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Top Trade and Tech Schools in Albany, NY

The beauty of history, culture, and education makes Albany a memorable city for citizens and visitors.

Albany, the capital city of the New York state, is situated on the edge of the Hudson River and is home to impressive educational institutions.

With an active Skilled Trade market, Albany is home to prominent Trade institutions that produce skilled workers with a $23.96/hr average pay.

Based on your expertise and interest, below are 10 Trade institutions and schools to consider.

Abrookin Career and Technical Center

About the School

Talk about training the future leaders of tomorrow!

The City School District of Albany offers annual training opportunities for students at Abrookin Center and Albany High School through its modernized Career and Technical Education programs (CTE).

You can either enroll in single classes or take the big leap of completing an entire career pathway with curriculums that explore both foundational and advanced learning.

This center offers courses ranging from level one to level three and has a minimum admission criteria of 10th grade.

Courses Offered

Students can enroll in various skilled pathways. From Culinary Arts to Construction Technology. The courses offered include;

  • Barbering
  • Automotive technology
  • Culinary arts
  • Construction technology
  • Cosmetology
  • Health sciences services

The CTE programs mentioned have a uniform curriculum, each with an introduction course, comprehensive study, and preparation for licensing.

Abrookin Center training creates a balance between theoretical information and real-time knowledge.

Through the Career Exploration Internships, and Career and Technical Education Coproative Work Experience programs, the seniors can dive hands-deep into real-world settings.

Also, the school provides students with the opportunity to earn advanced standing or credits for future use, through its articulation agreements with colleges in the state.


Mildred Elley

About the School

For over 100 years, Mildred Elley has been training eager learners on trade and career-focused courses.

It has a mission to offer quality technical and career training for students with diverse personal, cultural, and educational backgrounds.

If you wish to go a step further in reaching your career educational goals, Mildred Elley provides the practical experiences you need.

This institution offers Certificate and Associate Degree programs for learners who are guided by the expert tutelage of handpicked field experts and Professors.

Paving the right career path for students doesn’t end in the classrooms, as the school’s Career service office provides Lifetime Job Placement assistance to aid graduates.

Courses Offered

There’s an array of healthcare pathways at ME-Albany, mainly Medical Assistant, Practical Nursing, Nurse Aid Training, and Veterinary Technology.

Learn the art of massage therapy and practice at an actual massage therapy clinic.

Massage therapy graduates will also be eligible to take the Massage Therapy licensing exam in their state.

The degree offers advanced knowledge that transcends the Massage Therapy Certificate program and includes general studies electives.

Standout from the labor crowd with unrivaled real-time experience from the ME- Albany labs which are instructed by talented field experts.

As a potential Medical Assitant, the Clinical Medical Assitant Certificate offers you an extensive analysis of concepts and skills, beneficial in the clinical setting.

The Massage Therapy Certificate provides you with the opportunity to specialize in specific coursework like Biology, Anatomy and physiology, and First Aid & CPR, etc.

Other certificates include the Nurse Aid Training (CNA) and Practical Nursing (LPN).


Capital Region BOCES

About the School

For over 70 years, the Capital Region BOCES has been offering public schools affordable and high-quality services.

A solid partner to over 137 schools, the training provided upon enrolment, also coaches over 350 students with special needs in two BOCES-operated facilities alongside 15 operational classrooms in the partner local public schools.

This training institute works constantly to achieve its goal of establishing a solid partnership in public workforce development and education.

Transcending beyond the restrictions of classroom education, Capital Region BOCES supports about 24 school districts in counties including Albany.

Courses Offered

As an Area high school student, you can choose from the broad range of 40+ study programs that include nine varied career clusters.

Architecture and Construction pathways cut across courses like Building Trades, Carpentry Services, Electrical Trades, etc.

Potential Health practitioners can also advance their knowledge with courses like sterile chemical production and other related health details.

The transportation, logistics, and distribution course pathways enable students to garner in-depth knowledge about Automotive services, trade technology, and lots more.

Students from the 24 partner school districts who wish to have a high school experience of practical career training are also eligible to enroll.

If you wish to get a personal feel of the school, the schools offer campus tours, open houses, and different events to explore.


Orlo School of Hair Design

About the School

The Orlo School of Hair Design is the perfect avenue for students looking to upskill their beauty and design skills.

It goes beyond and above in equipping students with the basic knowledge of hairdressing and esthetics.

Students get exposed to practical information needed to set up a business and enterprise.

It’s a great deal when mentors offer one-on-one services to students and Orlo Business School ensures that learners are not left struggling.

From counseling sessions that guide students through practical job experiences, they bridge the gap between them and successful careers.

This school continues to produce thousands of New York Board of Cosmetology-certified professionals ready to take the industry by storm.

Courses Offered

Orlo School of Design offers a 1000-hour cosmetology curriculum which students must complete in compliance with their Satisfactory Progress Policy.

The course delivery combines demonstration, lecture, and student practicals with about 680 hours of real-time applications.

The course comprises an extensive curriculum that covers units such as Hairstyling, Chemical restructuring, Skin Care Procedures, and lots more.

As a student, you also learn helpful transferable skills from the Milday Cosmetology’s Business Skills Course.

Hinging on the fact that learners need more than basic design skills, the school exposes them to the intricacies of seeking employment, the Salon Business, and On-the-job practices.


Aesthetic Science Institute

About the School

Whether you’re an experienced professional looking for international qualifications, or a beginner who wishes to enroll in starter courses, ASI offers suitable rooms to cover your needs.

The institute provides a curriculum verified by bodies like BPSS, CODESCO, and NACCAS, thus earning the trust of aestheticians everywhere.

With a 95% completion rate, 98% Placement rate, and 71% placement rate, ASI continues to groom experts yearly.

You can worry less about class flexibility and distance barriers by leveraging the online class options available in addition to the weekly classes.

Courses Offered

ASI offers four courses that help improve your creativity and prepare you for diverse professional licenses.

A 600-hour Aesthetics Certification Course that teaches both theoretical and practical requirements required to earn a NY State Esthetics License.

As a seasoned professional, you can improve your knowledge of concepts like Advanced Skin Histology and Advanced Face and Body procedures in the 1200-hour course.

Stay updated with the trendiest nail treatments and procedures and offer your potential clients added knowledge on bacteria and infectious diseases.

The 250-hour course extensively provides you with all you need to know when it comes to giving nails the perfect procedure.

ASI harnesses fun and engaging learning methods like gaming approaches, hands-on practicals, and theory in its 75-hour waxing certification course.

You can learn the complexities of the removal of superfluous hair, skin structure, disorders, diseases, etc.


Excelsior University

About the School

When you mention institutions that pioneer online learning in Albany, it’s impossible not to mention Excelsior University.

Since its inception in 1971, this university has continued to create opportunities for adult learners, thus preparing them for advanced career achievements.

You can harness the flexibility of the training to earn workforce skills delivered by field professionals through web-based educational platforms.

With the advances in technology, new skills are high in demand and you can join the top 1% that upskill from institutions like the EU.

Also, barriers to upskilling are worked out easily, through mentorship and coaching services from your online instructors.

Courses Offered

Excelsior University offers a range of courses that match each student’s career goals and interests.

The Business Graduate Certificate courses run for 9 to 12 credit hours, and areas include advanced project Management, Cannabis Control, etc.

With comprehensive course pathways in Health science, you can choose between the Graduate Certificate in Nutrition and Public Health Equity which runs from 12 to 15 credit hours.

EU offers expert training in 9-credit hour Pubilc service courses which covers areas like Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

Acquire current technological competency taught for a 6-month period in the 9-credit Technological scope.

It comprises cyber security operation training, giving you an edge in this evolving field.

Excelsior University focuses on student success by matching their learning requirements through an inclusive learning ecosystem.


The Capital District EOC- Albany Center for Education

About the school

The Capital District Education Opportunity Centre is a division of the Hudson Valley Community College, that provides necessary training and education for students and individuals who aim to enhance their education and careers for a better future all with free tuition.

EOC offers over 80 certificate and degree programs with flexible schedules, including day, evening, and online classes.

Upon completion, EOC Career Services professionals assist you in your job search and acquisition. They also aid in preparing professional cover letters, resumes, and more.

Their learning centers— the Learning Assistance Centre, Computer Learning Centre, Writing and Research Centre, and Workshops— are all located at the Marvin Library Learning Commons, spanning the Lower Level and Second Floor, accessible during the library operating hours.

Courses Offered

The Capital District EOC offers 18 different courses:

  • Academic Enrichment
  • Building Trades
  • College Preparation
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Class B
  • Cosmetology
  • Cosmetology State Board Exam Preparation
  • Culinary Arts
  • High School Equivalency (HSE) Preparation
  • Medical Office Administration
  • National Work Readiness Credential Exam
  • Natural Hair Styling
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Phlebotomy
  • Security Guard Training
  • Vocational Foundations
  • Welding
  • Welding Certification Upgrade

The Academic Enrichment program is designed for students looking to improve their language, reading, and math skills, while the Building Trades program caters to those seeking entry-level skills in building construction jobs.

This program provides hands-on training in carpentry, framing, electrical wiring, blueprint reading, and more.

The duration of each program varies based on your chosen track. You can be assured of receiving the highest quality education.

The online, day, and evening classes are customized to suit your availability without exception!


  • The Capital District EOC- Albany Center for Education
  • Address: 80 Vandenburgh Ave, Troy, NY 12180
  • Phone: (518) 629-4822 or (877) 325-4822
  • Website:

Metrix Learning

About the School

Initially designed for the public workforce, Metrix Learning is an innovator of online education that caters to over 100 in-demand certifications.

These certifications are handy when applying to different companies, especially now that the demand for skilled tech workers is at its peak.

Technology is inevitable and it’s woven especially in today’s workforce, where digitalization is king.

With Metrix Learning, you’re off to a career that will prompt innovation into today’s system.

Tapping the skilled talent pipeline is among Metrix’s priorities too.

Courses Offered

Each course runs for 30 to 90 days, depending on the length and complexity of the program certificate.

Here are some of the In-demand online certifications at Metrix.

  • Cisco CCNA ICND1
  • Cisco CCNA ICND2
  • CompTIA A+ 901
  • CompTIA A+ 902
  • Professional in Human Resources
  • SHRM Certified Professional
  • Professional in Project Management
  • Microsoft Office Specialist- Word
  • Microsoft Office Specialist- Excel

Meanwhile, there’s also another set of courses for the Skilled Trades Category, Gamification, Leadership, Business, and Technology and Skills Assessments.

These courses can range from beginners to advanced. Some of the areas included in the Skilled Trades list are the following:

  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Electrical Systems
  • Machine Shop Practices
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Process Control Systems
  • Welding


  • Metrix Learning
  • Address: Capital South Campus Center, 20 Warren St. Albany, NY 12202
  • Phone: (518) 462-1780
  • Website:


Bryant & Stratton College

About the School

More than being a non-profit private institution, offering competitive trade programs, Bryant & Stratton College is also all about ensuring that every student is equipped with the skills and learnings needed beyond the classroom setting.

Career skills are crucial but so are life skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, interpersonal skills, and time management, which is why the Career LifePrep was created.

This trademarked program is your guide from graduation to internship and goes beyond even after graduation.

Not only does it boast licensing, certification, and academic training, the Bryant & Stratton College is also committed to providing personalized learning experiences making students emotionally ready up til graduation.

Courses Offered

There are six pathway classes offered at the Continuing Education Department of Bryant & Stratton College.

These pathways stem from an array of other more specific course offerings and categories.

In the Business & IT pathway, students can choose from 13 certificate programs, all tailored to establish future success for its takers.

Learn the ropes and procure certifications for in-demand healthcare pathways.

Here are the courses offered in The Healthcare Certificate program:

  • EKG
  • Billing and Coding
  • Healthcare Management
  • Medical Office Tech
  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Coding
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Pharmacy Tech
  • Phlebotomy
  • Specialty Coding Credentials

Meanwhile, other pathways include Finance, Insurance, Legal, and Teaching.

Earn certificates and eligibility for licensing in the field, when you enroll in any of these certificate programs.

Fees and Prices will depend on the course itself, but surely, every penny spent on education will be worth it, as you progress.


Center for Natural Wellness

About the School

Earning more than massage therapy skills – brought about by its intensive and carefully designed curriculum, is already a win, for any student who wishes to enroll at the Center for Natural Wellness.

Here, students are trained to provide preventive and palliative care through therapeutic massage.

Hence, more than understanding the human body physically, CNW also aims to build rapport amongst its students by allowing them to connect intelligently through its balanced learning model.

CNW maintains a gentle approach in terms of teaching its students while encouraging them to be themselves and reach their full potential.

The center believes that it’s not only the career skills that matter but also the upbringing of every professional they raise in their system.

Courses Offered

Choose between the two formats offered at CNW’s Massage Therapy training program;

  • Full-Time Massage Therapy Program (9 Months)
  • Part-Time Morning Massage Therapy Program (14 Months)

Both formats have two intakes – February and September and have a necessity of 1,020 hours to secure completion.

Program tuition starts at $17,000 exclusive of book fees.

The admission procedure also involves screening an applicant’s academic ability, social maturity, and growth potential.

A personal evaluation will also be done upon application.

Meanwhile, there are also Continuing Education Classes for seasoned and licensed massage therapists.

Here are the following:

  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • MFR Techniques for the Shoulder
  • Pin & Stretch: Upper Body
  • Massage for the Laboring Woman
  • Pin & Stretch: Lower Body
  • Advanced Chair Massage


  • Center for Natural Wellness
  • Address: 14 Computer Drive West, Albany, NY 12205
  • Phone: (518) 489-4068
  • Web:

Trade Schools in New York by City

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Final Thoughts

There are numerous institutions that offer trade programs in Albany, and it’s almost overwhelming, especially if you’re completely blank about the expertise of such.

With this list, surely you’ll be more than capable of deciding where to go.

Hence it is still crucial that you know what you’re planning to take and gauge which of these best fits your needs and interests.

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