28 Awesome Jobs for Philosophy Majors

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Awesome Jobs for Philosophy Majors

For years, people have been telling philosophy majors that they won’t be able to find a good job with their degree.

This simply isn’t true!

When you have a philosophy degree, you enter any job with the ability to listen and think clearly.

Other marketable traits include adaptability, excellent communication skills, and problem-solving as needed.

You can get a great job with philosophy as your major.

Keep reading to explore some fantastic career options.

Career Options as a Philosophy Major

The skills you can acquire while studying philosophy make you more marketable than you realize.

People who hold a philosophy degree are finding jobs in the areas of:

  • Education
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Writing
  • Communications/Telemarketing
  • Business
  • Historian
  • Nonprofit
  • Healthcare

A major in philosophy doesn’t limit you to the fields mentioned above.

Instead, your degree can open all kinds of doors for you when you decide on your future career path.

28 Jobs Perfect for Philosophy Majors


1. Journalist/Writer

While you may want to write strictly about philosophy, you can also take those writing skills you developed throughout your schooling to financially support your passion.

Philosophers make good writers as they understand how every word has a purpose.

Clear, concise writers for just about any subject are in high demand.

A good writer can bring in an average of about $55,850 per year, according to Salary.com.


2. Counselor

The world has several different kinds of counselors, and your philosophy degree can help you get started in this field of helping others.

Not all regions have the same requirements to be able to provide people with counseling services, so be sure to check those for your area.

You can also visit the National Philosophical Counseling Association for information about philosophical counseling.

In general, counselors make an average of $75,401 per year.

Policy Analyst

3. Policy Analyst

If your passion for philosophy is as strong as your interest in politics, you might make a great policy analyst.

Public policy is constantly changing, and a good analyst is a crucial part of the process.

They combine their ability to communicate clearly with their keen analysis of laws, policies, regulations, and more.

A great philosophical thinker can also propose realistic solutions.

A job like this averages about $63,014 annually.

Market Research Analyst

4. Market Research Analyst

Someone with a philosophical background has the unique ability to analyze information.

Therefore, you can hone this skill set and take it wherever you like – including into the marketing sector.

Your job in this role would be to look at how effective certain advertising attempts or campaigns were and propose future changes.

The annual salary average for this position is around $60,000.


5. Advertising/Marketing

A philosophy education will often grant students excellent communication and people skills.

So it makes sense that you can communicate the benefits a potential client will have by working with you.

For those with a passion for market research and the skills required to reach potential clients, this job is a natural fit for your philosophy degree.

Good advertising agents can pull in around $96,00 each year.


6. Management Consultant

Critical thinking and excellent communication skills come in handy when you work as a management consultant.

This position requires analyzing and suggesting ways to improve a business’s functions.

Consultants typically work on each project for a few weeks and then move on to another consultation, so if you like frequent challenges, this is a position for you.

You can expect an average yearly salary of about $91,595.


7. Teacher

A philosophy major’s communication skills can translate beautifully and naturally into a teaching career.

You’ll need to be able to teach, evaluate, and present information in dynamic ways.

Each region has specific requirements to be able to teach, so make sure you check with the board of education for more details.

Teachers typically bring in an annual salary of $56,658.


8. Paralegal

Even though your major may be in philosophy, don’t discount a future career in the legal field!

A paralegal is a position that provides essential support to lawyers.

You will analyze, organize, and provide research in this role.

As a philosophy major, these skills will likely come naturally with your passions and education.

A paralegal makes an average of about $80,070 per year.

Human Resources

9. Human Resources

If you’re a people person and want to use those skills along with the expertise you earned with your degree, a human resources position gives you that opportunity.

Duties include recruiting new staff, training, processing payroll, and more.

With your philosophy major, you can bring nuanced perspectives and fantastic communication skills to this position.

Most people in this position enjoy a yearly income of around $62,000.

Political Scientist

10. Political Scientist

If you love researching and noting patterns and trends, you may make an outstanding political scientist.

Research and analysis are at the core of this role, typically keeping your position out of the political limelight.

That way, you can engage with the uniquely human element and perspective gained with your degree while assisting in making essential changes and taking advantage of specific political trends.

Pay runs around $74,861 yearly.


11. Arbitrator/Mediator

This position allows you to use your communication skills to help resolve conflicts or disputes.

You’ll get to use your hard-earned skills as someone who helps resolve problems or issues that prevent people from moving forward.

Keep in mind that some areas require their arbitrators or mediators to be certified before jumping into that position.

The salary for this work is an average of $53,853 per year.


12. Editor

Chances are, you spent a lot of time writing as you earned your degree.

Throughout your academic career, you’ll need to hand in thoughtful, well-written, concise essays and more throughout your classes.

Use those skills as an editor.

Your exceptional attention to detail, critical thinking, and analysis skills can bring a better understanding and preciseness to the written word.

Editors are known to make around $74,434 per year.


13. Ministry/Clergy

If you love philosophy and your faith, you may be able to work in ministry.

Many clergies start with their philosophy degree and then continue their education in theology.

No matter how you get your foot in the door, sharing and supporting with faith can be a rewarding career if that’s where your passion lies.

Annual salaries vary widely, but many make an average of $103,600.


14. Historian

Historians are valued members of their communities as they have deep knowledge and understanding of how the region, city, town, or even business came to be today.

In that vein, the knowledge you accrue and utilize can scratch that philosophical itch.

These special people usually find work in museums, schools, research facilities, and historical societies.

A salary of $66,691 is the average for this position.


15. Nonprofit/Fundraising

Using your philosophy skills to help nonprofits can be a great and fulfilling use of your degree.

With your unique perspective, you bring a valuable talent to be able to communicate the goals and needs of any organization.

This is especially helpful when it comes to the critical function of fundraising.

Depending on the organization, people make an average of $87,184 yearly.


16. Professor

Being a philosophy professor allows you to immerse yourself in the field you love while teaching.

Furthermore, as a professor, you’ll have more mature students who can bring new perspectives and challenges throughout their educational journey.

This allows you to continue your philosophical education and development long after completing your degree.

In addition, many professors’ income is around $105,438, making this an excellent position for anyone who lives and breathes philosophy.


17. Librarian

Just because you didn’t major in library science doesn’t mean you can’t spend your day deciding what books to add, maintaining online data, or doing anything a librarian does.

Also, librarians don’t work just in libraries and schools.

Many organizations have their own internal library, opening the field for anyone who wants to be a librarian even further.

Depending on the position, an average of $69,640 is typical for a librarian per year.


18. Politician

Politics is an excellent way for anyone passionate about public policy and making a difference in their community/country to use their love of philosophy in their career.

Being able to assess, analyze, and put a plan into action can go a long way if you’re interested in holding office.

Pay for being a politician depends on the region and position, but the range is between $39,000 and $96,000 each year, according to Glassdoor.com.


19. Lobbyist

Take any problem you’re passionate about changing in the world and use your communications skills as a lobbyist.

While the general idea of a lobbyist might not always be favorable, they are a crucial part of how things work in politics.

Your ability to present your information clearly and concisely can give you an edge over others.

This role typically brings in around $119,956 per year.

Communications Specialist

20. Communications Specialist

Communication might be the most powerful tool you have to get the job you want.

When you’re a communications specialist, you can be the voice and filter for whatever organization you work for.

From press releases to advertising, your ability to analyze and communicate makes you a valuable asset to any workplace.

This role brings in an annual average salary of about $55,182.

Real Estate Agent

21. Real Estate Agent

Helping people to realize the home they want and being able to help them find it is a great way to use your philosophy education.

Your skills in observation, communication, analysis, and more allow you to be intuitive when helping people find exactly what they want in a home.

You also can help defuse and resolve any real estate-related disagreements.

Base salary and commissions vary per agency and region, but real estate agents typically bring in an average of $44,611 annually.


22. Bioethicist

While this position may require a degree beyond your bachelor’s, this job requires a person who can face critical ethical questions that a philosophy degree prepares you for.

Some topics may include aged care, reproduction, stem cells, and other complex areas.

Glassdoor.com estimates this job pays anywhere between $87,000 to $250,000 per year, depending on the position.

Financial Advisor

23. Financial Services

The way philosophy develops to be able to analyze and come up with solutions makes financial service jobs a good choice for anyone with a philosophy degree.

Beyond basic math, most people struggle with complicated financial concepts and markets.

You’ll be required to use critical thinking, note patterns, and trends, and offer different perspectives on several issues.

An average yearly income of about $63,344 can be expected in this kind of position.

Labor Relations

24. Labor Relations

Philosophy degrees prepare people to assess and talk about situations in a thoughtful, neutral way, making conflict resolution an excellent job for them.

There will always be disagreements between laborers and management, so there is always a need for someone to help open communication and resolve any issues or complaints.

This role has an average yearly income of $34,103.


25. Publishing

Just as philosophy majors have excellent writing and editing skills, they can also use their critical thinking, analysis of trends, and communication skills in publishing.

A publisher who knows what’s sellable and what to pass on is invaluable for someone who makes publishing decisions.

It’s also beneficial to be able to recognize talent and guide it.

Someone who works in publishing can make an average of $54,447 annually.


26. Lecturer

While it’s easy to assume that a lecturer is the same as a professor or teacher, that isn’t the case.

Lecturers are hired or kept on staff because they are experts in their field.

They often rotate from class to class or school to school to lecture about their specialty.

Businesses also hire lecturers depending on their needs. Lecturers can make around $56,406 every year.

Project Manager

27. Project Manager

When you’re a project manager or find yourself as an “augmented reality” planner, your philosophy background sets you apart from everyone else.

You can have an encompassing view of the work needed to create the perfect experience.

This position does require some technical knowledge, so you’ll want to have that in place when you apply for this type of position.

The annual salary averages about $79,000.


28. Philosopher

In a perfect world, being a philosopher would come with a nice annual salary – yet there aren’t many of these jobs outside of teaching.

But as businesses grow, they find that having philosophers on staff to help them define ethical terms and actions is crucial to their growth.

Most people must establish themselves within a business through a different position and bring the philosophical part with them.

This means having the courage and creativity to make your employer see the value of having a philosopher on their staff.

Since these positions are few and far between, it’s impossible to give an average yearly salary.

Philosophy Major Intern Opportunities

Even while working on your degree, you can get experience in the career areas you’re curious about working in once you graduate.

Some opportunities may come with some form of monetary compensation, while others might not.

Either way, here are some ideas for interning as a great resume builder:

  • Research
  • Education
  • Political Policy
  • Legal
  • Nonprofit
  • Finance

Philosophy Majors Get Great Jobs

Philosophy majors have many marketable skills that are appreciated now more than ever in the workplace.

So no matter what you’ve heard about job prospects for philosophy majors in the past, there are so many options available now that you may have trouble choosing!

So don’t worry.

You can get an incredible job that can utilize your unique skill set as a philosophy major.

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