displays how thick the cuts will be, meaning that it will influence how many planks or slabs it is possible to make from your lumber.

Weight – If you want to determine the weight of your future chainsaw mill so as to make sure it will be able to do the planned tasks, you can test this directly in the shop. If you are not able to get to the shop, but want to purchase it online, you should pay attention to its specifications. You must estimate the overall bodyweight to be weightier and make sure that you can control its weight. If you plan to do the lightweight tasks, choose the smaller chainsaw mills.

Bar Capacity – The size of the chainsaw bar also determines the width of wood that you will be able to cut. You should know how long and wide wood you plan to work and see if the particular length of the bar suits your needs.

Cutting capability – The cutting capability depends on the size of the chainsaw bar and you should know if there are adjustments which can be generated from your chainsaw mill for getting your preferred cutting capacity.

Price – Checking the price of the chainsaw mill is something that you should do prior to purchase it. Usually, the chainsaw mills are around $100 only, but those chainsaw mill with some other excellent features would cost around one thousand dollars.

Some tips for the usage of this tool.

Prior to purchasing a chainsaw mill, you should go through our tips for a smoother milling experience, especially of you are not a skilled and experienced user.

First of all, you need to make sure that the chain is sharpened and also rakers are set correctly.

In case the chain is dull chain, the process will be time consuming and irritating as well..

You are supposed to sharpen your chain frequently.

Additionally, it is important to strip the logs free from grit and bark.

That way your chain will remain sharpened and the milling will be easier.

Additionally, the servicing of the tool and all your accessory so as to make sure that everything is working properly is important.

We are offering you more ideas you should have in mind before beginning the milling of the logs:

  • Once the cut is done, do not shut the engine down, but let it run for 30 to 40 seconds so as to cool off.
  • The chainsaw milling creates sawdust so it is important to make sure that the sawdust and fumes are blown away from you.
  • During the trimming, do not move your chainsaw to and from. You should attempt and sustain a smooth and straight action while in operation.
  • If you are working with dry hardwood, you should cut off several inches, so that your chain remains sharper for a longer time.
  • When cutting through log, do not quit in middle, but trim the whole slab at once.
  • At any time when it is possible, log must be positioned from the ground and you can do this by using gluts or sawhorses. Working position will be better on your behalf and you would not need to “kneel-down” when milling the log.
  • So as to make the activity less difficult is to place your log on slope and trim this downhill. The gravity will do the job for you.
  • The rail and chainsaw bar should be always parallel to one another.
  • Prior to milling, make sure that there are no loose fasteners, nuts, and bolts. You do not want them to undone while milling
  • When you work with wider logs, safeguard the bar and chain by utilizing an “auxiliary oiler”.
  • The size of log rail has to be greater than the logs that are being milled.
  • The wood warping can be minimized if you paint the finishes of logs, because it will control the decrease of moisture.
  • Once the logs are trimmed into slabs, keep them under adequate cover and space them correctly, being that they will dry much quicker if they are off the floor.
  • You should not cut live trees down. Different reclaimed lumber are fine “raw-materials” for compact-size chainsaw milling tasks.



We have gone through numerous chainsaw milling options and the only way of determining which one to take is dependent on exactly how you will use it and the chainsaw which you possess with it.

Our aim was to help you find the prefect one for your needs by reading the reviews of chainsaw mills available on the market.

All the products will offer you the best, but you can still do your own research by surfing the internet to learn more about them.

However, we have described everything you should know in this article and choosing one of the above mentioned units will not be a wrong decision.

The best of the best is the Granberg Chain Saw Mill G77.

This is a mill which provides adjustability and more precision.

However, the user of this mill must be well-skilled and experienced.

The best value for the money is the GRANBERG MiniG555B chainsaw mill, both affordable and loaded with many features.

We know that the process of choosing the chainsaw mill is not at all easy, so we believe that we at least helped you a little bit and you now have the idea which the best chainsaw mills is for your needs.

I hope you liked my article about Chainsaw Mills, if so, please share or comment.

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