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Top Trade and Tech Schools in Macon, GA

Macon, having its beautiful scenery, is also dubbed the Cherry Blossom Capital of the World.

In Macon, the salary ranges from $53,000 and $146,000 a year however based on the U.S. average trade salary the average salary is $88,311 or $42.46 hourly.

The following schools can allow you to acquire students’ certification and degree programs in 2 years or less.

If you are around Macon these schools may be the starting line for your chosen career and immediate job employment after completion.

Miller-Motte College

About the School

Miller-Motte College has been in the industry for a century and since it was founded they have been devoted to instructing students, giving value to their unique skills, and providing protective service, technology, and business techniques.

This institution offers an excellent education with affordable tuition.

Aside from that, they are open for financial aid as the institution believes that everyone must be given the opportunity for a career-focused education.

Miller-Motte College ought to provide a flexible schedule for their students to be able to fulfill their family obligations so they accept part-time and full-time students to balance their time.

Courses Offered

Miller-Motte College offers morning and evening classes to make certain that everyone grabs the education they are eager for and another thing they offer courses both on-campus and online.

Online programs still receive the same access to both education and tools similar to on-campus programs.

However online programs take longer compared to on-campus usually it takes 30 months or more to complete, Accountancy, Data Management, IT management, Marketing, and many more are included in this.

On the other hand there are some on-campus programs that are available:

  • Criminal Justice – 18 months
  • Surgical Technology – 18 months
  • Dental Assisting – 15 months (hybrid)
  • Healthcare Information
  • Technology – 18 months
  • IT support specialist – 18 months
  • And more

Miller-Motte offers protective services like Criminal Justice that provide opportunities to enter the justice system and this hybrid system combines online learning and hands-on experience to achieve a flexible environment.


Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy, LLC

About the School

Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy assures job employment after completion currently, this institute has 3,400 students who are currently hired, and with their program are service teams that help with the interview and resume.

This institute is dedicated to its partners and relationships and since they are very committed the Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy is trusted by 652 industry professionals.

They strive for students to be passionate, have integrity, have self-improvement, learn, be ambitious, and especially to have fun and experience a light environment.

They allow them to discover their life’s path with an affordable and accessible education.

Courses Offered

Tuitions in this school vary on the course and location furthermore, the Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy offers 2 programs; Dental Assistant and Pharmacy Tech.

The Dental Assistant Program has 3 courses per year usually it takes 10 weeks per course depending on what state likewise 8 hours are held 1 day per week.

For students to be prepared dental assistant classes are held in practicing dental offices to have hands-on learning experience to achieve the best in your future.

However, the Pharmacy Tech is completed in 10 weeks online with a live instructor who can assist students with their questions and their set curriculum includes a checklist to give flexibility and freedom to others with their schedule.


  • Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy, LLC
  • Address: 225 N Macon St, Macon, GA 31210
  • Phone: (844) 727-3755
  • Website:

Helms College

About the School

If you are discovering your skills, Hems College is committed to helping its students discover what career suits their students best.

Helms College has gained accreditation from the Council for Continuing Education and Training to have access offering culinary, health services, and trade programs aside from that Helms College is a private postsecondary and sponsored by the Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia INC.

To be able to qualify for Helms College it is a must to possess a high school diploma or GED, complete the application, orientation, and pass the entrance exam.

Courses Offered

Helms programs are made as a small class, supervised by professional chefs, and offer hands-on experience in the standard industry.

Below are the programs that Helms College offers:

  • Culinary Arts Certificate – 36 Credit Hours/22 Weeks/ 2 Quarters
  • Culinary Arts Diploma – 67 Credit Hours/44 Weeks/ 4 Quarters
    Baking and Pastry Diploma Program – 1122 Clock Hours/44 Weeks/4 Quarters
  • Hemodialysis Technician Diploma – 657 Clock Hours/33 Weeks/3 Quarters
  • Multi-Skilled Medical Assistant Diploma – 891 Clock Hours/44 Weeks/4 Quarters
  • And more

The program Diploma in Culinary Arts, emphasizes theoretical knowledge and technique combined with the practical applications of cooking, baking, serving, and leadership skills to reach the success students aim for.

In line with the Baking and Pastry Diploma Program, there are a lot of covered courses like Baking & Pastry Skills, Cake Design Production, Back of Houses Service Techniques, and many more that teach introductions to basic skills and more.


  • Helms College
  • Address: 5171 Eisenhower Parkway, Macon, GA 31206
  • Phone: 478-471-4394
  • Website:

Wesleyan College

About the School

Wesleyan College or what people call “first women”, is the first college in the world that charted and granted degrees to women and in the first session, 90 women were enrolled.

It’s bounded by its guiding principles such as building an academically challenging program, being purposeful and inclusive, and maintaining connection amongst each other.

This College has Professional Certificate programs that can equip students with the skills needed to acquire jobs in the market.

Courses Offered

Certificates at Wesleyan can be completed in as fast as 3 to 10 months and the cost starts at $800.

There are 23 Professional Certificate programs which are all in demand and are a step up toward your professional growth.

Gateway Certificates are those classes that equip you with specific skills in high-demand careers.

Here are the gateway certificates:

  • Google IT Support
  • Facebook Social Media Marketing
  • Google UX Design
  • Arizona State University TESOL
  • Salesforce Sales Development
  • Representative
  • Google Project Management
  • ICPM Certified Supervisor

There are also Computer Science certificates such as the following:

  • Google IT Automation with Python
    IBM Data Science
  • (ISC)² Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)
  • SAS Programmer
  • IBM z/OS Mainframe Practitioner
  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Data Engineer Specialization
  • CertNexus Certified Ethical
  • Emerging Technologist
  • Professional Certificate

Pre-professional programs in the Allied Health, Dental, and Athletic pathways are also available.


Oconee Fall Line Technical College

About the School

Oconee Fall Line Technical College officially opened its doors on July 1, 2011, and since then they have continuously provided programs that will assist every student in their dreams and careers.

College for them is not all about sharing knowledge but it also means learning about leadership, friendships, and having fun.

Some clubs are around the campus including services like Free Tutoring, Career Services, Student Support Services, Safety & Security, and more.

The Southern Association of Colleges and School Commissions on Colleges accredited Oconee Fall Line Technical College and they also awarded Diploma, Associate Degrees, and Technical certificates of credit.

Courses Offered

In 2 years or less Oconee Fall Line can help you fulfill your dreams and at the same time provide you with a quality and affordable education.

Here are the Study programs they offer in different fields.

  • Accounting -2 to 5 semesters
  • Automotive Technology – 1 to 5 semesters
  • Business Management – 1 to 5 semesters
  • Cybersecurity – 1 to 5 semesters
  • Nursing – 5 to 7 semesters
  • Pharmacy Technology – 4 to 5 semesters
  • Radiological Technology – 2 to 4 semesters
  • And more

The Oconee Fall Line Technical College offers 100% online, blended, and On-campus methods likewise distance education allows students to have a flexible schedule and environment at the same time manage to provide a high-quality education similar to on-campus programs.

Aside from study programs Oconne also offers basic-level work certificates that are short-term and don’t require a high school diploma here are some:

  • Auto Electrical/Electronic Systems Technician
  • Automotive Chassis Technical Specialist
  • Automotive Engine Performance Technician
  • Automotive Engine Repair Technician
  • Automotive Transmission/Transaxle Tech Specialist
  • Basic Electronic Assembler
  • Nurse Aide
  • Nursery/Greenhouse Technician
  • Office Accounting Specialist
  • Payroll Accounting Specialist
  • Pipe Welder
  • Programmable Control Technician
  • Robotic Technician
  • Salon and Spa Support Specialist
  • Small Business Management Specialist
  • Supervisor/Management Specialist
  • And more


  • Oconee Fall Line Technical College
  • Address: 1189 Deepstep Road, Sandersville, GA 31082
  • Phone: 478.553.2050
  • Website:

South Georgia Technical College

About the School

The school’s name when it was founded was South Georgia Trade and Vocational in 1948 and it was changed to South Georgia Technical and Vocational School in 1963 afterward in 1988 it was officially changed into South Georgia Technical Institute and in 2000 the school was named South Georgia Technical College.

The South Georgia Technical College provides accessible educational facilities, online instructional credit courses, and economic development through partnerships, and is supervised by top-tier instructors.

To allow everyone South Georgia Technical is open for different financial aid like the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Work-Study Program, State HOPE Grant, and others as long as they meet the qualifications.

Courses Offered

There are different fields of study that South Georgia offers that allow one to enhance the skills of each student depending on their specialized skill that is supervised by professional instructors.

Here are some courses:

  • Cosmetology
  • Air Conditioning Repair Specialist
  • Aircraft Assembly Technician
  • Barbering
  • Pulp and Paper Operations
  • Garden Center technician
  • CAD Operator
  • CDA Preparation
  • Industrial Motor Control
  • Technician
  • And many more

In terms of the beauty industry, there are a lot of programs that they offer including Cosmetology, Barbering, and more.

To be qualified in the program cosmetology a student must possess a high school diploma or GED, 16 years old or above, achievement of appropriate scores, and others.

Likewise in other fields of study like a Culinary Arts Degree that covers enhancing your academic skills, job acquisition, learning about culinary theory, and doing practical application.

Online Methods are also available in South Georgia however there are certain things that students must possess in specific aptitudes and abilities to keep up with the Online learning environment.


  • South Georgia Technical College
  • Address: 900 South GA Tech Pkwy, Americus, GA 31709
  • Phone: 229-931-2394
  • Website:

Southern Crescent Technical College

About the School

There are certain guides or core values that Southern Crescent practices to follow including keeping up with Academic Excellence, aiming for student success, and possessing integrity.

In 2010 the Flint River Technical College and Griffin Technical College merged and became Southern Crescent Technical College and since then they have continuously enhanced the educational system and needs of a student including the campus facilities.

The institution has been accredited by SACSCOC or the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges including the programs Associate of Science in Nursing, Cardiovascular Technology, Culinary Arts, Dental Assisting, Medical Assisting, and more are already accredited.

Courses Offered

Various learning paths are open for everyone whether it is in the fields of allied health, business, Film production, Industrial Technology, Computer Information Systems, Public Safety, General Education, or online programs.

If you are interested in careers in medicine here are some programs they offer:

  • Cardiovascular Technology – 70 credit hours
  • Nursing – 69 credit hours
    Radiologic Technology – 79 credit hours
  • Paramedicine – 67 credit hours
    And more

If you wish to serve your community in safety here are some programs they offer:

  • Criminal Justice – 48 credit hours
  • Fire Science Technology – 55 credit hours
  • Forensic Science Technology – 51 credit hours

Forensic science gives students the knowledge and skills that will prepare students for retention and advancement in careers like death investigation, crime investigation, laboratory Technology, evidence technology, and others.


  • Southern Crescent Technical College
  • Address: 501 Varsity Road Griffin, Georgia 30223
  • Phone: 770-228-7348
  • Website:

Houston County Career Academy

About the School

Houston County Career Academy is partnered with an extension of the high school programs in Houston County and the center of Central Georgia Technical College.

The Board of Directors includes the parents, business representatives, and educational representatives from Robins Air Force Base that governed the Houston County Career Academy.

They maintain viability in the workforce in this 21st century and grow as a premier model in the state of Georgia by contributing a seamless pipeline of workers in strategically identified industries to high-demand careers.

In terms of the identity of students, what race, color, religion, national origin, genetics, or even disability you have and you are isn’t a basis to be qualified in the Houston County’s program.

Courses Offered

They cover different fields of study and here are some that may be in line with your desired career:

  • Barbering
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Teaching as a profession
  • Patient care
  • Engineering
  • Cosmetology
  • Allied health
  • And more

Various topics are included in Barbering like the history, Personality development, professional barbering techniques and ethics, safety, and welfare but first, to be qualified for enrollment you must complete the application and possess a GPA of 2.0.

Furthermore, in the program, Allied Health is dedicated to providing students the opportunity to be efficacious, be multi-skilled healthcare providers, and enhance their knowledge regarding allied health opportunities.

In the program cosmetology, they prepare their students for real-life experience through full lab theory, hair care, hair treatment, nail care, hair cutting, and other needs to be ready for future job employment.


  • Houston County Career Academy
  • Address: Houston County School District: 1100 Main Street, Perry, GA 31069
  • Phone: (478) 988-6200
  • Website:

Middle Georgia Academy of Real Estate

About the School

In Middle Georgia Academy of Real Estate, provides the highest quality education that is focused on students’ innovative skills, leadership, and advanced skills.

Every program is supervised by an instructor who is best in their specific field and truly committed to guiding every student on their step to success.

If you want to begin your career in real estate Middle Georgia Academy can be the perfect school you can enroll in, if you are quite interested you can register by downloading the application and sending it directly to the school, or for much easier access register via online.

Courses Offered

Programs can be classroom set up and they can be online.

Middle Georgia offers 75-hour pre-license classes on Tuesday or Thursday from 6 PM to 9:15 PM and its tuition costs $530 which includes class books, handouts, and all other instructions.

Upon graduating students have become knowledgeable professionals in their fields and have kept their reputations growing and growing for over years.

On the other hand, online classes, offer various programs like :

  • Salesperson Pre-License
  • Broker Pre-License
  • Post-License Course
  • And Continuing Education

Now to be able to become a Real Estate Broker students must take this 60-hour course or the Broker Pre-License course however to be qualified in this course students must be 3 years active salesperson.

The course Post-Licensure is a must-be-taken course by all newly licensed salespersons and it is completed in 365 days or at least a year.


  • Middle Georgia Academy of Real Estate
  • Address: 1501 Bass Rd, Macon, GA 31210, USA
  • Phone: (478) 960-1834
  • Website:

National Personal Training Institute

About the School

To become a personal trainer hands-on training is a must aside from learning about how to get the best shape of your life.

Supervised by live teachers with interactive learning and interaction with fellow students expect the best trainers that will mentor you and guide you on your road to this industry.

National Personal Training Institute is the oldest and largest personal training school in North America and employers seek and hire their graduates due to the credibility of their program.

The National Personal Training Institute is flawlessly designed to share knowledge, awareness, and business strategies that are needed to keep up in the health, wellness, and fitness industry.

Another thing is that this institute was founded in 2000 and it has been globally accessible since then.

Courses Offered

Prior experience is not needed to fit into the program that will allow you to acquire a lifelong diploma that is recognizable across the world.

To become a personal trainer they offer two options for a personal training diploma: the 500-hour hybrid and the 500-hour virtual personal training diploma course.

The 500-hour Hybrid diploma course consists of 300 hours of theory that studies anatomy, posture analysis, Nutrition, business practices, program design, and others that may be put into practice at the local gym for 200 hours of practical experience.

The Hybrid program includes a combination of live instruction via Zoom, hands-on training, and access to the gym for practicals.

However, the 500-hour virtual training has a similar curriculum to the hybrid but in the virtual program, there is no access to execute practicals in the National Personal Training’s gym.


Trade Schools in Georgia by City

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Final Thoughts

Now that the top 10 trade schools are laid out, you now have the access to freely choose which schools including their programs will best suit you.

Take time to look into every given school to find the institute that will give you a flexible schedule.

Choose wisely which industry you will take to achieve a stable career and fulfill your desired goals and dreams whether it is in the field of medicine, beauty, driving, or other fields.

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