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Top Trade and Tech Schools in Hoover, AL

Hoover is the 6th largest city in Alabama, and it is known for its beautiful golf courses and the home of the largest shopping centers in the southeast.

The demands are getting high for a skilled trade job in the city of Hoover.

The average salary of trade workers in Hoover is $61,00 to $153.000 depending on your choice of career.

If you are looking for a school that would provide you with certifications and licensure exam assistance here are the top trade schools in Hoover that provide the highest quality of education possible.

Weld South

About the School

The Weld South is committed to producing the best and most successful professionals in their fields.

They focus on enhancing their student’s skills and knowledge needed in real-world welding.

The Weld South has a partnership with the ISA or Income Share Agreement that invests in the future of their students rather than paying the borrowed money right away, they set a period and a fixed percentage to be paid when you already have jobs.

Weld South Instructors are always open to accommodate the students’ questions and needs.

Part of the program that they do is hands-on skills and techniques that are taught by instructors who are certified welding instructors with 50 years of experience.

Courses Offered

The Weld South is offering a Professional Welder Program that provides quality hands-on training together with crucial topics in welding and their safety measures.

This program is a 6-month program that is available during Morning, Afternoon, and Evenings.

The four major courses that are in the highest demand in the welding industry are taught in this program.

Topics like SMAW/Stick, GTAW/TIG GMAW/MIG & FCAW/Dual Shield are taught in the program as the cutting processes.

After completing this program students must pass the welder performance qualification to be able to earn the certifications that will also meet the industry’s standard.

The Weld South Program is part of the LEEPS or the Lincoln Electric Education Partner Schools.


  • Weld South
  • Address: 113-D David Green Rd., Hoover, AL 35244
  • Phone: (205) 381-8118
  • Website:

Birmingham Dental Assistant School

About the School

Birmingham Dental Assistant School is a school that offers a quality training program that prepares students for licensure and future job employment.

Birmingham Dental Assistant School does not accept financial aid for specific reasons however, they acquire payment plan options that can help students and make their program affordable and free from student loans.

If you’re interested in taking the dental assistant program that has a median annual wage of $42,310 this Dental School is ready to assist you.

They aim to produce quality students by making their education accessible to everyone and rather than taking the 4 years college you may take this program that is done for a few weeks only.

Courses Offered

The Birmingham Dental Assistant School offers an accelerated program that is done in only 12 weeks.

The program is a combination of hands-on training in their labs and facilities, interactive online learning to obtain specific knowledge, and a 40-hour internship that is required before having their first job.

The tuition costs $3,890 for one full payment but there are other payment plans available.

Their hybrid method prepares students with the standard skills and education that are needed to pursue this career and to connect more to real-world situations.
A certification is given once the program is completed.


Hoover City Schools

About the School

The Hoover City School is one of the notable public schools distinct in the state of Alabama that performs innovative practices and produces students who are excellent and professional in their fields.

Hoover City Schools embraces the diversity of its staff and students as they build a light and friendly environment.

If you’re interested here are the requirements to be qualified:

  • Proof of residency.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Custody document, if applicable
  • Current utility bill
  • State of Alabama Imprint Immunization Record
  • Withdrawal slips from previous school for grades 9-12

Courses Offered

Their classes are made small having 12 students per instructor which gives more focus and attention to each student’s needs.

They offer numerous programs in the fields of Culinary & Hospitality Academy, Cyber Innovation Academy, Fire Science Academy, Health Science Academy, and Skilled Trades Academy.

In terms of improving the network and system administration including computer operating systems, programming languages, and more the Cyber Innovation Academy is responsible for these kinds of skills.

Likewise, the Fire Science Academy has a partnership with the Hoover Fire Department and tackles the Introduction of this program, emergency services and Emergency Medical Technician.

For the Skilled Trades Academy here are the courses they offer:

  • NCCER Core Curriculum: Architecture, Construction, &
  • Manufacturing
  • NCCER Building Construction 1
  • NCCER Electrical Technologies 1
  • NCCER Welding 1


SM School of Opportunity

About the School

The Sm School of Opportunity was founded by Shaunta Moseley Prince, RN who possesses nine years of nursing experience and three years of experience as a certified nursing assistant and is offering programs in the healthcare field.

They aim to create a friendly environment for students to feel safe while learning to obtain the highest quality skills that are crucial and meet the standard of future job employment.

The Alabama Community College System has given full accreditation to the SM school of opportunity.

The Sm School of Opportunity is open for scholarships, loans, and after-pay for specific courses.

Courses Offered

This institution offers multiple programs in the field of medicine that might be perfect for you and here are those:

  • Nursing Assistant Program – $995
  • Clinical Medical Assistant Program – $2550
  • Phlebotomy Technician Program – $1600
  • Duo program – $3050

The nursing assistant program that they offer is a combination of traditional and blended courses that take 2 or 4 weeks to complete.

The Clinical Medical Assistant Program, its 13-week course is divided into theory/lab, externship, and traditional classroom.

There are only 10 students per class in this program.

The Phlebotomy Technician Program contains a total of 6 weeks and has 8 students in each class.

The duo program is completed in over 15 weeks similar to other programs it also contains 8 students per class.


  • SM School of Opportunity
  • Address: 1304 Eastern Valley Road, Bessemer, Alabama
  • 35020, United States
  • Phone: (205) 940-1880
  • Website:

Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy

About the School

The Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy is an institution that acquires a high graduation rate and courses that are convenient for all.

Aside from this 3,400 of their graduates are already hired as they help students on their interviews and resumes.
This academy builds a partnership for the benefit of its students and over 661 of these industry professionals are trusted by Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy.

They strive to be affordable as they start to be interest-free and offer low-payment plans.

They provide opportunities for their students to improve their inner skills and acquire more techniques that would be helpful in future employment.

Courses Offered

This academy offers programs such as a dental assistant program and a pharmacy tech program.

The Dental Assistant program has three dental courses per year and contains 10 weeks per course based on your location.

Each class for this program contains 8 hours and is done once a week either Friday or Saturday.

Aside from this they also offer a Pharmacy tech program that is completed in 10 weeks.

This program is done online together with a live instructor who is ready to answer any questions you have.

They aim to be consistent in providing a unique curriculum and flexible education.

The instructors in every program acquire a broad experience and they are licensed and qualified.


  • Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy
  • Address: 4685 Hwy 17 Ste. C, Helena, AL 35080
  • Phone: (844) 727-3755
  • Website:

Benefit Solutions School of Insurance

About the School

The Benefit Solutions School of Insurance was founded 15 years ago and has been consistent in providing the needed keys to pass the licensure exam.

They ensure that they are Licensed by the Alabama Department of Insurance Certified Pre-Licensing Powder.

Their instructors who have 20 years of experience are eager to help their students on their journey to achieve their dreams of becoming licensed insurance producers.

The classes are only limited, and materials are automatically shipped as soon as the payment is completed.

Courses Offered

The Benefit Solutions School of Insurance offers two programs, and they are:

  • Life and Health
  • Property and Casualty

Their program acquired a 97% passing ratio and became 100% in the year 2020.

All regular classes are held from Mondays to Fridays from 8 am to 5 pm.

Tuition fees vary from which class you choose.

For the Life & Health program, it costs $250, and a testing fee that costs $175.

For $300 weekend and night classes are also available.

Both courses are offered in the classroom and online method depending on students’ preferences.


Winonah School of Cosmetology

About the School

Winonah School of Cosmetology is the first institution to receive licensure from the state and it was founded in 1986.

This school is opening its enrollment for all programs while they are consistent on having a friendly environment starting from their staff who are assured as friendly and caring.

Financial aid is also available to those who are qualified.

They provide a high-quality curriculum and a real-world experience together with their latest equipment, techniques, and products that will help their students keep up with the latest trends.

Courses Offered

The Winonah School of Cosmetology offers programs in the beauty industry and here are some:

  • Cosmetology – 1500 hours
  • Instructor – 650 hours and 1500 hours
  • Manicure – 750 hours.
  • Natural Hair Stylist – 210 hours
  • Refresher – 375 hours

The cosmetology program is available for both days which is completed in 40 weeks and evenings which is completed in 63 weeks and students get to learn the basics keys in hair sculpting, shampooing, styling, and more.

The manicure program covers skills in artificial nail application, manicuring, and pedicuring.

If you’ve been enrolled in specific programs and want to refresh your skill which is also required by the state board of Cosmetology this institution offers a refresher program.


  • Winonah School of Cosmetology
  • Address: 1870 Chace Drive, Suite 140, Hoover, Alabama 35244
  • Phone: 205-703-8070
  • Website:

Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes

About the School

The Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute is one of the known beauty schools in Alabama that uses organic ingredients.

Financial aid is also available for their cosmetology program to those who are qualified.

They let their students train in a real-life salon to be ready for their future job employment.

The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Science has accredited the Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes.

They strive to assist their students to achieve success in their chosen careers by creating a youthful energy and friendly environment.

Courses Offered

The Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes offers a cosmetology program and an Esthiology program that is taught by instructors who are professional and acquire broad experience.

The cosmetology program teaches about theories, relevant topics, and training such as hair cutting, texture services, nail care, makeup application, business development, and more.

Students who take the Esthiology program are future skin specialists and completers are assured to be trained in waxing, facials, makeup applications, business development, wellness, and retail knowledge.

The length of the program varies from the course and study the students choose.


Body Logic School of Cosmetology and Esthetics

About the School

The Body Logic School of Cosmetology and Esthetics was founded in 2009 and owned by Renee Hughes.

This school is a modest school that is privately owned by Renee Hughes who acquires 25+ years of experience in the industry.

They consistently aim to provide their students the quality and advanced education and hands-on training that is supervised by professionals.

Their main goal is to make their students ready for licensure examinations that are required by the State Board.

They want to improve the inner skills of their students and this school embraces the diversity of their students.

Courses Offered

If you are interested in entering the beauty industry here are the programs that this college offers:

  • Natural Hair – 210 Hours
  • Esthetics – 1000 Hours
  • Massage Therapy – 700 Hours
  • Cosmetology – 1500 Hours
  • Instructor Course – 650 Hours
  • Waxing Course – 160 Hours

If you are fond of taking care of your skin the program Esthetics might be perfect for you for this program teaches students how to perform the procedures that are most in demand in the services.

They also offer a cosmetology program that teaches about the basic skills that are crucial in building an appropriate service.


  • Body Logic School of Cosmetology and Esthetics
  • Address: 5511 Highway 280, Suite 210, Birmingham, AL 35242
  • Phone: (205) 991-8083
  • Website:

Fortis Institute

About the School

Fortis Institute is one of the Medical & Healthcare institutes that offer programs in diverse fields and can help students start their careers.

The Fortis Institute provides accessible programs with a lot of options.

Fortis Institute is open for financial aid, federal student aid grants, and loan programs to those who are qualified.

The Fortis Institute is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools and the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges depending on their campus location.

Courses Offered

Fortis Institute offers programs and here are some:

  • Nursing
  • Healthcare/Medical
  • Dental
  • Medical Technologies
  • Skilled Trades
  • Commercial Driving
  • Beauty & Wellness

In line with Healthcare/Medical are the programs Medical Assisting, Medical Assisting with Basic X-Ray, Medical Billing and Coding, Pharmacy Technician, and many more.

In their Commercial Driving their instructors teach the basic skills and techniques that must be known before doing road training.


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Final Thoughts

Now that you have viewed the following trade schools available around the city the next step is choosing what will perfectly suit your standards.

Take your time reviewing every option that will give you a board of opportunity in your specific course.

Check all significant aspects including their schedules, tuition fees, and accreditations.

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