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Top Trade and Tech Schools in Billings, MT

Spectacular sunsets, gorgeous landscapes, and a low cost of living – are just some of the best things you can find in Billings, Montana.

Skilled workers in this city earn an average of $48,560 per year, the highest is $53,138 and the lowest is $43,067.

Getting proper training is crucial to success, so we rounded the best schools for you:

Billings Career Center

About the School

Committed to using the school’s resources to provide students with quality learning and diverse opportunities, the Billings Public School empowers Grade 11 and 12 students through its Career Center courses.

The short-term programs prepare the graduating students for entry-level jobs if they choose to join the workforce sector.

Billings Career Center has vocational and technical education programs that equip learners with essential employability skills, knowledge, and practical experiences.

Additionally, it has Articulation Agreements with different colleges in the area which give college credit to career center students if they take classes from them.

Courses Offered

Technical Geometry course provides hands-on activities on the relevance of Geometry in house construction, manufacturing, business components investigation, and building trades

The Construction Fundamentals 1 & 2 teach the dynamics of house construction through on-the-job training.

To prepare students for metals manufacturing industry jobs, Manufacturing Processing 1 & 2 provides hands-on interactions for basic and advanced welding processes.

College Welding 125 teaches students with manual and semi-automated cutting of oxy-acetylene while College Welding 157 introduces students to safe application of semi-automatic wire feed.

Design Advertising students learn both traditional art designing and cutting-edge applications including the introductory knowledge in Adobe Illustrator that qualifies them for entry-level jobs in the industry.

Urban Agriculture is a capstone course that develops the students’ experimental, investigative skills, and scientific communication skills that are essential to problem-solving and research.

The Machinist Technology course enhances the skills of students in basic machining technology through a series of projects.

Career Programs

  • Technical Geometry
  • Construction Fundamentals
  • Manufacturing Processing
  • College Welding
  • Design Advertising
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Machinist Technology


Charter College

About the School

Charter College is an educational institution that is geared toward providing an innovative way of learning.

Adaptive to the best elements of liberal arts universities or colleges, creating a unique, student-focused school with blended learning options, a non-traditional environment, and flexible class schedules.

It has been doing its mission since 1985, offering career training programs that help students fast-track their entry to the business, trade, IT, veterinary, and healthcare fields.

Its modern facilities and labs prepare learners for the real world of employment.

Courses Offered

This program can be completed in 10 months and includes:

Training in the informational, technical, and administrative skills needed for this profession.
Training in front-office computer technology

A 180-hour externship program at a local clinic, physician’s office, hospital, or another allied health facility.

The Charter College’s Business Administration Certificate program trains students in business communication, report preparation, data entry, and other office functions.

A certification helps graduates get entry-level jobs in government, private, or non-profit organizations.

Almost every business uses computers nowadays for operations, inventory, communication, and other applications.

Earn a Certificate in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to gain technical skills that lead to AutoDesk Certification Exam.

The Veterinary Assistant Training program is perfect for people who love taking care of animals.

Here, the assistant helps the veterinarian in the post-operative care of animals, examines the signs of injury or illness, cleans the workplace and cages, and sterilizes equipment.

This certificate program offers a 180-hour externship.


Rituals Cosmetology Institute

About the School

For people who want to make a career out of their passion for beauty, the Rituals Cosmetology Institute is always ready to provide the necessary skills.

It has professional instructors who are dedicated and generous in sharing their expertise to help students become ready to pass the Montana State Board Exam.

The technical training is conducted in a salon setting where students are treated like professional service providers under the instructor’s supervision.

The actual experience helps them strive to excel and become more productive.

Courses Offered

The Cosmetology program covers topics on:

  • Practice of Cosmetology
  • Shampoo, Hair Styling
  • Manicuring
  • Chemical, Texture, Color Services
  • Esthetics, Skin
  • Chemistry, Bacteriology, Sanitation
  • Salon Management

The Instructor Training program includes courses such as:

  • Teaching Methodology
  • Lesson Planning
  • Psychology
  • Business Methods
  • Advanced Theory/Master Educators
  • Clinical Supervision

The Cosmetology Program’s 1500-hour hands-on training will give you a broad knowledge of the beauty industry as well as the latest techniques in skincare, haircare, nail care, salon management, safety and sanitation, and more.

Full-time and part-time schedules are available to fit your work or lifestyle.

If your inclination is teaching, then becoming an instructor of cosmetology students is an ideal job for you.

The Instructor Training Program is a 650-hour course where you learn the principles of teaching, lesson planning, work habits, and desirable attitudes in the workplace.

It is necessary to pass the Montana State Board Examination to gain employment as an entry-level instructor.

To advance your career, consider taking Advanced Theory/Master Educators and Clinical Supervision programs.


Montana State University- Billings

About the School

A transformative education that equips students with skills, knowledge, and proficiency.

This is the crucial mission of Montana State University-Billings.

This public university offers affordable certification programs for individuals who want to work immediately and practice their skills.

It follows a 14:1 student-to-instructor ratio that helps learners maximize the tailored programs and resources.

Its internships and community involvement opportunities are developed to make them ready for the actual jobs.

The university has police officers who keep the campus safe and handle criminal matters when they happen.

Courses Offered

The University’s catalog includes the following certificate programs:

  • Automotive Collision Repair Technology
  • Automobile Refinishing Technology
  • Automotive Technology
  • Construction Technology
  • Diesel Technology
  • Human Resources – a program that is also available online
  • Practical Nursing – an online-only program
  • Ultrasound Technology – also available online
  • Welding/Metal Fabrication Technology

Automobile Collision Repair Technology graduates are adept in performing automobile cosmetic and structural repair, the first stage of vehicle maintenance.

A Certificate in Automobile Refinishing Technology helps you become a refinishing technician whose job is to complete the maintenance procedure of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, students of the Automotive Technology Certificate program are set to learn and diagnose automotive troubles, repair complex systems, and more.

The 1-year Certificate in Construction Technology equips students with the fundamentals of home construction, including safety practices.

Completion of the Diesel Technology program makes graduates perform diagnosis and repair of medium to heavy trucks.

A Certificate in Human Resources program helps you achieve your goal of working as a human resources staff.

The Practical Nursing Certificate prepares graduates to pass the NCLEX-PN.

A Certificate in Ultrasound Technology will help you become an ultrasonographer.

Get a job in the welding industry by completing the Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology Certificate program.


  • Montana State University- Billings
  • Address: 3803 Central Ave, Billings, MT 59102
  • Phone: 406-247-3000
  • Website:

Healing Arts Institute

About the School

The Healing Arts Institute is a brainchild of Paul and Amy Berger, who are on a mission to help people become healthier through natural healing techniques such as good nutrition, regular exercise, and the power of massage.

In 2019, the couple decided to open this school to encourage more individuals to embrace the natural way of keeping themselves healthy.

Together with a select team of instructors, they teach the students the principles and techniques of touch therapy, preparing them to become professional service providers.

Courses Offered

The 625-hour Massage Therapy Program uses a student-centered approach that combines online and face-to-face instruction, helping the students learn the proper techniques of various types of massage.

To ensure the optimization of learning under expert instructors, the classes are small in number.

At the end of the course, completers have mastered the techniques and are ready for the MBLEx.

In addition, the Institute offers Lifestyle Enhancement Programs, which are designed to help you change your habits and improve your life through healthy choices.

The 7 Systems Plan is ideal for people dealing with obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, and more.

Also included are exercise programs that can be tailored to help you achieve your health goals.

The school also recommends nutritional supplements from NutriDyn.


Montana Academy of Salons

About the School

The Montana Academy of Salons is not your ordinary beauty school.

It goes beyond teaching the basics by providing business skills and fiscal responsibility to become successful in the industry.

Each course has a student kit that includes professional tools that you can use in your career.

It is a Premier Redken School, the only one in the State of Montana.

The personalized and innovative programs of the academy are designed to cultivate professionalism and motivation to provide the best services in the workplace.

The school also conducts a mock State Board examination to help students prepare for licensure.

Courses Offered

The 1100-hour Barbering Course provides theoretical and practical training.

After completing 990 hours, students are qualified for the NIC Practical.

Finishing at least 225 hours of instruction allows students to perform services for the public.

This 150-hour Supplemental Barbering Course prepares graduates for the State Board Exam and finds an entry-level job.

Completing the 1500-hour Cosmetology Course lets graduates get an entry-level job in various settings and take the licensure test.

The Esthetics Course runs for 650 hours and covers different topics such as bacteriology, anatomy, light therapy, waxing, makeup application, skincare, salon management, and more.

The 400-hour Manicuring Course teaches students the techniques of pedicures, manicures, polish applications, nail enhancements, work ethics, salon management, and more.

Learn touch therapy techniques through the 700-hour Massage Therapy Course.

For the Teacher Training Course, you need to complete the 650-hour classroom instruction and practical training to earn a Letter of Completion.


  • Montana Academy of Salons
  • Address: 300 South 24th St. w, Space B0, Billings, MT 59102
  • Phone: 406- 998-5900
  • Website:

Lima Hana Massage Education Center

About the School

After years of gaining experience, knowledge, and professional contacts, Michelle and Eric, the duo behind the Lima Hana Education Center, opened the doors to the public in 2015.

During that time, the massage profession was becoming highly popular, prompting many individuals to study the different techniques and provide professional service.

As a certification-granting school of massage, Lima Hana prepares graduates for the MBLEx and masters the art and science of touch therapy.

The school holds the record of being the longest operating training center in Billings with a curriculum that meets the FSMTB standards.

Courses Offered

The Therapeutic Massage Certification Program of Lima Hana provides entry-level therapy training and knowledge about the human body.

This 625-hour program takes 6 months to complete, meeting the required hours of the Montana State Board of Massage Therapists to sit for the MBLEx.

Students need to complete the three separate courses with core topics to study.

Massage Therapy and Clinical Practice involve hands-on sessions with clients and classmates to practice the different techniques.

The Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology course helps students become familiar with how the body works and responds to the healing touch.

Finally, the third course Business Ethics, and Allied Modalities teaches them client retention skills and how to use modalities to customize treatment sessions to suit their needs.


  • Lima Hana Massage Education Center
  • Address: 720 Grand Avenue, Billings, MT 59101
  • Phone: 406-534-8324
  • Website:

Sage Truck Driving School

About the School

When it comes to CDL training, choosing SAGE Truck Driving School is a great decision.

It has over 30 years of providing comprehensive and quality tractor-trailer driving programs for students and fleets.

The school’s one-on-one private training means focused attention to every student and more driving practice.

The highly qualified and exceptional instructors are committed to teaching students the necessary driving skills to help them get a rewarding job in the commercial trucking industry.

To enhance the students’ training and test preparation, SAGE gives them full access to resources through ProDriverU which is an online learning management system.

Courses Offered

Class A Comprehensive Tractor-Trailer Driver Training is SAGE’s flagship course.

This 150-hour instruction program gives inexperienced students the technical knowledge and skills to get an entry-level job in the trucking industry.

The Class A, B, or B to A Commercial Driver’s License Essentials program is for students with no or minimal truck driving experience.

It provides practical skills and driving fundamentals to help them become entry-level, in-town, or over-the-road drivers of heavy-duty and medium-sized delivery vehicles.

For those who want to drive dump trucks, concrete mixers, delivery trucks, or water trucks, the best course is the Straight Truck Class B program.

It offers 40-hour basic skills instruction that prepares students for the CDL examination.

There is also a Truck Driver Refresher Training course for CDL-licensed drivers.

This concentrated, hands-on training covers 40-hour instruction and 20 driving hours that will enhance your driving skills.


  • Sage Truck Driving School
  • Address: 2110 Overland Ave Suite 103, Billings, MT 59102
  • Phone: 406-652-3030
  • Website:

160 Driving Academy

About the School

With an impressive record of graduates who were immediately hired by the best companies across the country, 160 Driving Academy is the right school to jumpstart your driving career.

It has been recognized as a 2022 Top Company for Women to Work for in Transportation.

With dedicated training instructors who care for their students’ safety during the course duration, the school has trained thousands of inexperienced students who completed the program with flying colors.

Many employers trust the academy to provide them with the best graduates with high compliance scoring capability and impressive driving skills.

Courses Offered

To drive commercial trucks, you need CDL Training and pass the state examination.

This 40-hour program includes classroom instruction covering driving rules and regulations.

The behind-the-wheel practicum is conducted on the school’s premises, highways, streets, and local roads.

Meanwhile, the CDL Class A is a 40-hour class instruction and hands-on driving on interstate and local roads.

A CDL license allows you to drive most tractor-trailers and heavy-duty trucks that weigh 26,001 pounds or more.

If you’re planning to retake the CDL exam, 160 Driving Academy has a CDL Refresher Course.

This instruction and behind-the-wheel training helps you become more prepared and confident for the written and practical state test.

The CDL Test Preps is for all CDL examinees.

It is designed to prepare professional commercial drivers for the CDL test.

It provides 40 hours of classroom training and 120 hours of observation/behind-the-wheel driving.


The Legacy Corporation

About the School

With its primary mission to advance the profession of truck driving, Legacy Corporation International welcomes students to experience the highest degree of instruction and training.

It was founded by husband and wife Lew Grill and Carmella Campanian, both licensed drivers and training instructors.

As the first trucking industry’s female executive, has more than 35 years of behind-the-wheels driving experience while Lew has over 50 years of driving record that spans Europe and the whole western hemisphere.

With a strong sense of accountability and dedication to helping inexperienced drivers, the Legacy Corporation is the place to begin building your career.

Courses Offered

The Truck Driver Training Program of Legacy Corporation is conducted by professional instructors who have millions of miles of driving experience in and out of the country.

It follows the basic rules and regulations of commercial driving taught in the classroom, preparing students to pass the written portion of the state examination.

For actual driving experience, you will be driving a Smart Legacy Truck that is equipped with computer monitors and the latest technology to record detailed information about your operating skills.

In addition, there are state-of-the-art cameras in the strategic places of the training yard that record the movements of the truck.

Another interesting program is the Legacy Trucking Course for Legal and Administrative Professionals.

It is a 20-hour course that provides classroom instruction about accident causation and more. Students also learn to operate the truck by themselves to become familiar with maneuvering techniques.


  • The Legacy Corporation
  • Address: 1236 Cordova St, Billings, Montana 59101
  • Phone: 800.457.5744
  • Website:

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Final Thoughts

The exponential growth of businesses that require skilled workers continues every day.

This translates to many job vacancies that need to be filled up.

Upskill now and earn by practicing your learned skills in your chosen field.

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