Top 5 Writing Hacks for College Students

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Top 5 Writing Hacks for College Students

Writing assignments are prevalent in academia.

Whatever you might study, most of your assignments will be related to essays, case studies, projects, and presentations.

How to cope with them all? Since students play sports, attend extracurricular classes, and even work part-time, it comes as no surprise that this question arises.

Of course, the best way to handle your academic load is to buy essay for college.

Students often follow such a delegate and forget method, as it helps them work, study, and have free time.

However, many are eager to know whether there are ways that can help deal with tasks independently.

And the answer is yes! If you are among such students, welcome aboard! This guide reveals the top five writing hacks for students that boost performance and productivity.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Everyone has at least once heard, “Work hard, and you will achieve your goals.”

Whether it is partially true, you don’t necessarily need to burn the midnight oil, writing your paper.

Numerous studies have shown that our attention span lasts less than 30 minutes.

And the longer people work, the lower their productivity dips.

One of the most effective methods is called Pomodoro Technique.

It works the following way: set a timer for 25 minutes and start working on your assignment.

Once the time is up, take a 5-minute break.

Then again, set 25 minutes and proceed to work.

After that, take a break.

Repeat this process four times, and then take a more extended, one-hour break.

By the time you end your fourth 25-minute working session, you will see you have progressed with your task!

If you want something less complicated but also practical, simple scheduling is your go-to.

Here, you don’t need to set timers and take breaks.

Instead of doing that, create a work plan and stick to it until your task is completed.

The two steps you have to complete are to evaluate when your productivity is high and set your plan for that period.

If you are an early bird, designing your study routine at 8 A.M. is the right option.

In contrast, starting to work on your task at 9 P.M. is a correct strategy if you’re a night owl.

Avoid Multitasking

Since students always lack time, they try to keep up with the hectic academic rhythm by doing several tasks at once.

Needless to say that multitasking is among your worst enemies in college.

Not only will you be less efficient, but you will also write low-quality papers and forget everything you learn shortly

Overall, multitasking will do you no good.

To get rid of it, utilize the same plan as mentioned earlier.

Identify your tasks and create a to-do list.

It would be best if you added the estimated time for completing every assignment.

This way, you will remain effective and won’t have time for distractions.

Hide Your Phone

Concerning distractions.

Can you count how many times you look at your phone when doing homework?

Probably, a lot.

And you shouldn’t be surprised that you can’t focus on a task.

We, humans, are easily bothered, especially when we hear beeps coming from our gadgets.

Okay, we get it.

Some notifications might be important.

But they are usually from our closest friends and family members.

And it is easy to reduce the number of such messages just by talking to our parents and asking them to call in case of an emergency.

When you do that and turn off notifications, your concentration will skyrocket! You won’t cast glances on your phone, which will save you loads of time.

Use Helpful Tools

We live in a world where everything changes at the drop of a hat.

Technology develops, and our life has become way more convenient than it was a dozen years ago.

Writing is no exception.

With the technology advancement, you no longer need to turn lots of pages to find the proper use of a specific word.

Nor do you need to have grammar books on your shelf.

You can access the Internet at any time and find the necessary information promptly.

Aside from that, you can polish up your papers and make content eloquent and impeccable.

Whatever essay you write, make sure to screen it with Grammarly.

Grammarly is a freemium spell checker that analyzes English texts and highlights grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Undoubtedly, you can’t impulsively trust every error it highlights.

Artificial Intelligence still doesn’t work perfectly.

However, the app is very accurate and can spot hidden mistakes that might play a pivotal role in your grade.

Another excellent tool is Thesaurus.

No one likes repetitions, especially in essays.

Reading multiple words, such as nice and great, is irritating to the reader.

With the help of Thesaurus, you will learn a bounty of synonyms for any English word.

The app is free and downloadable.

Also, it works offline and allows you to perfect your paper at any place and time!

Just Eat That Frog

Sometimes, approaching the task and working on it until it’s done is the best strategy.

We all have moments in college or at work when something needs to be done, no matter how we might hate it.

In this instance, the only thing we can do is eat that frog the first thing in the morning.

Otherwise, we will procrastinate and postpone doing the task.

If you can relate to it, wake up, boost your mind by drinking a cup of tea or coffee, and start working on the assignment.

Don’t be easy on yourself.

Stand up from the desk only when the job is done.

And once you finish off, reward yourself by going for a walk, soaking in the tub, or simply having a snack.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

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