A Guide to Writing a Detailed Incident Report for Security Guards

A Guide to Writing a Detailed Incident Report for Security Guards

Communication skills and the ability to report the incidents that happen during their shift are a very important part of a security guard’s job.

To be able to write good reports, you need to communicate well in writing with proper spelling and grammar.

Although in some cases these reports will be read just by your boss and supervisors, they may also be read by police, fire, or legal attorneys.


Usually, employers provide templates that can be used by security guards when reporting incidents.

This makes it a lot easier and faster to get them done.

Moreover, if you write the report on a computer then you can use a spell checker.

Regardless of the situation, you should read the report after writing it to make sure it makes sense.

There are a few basic rules that you should follow when writing a detailed incident report:

State Only The Facts

Incident reports should be factual.

You should never include your personal opinions there or embellish the truth with your own assumptions.

If you remember conversations exactly as that have taken place, use quotes.

The basic idea is that you should state only the facts without drawing your personal conclusions.

Use Simple Language

The incident report should use a language that can be understood by anyone, regardless of their experience, education, and background.

A report is not a college essay so avoid sophisticated words and jargon when possible.

Use Paragraphs to Make It Easier to Read

If you’re writing the report from scratch make sure you use multiple paragraphs: one for each fact that you present.

Don’t write your report as a single long paragraph because this will make it harder to understand.

You can use bullet points if this makes the report easier to go through.


Facts That Should Be Included in the Report

Your report should include: who, what, when, where, why, and how an incident occurred.

If any of these aspects are missing then the report is incomplete.

Include all the people that were present at the scene in your report, including police, firemen, emergency crews.

Also, be clear about what happened exactly and where it happened.

Explain what events lead up to the incident and how it evolved.

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