What is a Warm Paraffin Treatment? Here’s Everything About It!

Warm Paraffin Treatment

Everyone who’ve tried a warm paraffin treatment can tell you that this procedure is absolutely incredible.

It is a great and relaxing feeling when you dip your feet and hands into a paraffin bath with a pleasant scent.

This procedure will help you reduce sore, treat your tired muscles and joints as well as soften your skin.

A whole bunch of nail salons all over the country offer warm paraffin treatments.

Popular Programs

The fact, it is one of the most popular procedures in nail salons.

As a salon owner, you should consider adding this service to the list of offered services.

It is a great opportunity to attract new clients and make sure they are satisfied.

Just make sure to learn the specifics of this treatment properly and decide how it can improve your business.

What are Warm Paraffin Treatments?

Warm paraffin waxes are well-known for their incredible pain-relieving and even healing properties for many years.

According to the data, this method was used for the first time in the 1950s.

At the very beginning, it was used to treat arthritis but very soon it became popular in nail salons.

For this procedure, a petroleum-based wax is used.

It is melted down and heated evenly so clients can feel comfortable when dipping their hands in wax.

By the way, this wax has an incredible hydrating effect and can moisturize your skin perfectly.

Usually, special baths or individual bags are filled with wax of 120-147 degrees.

During the procedure, your clients deep their feet and hands into the wax and remove them.

When the wax coating hardens, it can be peeled off.

The aim of this procedure is to increase blood flow and open up the pores in order to hydrate and detoxify the skin.

Benefits of Warm Paraffin Wax Treatments

This procedure is a great way to treat, soothe, rejuvenate, and protect tired and dried skin.

Very often different essential oils are added to paraffin wax.

Among the most popular options, there are lavender and coconut oils.

Paraffin is a great natural emollient that is great for treating dry and cracked skin.

Moreover, it is used to create a kind of a protective layer that will retain moisture for a long time.

After paraffin waxing, the skin becomes softer as dead skin cells are removed with the harden wax.

One other important thing is that this procedure can have a therapeutic effect bringing relief to your feet and hands.

It can also be used for minimizing muscle spasms and reducing inflammation.

Paraffin Wax Techniques

Paraffin wax treatments are very popular so there is a whole variety of used techniques.

Below you can learn about techniques used by nail technicians.

Paraffin Bath

Using this method, you need to dip your client’s hands into the melted paraffin wax for a few seconds.

You need to repeat these steps for 3-4 times and make sure that the hands are well-covered with the wax.

Wrap the hands with a towel or a plastic liner and place a mitt if necessary.

Wait for 5-10 minutes till the wax become hard and peel it off carefully.

Discard the wax and use a dehydrator to clean nails if you are going to apply nail polish.

Ladle Technique

For this method, you need to ladle out some wax and scoop it into a plastic liner.

After it, you need to place the client’s hand into plastic bags and cover them with wax ensuring that there are no missed spots.

Single-Use Treatments

For this method, plastic gloves and paraffin wax are required.

To apply the wax, you need to heat the bag with the wax in a microwave.

Hygiene/Sanitation Considerations for Paraffin Baths

Considering the fact that paraffin is an oil-based wax, there is no need to worry about transferring bacteria and various pathogens.

As there is no water, it is not the best environment for viruses, bacteria, and fungi breeding.

Nevertheless, if you want to avoid any issues, you need to follow some safety rules such as:

  • Always discard the used paraffin wax after peeling it off.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for cleaning the paraffin bath.
  • Change the paraffin as soon as you notice it is visibly dirty or dusty.
  • Use separate paraffin baths for hands and feet.
  • Do not perform the procedure for clients who have open cuts, sores, or burns.
  • When cleaning the paraffin bath, unplug the unit and allow the remaining wax to harden completely. Clean out any remaining paraffin wax and then clean the whole unit with an all-purpose cleaner or sanitizer.
  • Consider using anti-bacterial wax.
  • Use an antiseptic spray to wipe down hands and feet before dipping.

Paraffin Wax Resources for Nail Technicians

There is a whole variety of companies that offer paraffin waxes, warmers/paraffin baths, and required accessories.

In fact, you’ll be impressed with a variety of available options including numerous infused scents and moisturizing agents.

Among the largest and most known manufacturers/distributors that offer paraffin wax supplies, there are:

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