20 Awesome Jobs for College Students

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Although studying should be your full-time job while attending college, many students benefit from the extra cash of having a job.

Whether you need to pay for school without assistance or are relying on student loans, most college students don’t have much money.

Getting a job can help offset expenses while providing much-needed spending money.

Depending on your interests and schedule, there are numerous opportunities to earn money, and not all require working on campus.

Keep reading to learn more about college students’ endless formidable job opportunities!

Job Opportunities 

Whether you want to work remotely, on campus, or off-campus, these are some of the best jobs for college students:


One: Babysitter

Working as a babysitter during college can have a broad scope of responsibilities, from daily reoccurring jobs to once-in-awhile activities.

Many parents near the college could be searching for a responsible babysitter.

If you’re majoring in special education, pre-med, or general education, this role helps you build people skills.

You can use the campus message boards, ask community members, or sign up for apps like Care.com, where you can choose the jobs you wish.


Two: Barista

Working in a local coffee shop can be performed on- or off-campus, depending on the location.

This is a fantastic opportunity to work on your people and customer service skills that can be applied to almost any career and location in the U.S. after graduation.

It’s also a great chance to build relationships with other college students.

Campus Tour Guide

Three: Campus Tour Guide

Colleges regularly hire more experienced students to give campus tours to incoming students.

Within that same realm, students are also employed to conduct patrols around buildings or the campus or check IDs are dorms.

Student security teams look for any situation out of the ordinary and alert officers if there’s an issue.

One con of this position is you could be in danger depending on the school’s safety or location within a town or city.

Data Entry

Four: Data Entry

Companies across the U.S. are searching for assistance with tasks that require organizing a spreadsheet or typing documents.

Data entry is an easy work-from-home job with the flexibility to work when you want while receiving a decent hourly wage.

Best of all, once you graduate, you can seek higher-level roles within specific industries or at certain companies so that data entry can open many other doors.

Dental Receptionist 

Five: Dental Receptionist 

While you may dread dental trips, working as a dental receptionist is a great part-time job for students.

In addition to above minimum wage earnings, it’s a wonderful way to learn how an office works, schedule appointments, check in patients, and maintain an organized filing system.

If you’re pre-dental or pre-med, working as a medical receptionist is helpful for your future career through networking.

Department Assistant

Six: Department Assistant

You must sign different equipment types out to students as a department or building assistant and check on the facilities.

Best of all, you can build people skills by interacting with students and faculty and improve organizational skills when tracking equipment.

During the downtimes, you can do homework, all while getting paid.

Many departments have a lab or other assistant openings to help students or man the front desk.

Dining Services

Seven: Dining Services

Almost every college or university has an on-site cafeteria, even commuter schools, without dorms.

These food halls rely on student employees to prepare and serve food, clean the floors, wash dishes, and do the restaurant’s tasks.

These are some of the most accessible positions on campus since workers are regularly needed.

Dog Walker

Eight: Dog Walker

Becoming a dog walker is a terrific opportunity to stay active while making some cash.

Pets typically have a more flexible schedule than children, so the window of taking them outdoors while the owner is away is larger.

The only downside to being a dog walker is you have to show up regardless of the weather or if you are sick and have to deal with aggressive or difficult dogs.

You could also become a pet sitter if you’ve missed your home pet while living in the dorms.

Studies show that pets help relieve stress, especially during finals, which could be considered a mental health investment.

eBay Seller

Nine: eBay Seller

Old clothes, electronics, and textbooks can be sold on eBay for extra money.

Turning this clutter into cash will help better organize your dorm room while making money.

If you’re good at eBay marketing, then you could sell your friend’s items and take a cut of the selling price for commission.

Given that you don’t have a lot of items in college, this is not a sustainable job, but ideal if you need quick cash.

Fitness Instructor

Ten: Fitness Instructor

If you’re interested in fitness, why not become an instructor at the college gym?

Even if you aren’t a certified yoga instructor or lifeguard, you can work at the front desk, checking students in and out or giving tours of the equipment and facility.

One of the best perks of this role is getting free classes and building social skills with other students.

Also, most college gyms have set hours so that you won’t have a fluctuating schedule.

Freelance Writer

Eleven: Freelance Writer

If you’re a skilled writer, becoming a freelancer can be a lucrative and rewarding option that can be completed from any location.

There are endless job opportunities for freelance writers, ranging from blogs and websites to print publications for the school and beyond.

As you develop more content, these pieces can be used as part of your portfolio for post-graduation jobs.

Also, becoming a transcriptionist can offer some excellent bucks if you’re a fast and accurate typist.

The quicker and more accurate you are, the more money you can make.

There are plenty of websites that hire entry-level transcriptionists.

Graphic Designer

Twelve: Graphic Designer

Suppose you have design skills and enjoy the process of creating advertisements, websites, brochures, or other creative assets.

In that case, you can make an excellent college living by doing graphic design work as a freelancer or for a company.

Businesses always need attractive materials and are willing to pay good money for the help.

In addition, like with data entry, completing graphic design tasks can lead to a higher role in the future, post-graduation.

Massage Therapist

Thirteen: Massage Therapist

To become a massage therapist, you need to complete a certificate course.

However, once this is complete and you find a job, the median hourly wage is $22 per hour.

Therefore, investing time into the certification course will reward you with an excellent side income if you’re a starving student.

This combination of flexible hours and high pay makes becoming a massage therapist a top job for college students.

Additionally, you will get free massages from colleagues who must practice their concepts and techniques.


Fourteen: Nanny

Nannying is an ideal side job for college students because you can earn an excellent hourly wage and set your schedule.

Also, while the children are napping, you can work on homework, projects, or other school-related tasks.

Additionally, being a nanny proves to future employers that you are responsible, dependable, and helpful, three traits that cannot be taught in the classroom.

Resident Assistant

Fifteen: Resident Assistant

Becoming a resident assistant is an excellent job if you want to make a significant time commitment.

While it can be demanding at times due to attending meetings and being available for residents throughout the day, you often get discounted or free room and board for helping to manage the floor.

Also, this is a fantastic opportunity to develop conflict resolution skills when roommates have minor issues.

Sales Associate

Sixteen: Sales Associate

Most high school students work in retail and are paid a minimum wage paycheck.

However, this is also a flexible option for college students juggling bills and classwork.

Over time, opportunities can arise to become a store manager or shift lead if you have excellent customer service and show strong leadership traits.

On the other hand, you may have to work holidays and unconventional hours based on the store’s needs.

Teaching English

Seventeen: Teaching English

If you enjoy working with children, teaching English online can make a pretty penny.

Most sites give you a curriculum and the guidance necessary to get started and be successful.

The only prerequisite is a reliable internet connection, which all colleges have on campus.

The best benefit of this job is the flexibility to create weekly schedules so that you can work around your classes and homework.


Eighteen: Tutor

Colleges always have learning centers that provide tutors in all subjects.

If you are a whiz in a specific subject, you can tutor fellow students to help them pass particular classes.

One of the most significant benefits of this job is the student works around your schedule.

Also, teaching topics to another always helps reinforce your knowledge of the subject.

Similarly, you can help others with their projects and papers if you’re a skilled writer.

Most colleges also have separate writing centers that help students create theses, an outline, or understand formatting requirements.

Rideshare Driver

Nineteen: Rideshare Driver

If you have a car on campus, becoming a ride-share driver is a terrific way to make some extra bucks, especially during a surge.

If you lease your vehicle or it is not in good condition, adding the excess mileage and wear and tear is never a good idea.

If you have a new car or one in excellent condition, then this might be a good option.

Virtual Assistant

Twenty: Virtual Assistant

There are more jobs today for college students than ever before.

When searching for jobs, you want the flexibility to work around your class and homework schedule, low-stress employment, and the chance to develop skills.

Of course, having excellent pay helps, but that’s unlikely for most entry-level positions.

With hundreds of job types that fit these requirements, the sky’s the limit!

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