The Best Budget Cordless Drills under $100 for 2024

Best Budget Cordless Drills under $100 - Top Picks, Reviews & Complete Buying Guide

Drills are tools that every homeowner should have and if you are planning to buy it, but do not know which one you need we decided to help you make this difficult task of finding the best product for yourself an easier one.

We wanted to make a list of drills that will be suitable for the majority of people so we gathered the information about some tools that are under $1000.

Our list consists of the five best cordless drills under $100 on the market which is followed buying considerations that you need to have in mind when buying an affordable drill.

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Top Rated Budget Cordless Drills under $100

Model Rating Buy Now
Dewalt DCD771C2 Budget Cordless Drill KitDewalt DCD771C2 Budget Cordless Drill Kit
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Black & Decker LD120VA 20-Volt Battery Power DrillBlack & Decker LD120VA 20-Volt Battery Power Drill
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BLACK+DECKER LDX120C Cordless DrillBLACK+DECKER LDX120C Cordless Drill
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Tacklife PCD02B Cordless Drill/DriverTacklife PCD02B Cordless Drill/Driver
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DEKO ZS50 1/2-inch Drill Driver (cordless version)DEKO ZS50 1/2-inch Drill Driver (cordless version)
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* Ratings are based on Editor's own opinion.

5 Best Budget Cordless Drills under $100 Reviewed

#1. Dewalt DCD771C2 Budget Cordless Drill Kit

Top Pick
Dewalt DCD771C2 Budget Cordless Drill Kit
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Once again Dewalt is our top choice as it is the brand which is known of manking great quality tools.

We have good reasons to put the DCD771C2 as our top pick, being that Dewalt has designed it to be both compact and lightweight.

When the drills are in question, these features are of crucial importance.

The tools are always in workers hands, so light tools can be really useful and less tiring.

Furthermore, you can easily get around hard to reach places and can work with it throughout the whole day.

The tool possesses a good 300-watt motor with two-speed ranges – 450 and 1500 RPMs.

The motor is of great quality and durability even though the tool is not too expensive.

With this unit, you will get everything that you could possibly want out of a cordless drill.

What users found as a disadvantage of this unit is the battery life.

The good thing is that the batteries come with the package, but they do not hold a charge very long.

Furthermore, it is very expensive to replace them.

However, this is, in our opinion, still one of the best value cordless drill models.

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  • Motor
  • Compactness
  • Light


  • Battery
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#2. Black & Decker LD120VA 20-Volt Battery Power Drill

Black & Decker LD120VA 20-Volt Battery Power Drill
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The LD120VA cordless drill is very similar to our tip pick, but there are also some distinctions.

Firstly, the tool benefits from an excellent battery that is capable of holding a charge for up to eighteen months.

Additionally, it has a comfortable grip and amazing accessories making the tool more versatile.

Users appreciate the twenty four position clutch which is designed to prevent you from stripping screws.

When you take all these facts into consideration, you are probably wondering why this tool did not take our top slot.

The biggest problem with this drill is that it is not very sturdy, so it is not so efficient when it comes to the more extensive use but it is still quite sufficient to cover needs of most shoppers.

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  • Battery
  • Comfort Grip
  • Twenty Four Position Clutch


  • Not durable
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#3. BLACK+DECKER LDX120C Cordless Drill

BLACK+DECKER LDX120C Cordless Drill
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The third place is almost always taken by the tool which has the title “our best for the money” model.

This slot is taken by the Black and Decker LDX120C.

We have to say that this is an affordable and at the same time high-performing option.

It is true that the tool fits the needs of shoppers on a tight budget and is very user friendly in terms of actual handling.

The design is lighter and smaller, and the producers though about comfortability, ease of use and the possibility of accessing tighter spaces.

The LDX120C has eleven position clutch meaning that you will get a precise approach to every material with this unit.

Another positive feature of this model is a variable speed motor, which improves the level of versatility.

Now, some disadvantages.

This tool is not without them and there are reasons why it is not among the top two.

What users found as its greatest drawback is the lacking of power, causing the tool to struggle with harder materials.

Still, if you plan to use it for not so frequent and demanding tasks, this tool will be affordable and satisfying.

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  • Best for the Money
  • User Friendly


  • Not so powerful
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#4. Tacklife PCD02B Cordless Drill/Driver

Tacklife PCD02B Cordless Drill/Driver
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Our fourth pick is the Tacklife – an affordable and economic choice.

Let us mention the good qualities of this tool.

Users claim that the Tacklife is compact, affordable and allows users to get into hard to reach places due to its size.

This is considered an excellent feature, being that hard to reach places are inaccessible with bigger options.

Furthermore, the tool is lightweight allowing you to spend hours of work with it without getting tired.

If we have to speak about the reasons why the tool is on the fourth position, we will have to mention that this is not a very powerful drill.

Once you get it, you will find out that you will be able to work on very limited types of projects.

All in all, our opinion is that budget buyers should better get our best for the money option.

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  • Price
  • Small
  • Light


  • Not powerful
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#5. DEKO ZS50 1/2-inch Drill Driver (cordless version)

DEKO ZS50 1/2-inch Drill Driver (cordless version)
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The last one is the Deko model and the first thing we will say about this drill is that it is not good, or we can say that it is not a drill at all.

We can classify it as a motorized screwdriver, meaning that it is a drill which lacks one crucial component and that is the power.

However, when it comes to power drills, the power is what you are looking for and you will not get with this model.

With the DEKO, users will not be able to do much so most shoppers would suggest you keep looking for better options.

It is true that the DEKO is also the most affordable option on the list, and it is only suitable for users who do not need much power.

According to our opinion, the DEKO might not be ideal model for you and if you can manage to spend a little bit more money you should go for better options.

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  • Price


  • Not really a drill
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Budget Cordless Drills under $100: The Ultimate Buying Guide

You could see some of awesome cordless drills which are considered affordable and now you can take a look at some considerations that will help you to choose the right tool.

Budget Cordless Drills

What should I know about the size and weight of a drill?

The size and weight are two most significant features of cordless drills.

You should pay attention to these two characteristics, being that drills are tools that are held in hands and having larger drills would cause a lot of fatigue.

You can make use of a larger drill only if you plan to do some smaller jobs around the house.

However, serious and more frequent users will find it more beneficial to invest in a compact option.

The reason for this is that compact options are able to get into harder to reach places.

Modern compact drills are still equipped with quality motors and batteries.

So, you will get the power and battery life that you need to do whatever job you have on your hands.

When the weight is in question, users cannot even imagine how heavy and cumbersome they can be after longer periods of use.

Our suggestion is to look for a lightweight option if you are a user that plans to use the drill for long periods of time

Lightweight drills will suit the needs of the average user.

What about battery life?

Another thing to consider when buying a cordless drill is the battery life.

This is the critical component of any power drill as there are batteries that would not last long enough to finish the task.

You can always change them and buy a compatible battery for your unit which will last longer, but this entails additional expenses which budget users do not want to have.

Before buying a power drill take a look at what users have to say about the battery that is included and this can be found in the reviews made by the users.

If they are not positive, we suggest you consider looking elsewhere.

Budget Cordless Drills


Our list is made of five awesome budget cordless drills.

We are sure that you found our reviews useful and that they will help you to make an easier decision.

Now it is time to choose which of these cordless drills is going to be the right for your situation.

According to our opinion, the best option possible model is the Dewalt.

We can only say that this is the brilliant combination of value and features in one tool.

You can also choose our best for the money pick, the Black and Decker, if you do not want to spend lots of money.

These are our recommendations and it is up to you to determine which one you will get.

I hope you liked my article about Budget Cordless Drills under $100, if so, please share or comment.

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