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Top Trade and Tech Schools in Joliet, IL

Joliet is one of the thriving cities in Illinois that is known for numerous prosperous industries.

Aside from this, there are also trade schools around the city which aim to provide the highest quality education they can give.

The annual average salary of trade workers in Joliet is approximately $69,547 depending on their chosen career.

Diverse fields are taught such as cosmetology, driving, and medical in the following schools and we have made a list that is designed to be informative and helpful for future students.

West Chicago Professional Center

About the School

The West Chicago Professional Center is one of the vocational schools dedicated to students who want to enter the field of air conditioning, electrical technician, and heating.

The West Chicago Professional Center was founded in 2012 by its owner Alexandre Drozdov who also acquires a board experience in this industry.

They aim to provide the best quality training program that has the combination of both hands-on training and classroom instructions.

The Illinois Department has approved the West Chicago Professional Center likewise they provide financial aid for qualified students.

Courses Offered

They build their programs with three study elements namely hands-on, certification preparation, and theory.

Here are the programs that the West Chicago Professional Center offers:

  • HVAC technician – 150 hours
  • Electrician Technician – 150 hours
  • Refrigeration Technician – 150 hours
  • Electrical Motors – 150 hours
  • Combined HVAC and Electrician Technician – 300 hours

The HVAC technician consists of 3 modules starting with the basic skills to practical skills and the last would be the preparation for the licensure exam.

Similar to the HVAC technician the Electrician Technician also consists of 3 modules that will end on applying all knowledge the students learn.


  • West Chicago Professional Center
  • Address 245 W. Roosevelt Rd. Building 1, Unit 4 West Chicago, IL 60185
  • Phone 630-232-3250
  • Website

Chicago Professional Center

About the School

The Division of Private Business has approved the Chicago Professional Center to run a vocational school around the state of Illinois.

The owner V.J Abil who possesses multiple years of experience in the field founded the Chicago Professional Center 20 years ago.

The Chicago Professional Center has met the standards of the state and for that, the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) has given accreditation to this school.

The Chicago Professional Center is an accessible institution that offers grants and financial aid for those who are qualified.

Courses Offered

The Chicago professional was designed to be exclusive and small to better provide a supreme quality of education.

Here are the programs that they offer:

  • Residential & Commercial HVAC
  • Technician/Electrician
  • Maintenance
  • Electrician / HVAC Technician /Maintenance PLC
  • Electrician/HVAC Technician/Maintenance Worker

The residential & commercial HVAC starts the program with an introduction to the fields of electricity 40% of the program is completed by doing practical and hands-on training.

For the Maintenance program, students attend multiple National Electrical Code Seminars after completing their foundational electrical training, which equips them to obtain their Class “A” (Unlimited) Electrical License.


HVAC Technical Institute

About the School

The HVAC Technical Institute provides accreditation at the state and federal levels as well as employment opportunities in the public and commercial sectors.

In the year 1994, the HVAC Institute started its institution with only 35 students enrolled.

At HVAC Technical Institute, they are thrilled to assist you in pursuing a stimulating new profession in the HVAC industry.

Maintaining an outstanding reputation in the HVAC and electrical industries, HVAC Technical Institute continues to certify an average of 175 students annually.

They offer financial aid for those students who are qualified, and the first step would be to complete your FAFSA application.

Courses Offered

The HVAC Technical Institute offers programs that are in line with the industry.

One of the programs is the HVAC/R Training which has up to 7 modules namely Electricity, Heating, Hydronics, air conditioning, Introduction to refrigeration, EPA section 608, and Ventilation & Installation.

The other program that they offer is the Electrician Training which has 4 levels and will allow students to learn about installing and maintaining wiring, lighting, and control systems, inspecting circuit breakers, transformers, and more.


  • HVAC Technical Institute
  • Address 4532 S Kolin Ave, (2nd Floor) Chicago, IL 60632
  • Phone 773-927-9562
  • Website

Lincoln College of Technology

About the School

Since its founding more than 75 years ago, Lincoln College of Technology has produced thousands of well-respected professionals who are a source of pride and happiness for the institution.

Lincoln’s mission is to impact students’ lives and improve their communities by offering top-notch education and training for in-demand careers in a welcoming and accessible learning environment.

The Lincoln College of Technology is offering two types of grants Direct subsidized loans and Direct Unsubsidized loans aside from this they also offer a private student loan.

With the help of their career training programs, you can graduate from college with a diploma, degree, or certificate more quickly and start working sooner.

Courses Offered

Multiple careers in diverse fields are offered at Lincoln College however, to focus on their technology programs they offer different programs such as:

  • Automotive Service Technology
  • Electrical and Electronic Systems Technology
  • Medical Assistant
  • Welding Technology

Electrical technology focuses on developing your knowledge of electrical concepts as they apply to wire, switching devices, insulators, and conductors to prepare for entry-level jobs as low- and high-voltage residential electricians.

Likewise, medical assistants will be trained to help doctors in a fulfilling job supporting healthcare while interacting directly with patients.


Illinois Welding School

About the School

One of the greatest places to begin a new profession in the exciting world of welding and metalwork is Illinois Welding School.

Illinois Welding School is certain that anyone may become financially independent by dedicating themselves to mastering a useful skill.

The Illinois Welding School’s objective is to train, educate, and empower students through customized, practical welding concepts for exceptional employability for the prosperity of future generations.

The Illinois Welding School strives to generate graduates with the knowledge, abilities, and attitudes that the modern industry demands.

Courses Offered

They provide several unique programs, each with a focus on a different area of welding.

Illinois Welding School’s diploma programs cover a lot of ground.

The Illinois Welding School offers programs such as:

  • Structural – 525 hours
  • Pipe – 900 hours.
  • Combination of Structural / Pipe Welding Specialists Programs

All of these programs are divided into 70% hands-on training and 30% of classroom training.

Aside from this continuing education is also offered at the Illinois Welding School that will help you get back on track on your welding skills.

Here are some refresher programs they offer:

  • Program 201 Brush-up/Refresher Welding – 35 hours
  • Program 202 Basic Welding – 70 hours


  • Illinois Welding School
  • Address 1315 Enterprise Dr. Romeoville, IL 60446
  • Phone 888-632-WELD (9353)
  • Website

Technology Center of DuPage

About the School

In the year 2022, 81% of the Technology Center of DuPage students earned 8,147 college credits.

Technology Center of DuPage has a spacious campus with facilities that students will be using for their hands-on training.
Their curriculum lines up with the standards of Illinois Learning and besides the relevant topics the Technology Center of DuPage also teaches students in terms of resume writing, interviewing, portfolio development, and more.

Aside from the quality education and knowledgeable theories that they teach their students they also provide internships and job shadowing for students to acquire diverse experiences.

Courses Offered

The Technology Center of DuPage is offering 20 career and technical programs to high school juniors.

Here are some programs that TCD offers:

  • Auto Body Repair & Refinishing
  • Automotive technology
  • Computer Information Systems & Game Design
  • Construction Trades
  • Cosmetology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Early Childhood Education & Care
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Fire Science
  • Manufacturing, CNC & Machining Technology
  • Medical Assisting
  • Medical terminology
  • And more

They offer a criminal justice program that has lectures, demonstrations, report preparation, and work learning experience that will help students understand every significant skill that they need to possess.

Aside from this, they offer a Robotics & Automation Technology wherein they prepare their students in the industrial and manufacturing workplace and enhance every knowledge and skill relevant to this program.


  • Technology Center of DuPage
  • Address 301 S Swift Rd, Addison, IL 60101
  • Phone +1 630-620-8770
  • Website

Symbol Training Institute

About the School

The Symbol Training Institute’s goal is to give their students to specific employers that will assure them of high pay.

Hands-on training is done on programs to receive a better quality of education and take it once they are in a real-life situation.

Veterans Administration certification and approval have been granted to Symbol Training Institute for veteran registration.

Scholarships and grants are offered to eligible people and businesses.

Their programs are intended for both seasoned professionals looking to further their careers and recent graduates with little to no prior manufacturing experience.

Courses Offered

They offer multiple programs and, in their program, students get to receive training to apply practical skills using the same equipment that businesses use today.

They offer a Computerized Numerical Control consisting of different programs such as Advanced programming, completed in 10 weeks, and has 100% hands-on machine training.

Aside from this they also offer CNC programming that takes 16 weeks to complete and would be able to learn the important skills in the CNC machining career with hands-on training.


Americare Technical School

About the School

Founded in 2004, Americare Technical School (ATS) provides a diploma program in Practical Nursing education and a certificate program in Basic Nursing Assistant.

Many students choose Americare Technical School because of their reasonably priced courses and knowledgeable staff with backgrounds in the industry.

The Illinois Department of Public Health has approved for Americare Technical School to serve as a training site for Basic Nursing Assistant programs.

They aim to provide a welcoming atmosphere that supports the needs of their alumni, teachers, staff, and students in terms of their education and growth.

The state-of-the-art resources offered by this institution perfectly recreate the difficulties and circumstances you will face in the workplace.

Courses Offered

The Americare Technical School offers a practical nursing program that provides both clinical education and support for students to understand the professional role of a practical nurse.

Aside from this the academic work, hands-on training, and skill integration offered by the Basic Nursing Assistant Program practical instruction required to deliver knowledgeable and superior patient care while operating under the direction of an RN.

Their Basic Nursing Assistant program consists of 120 hours having the combination of 80 hours in lecture and 40 hours in clinical.


Professional's Choice Hair Design Academy

About the School

The Professional’s Choice Hair Design Academy offers a curriculum that will adequately educate and prepare our students to fulfill the demands of today’s market and future expansion for them to become licensed cosmetologists.

They give our students the foundational knowledge they need to succeed in the salon setting, pass state tests, and generate.

An innovative, well-equipped cosmetology school, Professional’s Choice Hair Design Academy
specializes in instructing students in hairstyling science and art.

Professional’s Choice integrates contemporary audio-visual programs with conventional needed disciplines to guarantee that every student is ready for the licensure exam and their desired careers after graduating.

Courses Offered

Professional’s Choice Hair Design Academy provides the Cosmetologist and Instructor curriculum.

The course formats include written and practical evaluation, practical experience, observation, and lecture with discussion.

The Academic Program for Cosmetologists covers the 1500 hours of integrated theoretical and practical practice necessary by the State of Illinois, divided into the following subjects.

The Professional’s Choice Hair Design Academy has been authorized to provide a 1000-hour curriculum and a 500-hour program for cosmetology instructors.

The 500-hour program is intended for individuals who have worked in a salon for the last two years, while the 1000-hour program is intended for those who have recently graduated from beauty school and have no prior salon experience or those who have been out of the industry for a while.


  • Professional’s Choice Hair Design Academy
  • Address 2719 W Jefferson St, Joliet, IL 60435
  • Phone +1 815-741-8224
  • Website

Advance Driver Training LLC

About the School

The outstanding instruction and education you require to be successful in the trucking profession are offered by Advantage Driver Training.

In order to provide the finest learning experience at your own pace, Advantage Driver Training places a strong emphasis on each student.

In addition to providing, you with the tools you need to perform your job, they also want to make sure you know where to go for the best employers and workspaces.

They are a Secretary of State-licensed commercial driving school with training facilities in Joliet, Illinois.

All of the practice locations and trucks are brand-new, and state-of-the-art, and they accurately replicate every scenario, difficulty, and task you would face daily as a truck driver.

Courses Offered

The Advance Driver Training LLC offers multiple courses such as:

  • Class A CDL Training
  • Hazmat Endorsement
  • Pre-Trip program
  • Refresher courses

Classes are available for both day and night, and there is flexible on-site training available.

Their instructors possess years of experience in combined driving experience.

In the Hazardous Endorsement, students get to learn how to carry hazardous materials in the commercial trucking industry.


Trade Schools in Illinois by City

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Final Thoughts

Now the trade school that you will choose will be by your side along your journey to pursuing the career you like.

However, avoiding the rush to make decisions for this would play a big part in pursuing the stability you aim for.

These stated trade schools are usually completed in less than 2 years.

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