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Walmart Cart Pusher Job Description

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A cart pusher in one of the most entry-level positions at Walmart.

This is an excellent job for those who work great in a highly physical environment.

The job doesn’t involve much of customer interaction.

In the following article, we will cover the duties and other details of this job.

What Does a Walmart Cart Pusher Do

The primary responsibility of a Walmart cart pusher is keeping the parking lot well-maintained.

This is an excellent position for those who enjoy working in an active environment with minimal social interaction.

It’s fairly easy to get this job with minimal requirements and flexible hours.


The primary duties of a cart pusher at Walmart include keeping the parking lot area clean and in order and return carts to the designated area.

Sometimes, aside from this, cart pushers may be required helping customers with loading large packages into their vehicles.

The following list includes the main responsibilities of a cart pusher:

  • Returning carts to the designated cart storage area.
  • Emptying trash receptacles regularly and picking up loose trash from the parking lot.
  • Inspecting carts for damage periodically and informing management of any problems.
  • Answering basic customer questions whenever possible.
  • Assisting customers with loading large purchases.

Working Hours

Mostly, this is a part-time position that requires 20 to 30 hours each week.

Very seldom there appear full-time cart pusher openings for a full-time week with 40 hours.

Typically, full-time positions are obtained only internally by the existing workers.

The shifts in this position are really diverse.

Cart pushers may choose to work in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings.

Some Walmart locations that are open 24/7 may also require overnight shifts.

Additional hours may be involved during the holiday seasons.

Work Environment

The first thing to consider is that the work takes place outside.

So, you should be comfortable working in various weather such as rain, hot temperatures, snow.

Besides, this position is physically demanding and requires pushing and pulling.

Due to the physical nature of the job, some medical conditions can be aggravated.

Besides, you should know how to and be comfortable operating basic mechanical equipment.

Usually, motorized devices can be used to push full loads or carts.

You should also be prepared to work under direct supervision.

Salary Information

The initial pay of a cart pusher at Walmart is usually $9 per hour.

There is not much room for a higher initial salary since the position is entry-level with minimal qualifications required.

Besides the wages, cart pushers can also benefit from an employee discount for in-store purchases.

Those who obtain a full-time position are also eligible for a 401k, vacation time, and health insurance.


The position of a cart pusher at Walmart can be an excellent choice for you if you are looking for a physically active job with limited social interaction.

The starting pay is decent with additional benefits available for the full-time employees and limited benefits for all associates.

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