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Office Administrator Job Description

The employment rate of the office administrator position is projected to grow by only 2%.

Additionally, with the advancement of technology, many tasks of an office administrator can be done by software, so it’s expected that technology will eventually replace office administrators.

However, some tasks can only be done by humans.

Every aspiring office administrator should possess a certain set of skills and personal qualities.

However, educational requirements are minimal for this position while the payment is quite decent, so the position of an office administrator is typically sought-after.

Responsibilities and requirements of an office administrator can vary from one workplace to another since there are many types of office administrators, which depend on the type of office.

For example, in various industries, office administrators have different requirements.

Thus, the duties and requirements of a medical office administrator will be different from a business office administrator.

Job Overview

Office administrators make on average $33,200 per year

This number was reported as a median salary in May 2015.

The job of an office administrator can vary significantly depending on the employer.

Surely, there is a range of tasks common for all the office administrator positions, but some tasks can differ drastically.

However, not all responsibilities are completely different in various settings.

An experienced office administrator always has more tasks and responsibilities that a new one.

For example, the duties of a chief administrative officer are significantly different from the tasks of an administrative assistant.

However, the chief officer can delegate some of their least urgent or essential tasks to the administrative assistant.

Office Administrator job

In general, an office administrator ensures the smooth operation of the office by performing an array of tasks without which an office could be mayhem.

The job can be highly dissatisfying because many people take the smooth running of the office for granted.

However, it can be quite fulfilling for those who love to keep things in order and stay in control.


It can be quite difficult to distinguish specific responsibilities for just one office administrator position since there are many types of office administrators.

For instance, senior office administrators perform the same tasks as office administrators, but for senior management.

Also, depending on the office, the types of office administrators can be different.

Responsibilities of a senior office administrator include the following:

  • Assisting the office staff with keeping files and databases clean and organized.
  • Organizing presentations, reports, correspondence, proposals, and memos.
  • Assigning various jobs and tasks to the personnel and office staff.
  • Monitoring office operations.
  • Scheduling appointments and meetings for the upper-level personnel.
  • Being a liaison and a go-to person to handle inquiries and office conflicts.
  • Managing the schedule of the staff.
  • Tracking the office supplies inventory.
  • Placing and approving the orders for all supplies.
  • Assisting with the budgeting and expense preparation for the department.
  • Supervising the administrative staff.

On the other hand, the tasks and responsibilities of an office administrative assistant include the following:

  • Answering and redirecting phone calls.
  • Tracking and maintaining the contacts lists.
  • Scheduling and preparing meetings and appointments.
  • Preparing and distributing correspondence, such as faxes, forms, memos, and letters.
  • Assisting with scheduled reports.
  • Creating and maintaining filing systems.
  • Ordering office supplies.
  • Handle travel arrangements.
  • Arranging and submitting expense reports.
  • Providing general support to the visitors.


Additionally to the educational background and work experience, office administrators need a set of skills, qualities, and abilities necessary to be even considered for the job.

The qualities and skills include:

  • Proven experience as an office administrator or administrative assistant.
  • Understanding of a variety of office systems and management procedures.
  • Excellent time-management skills.
  • Ability to multitask.
  • Ability to set priorities.
  • Highly detail-oriented.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Superior verbal and written communication skills.
  • Advanced planning skills.
  • Superb organizational skills.
  • Proficiency in the Microsoft Office package and other office-related software.

Training and Qualifications

The educational requirements for an office administrator are minimal.

The average employer in the US requires only a high school diploma and some work experience.

Larger companies may require more advanced education, such as an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Of course, with additional qualifications, certifications, and degrees, the chances of getting a job are a lot higher.

Aspiring office administrators can start off with various programs and courses, regardless of the setting, be it business, non-profit, legal, or even church.

You can find courses related to office administration in various industries, including customer service, business ethics and writing, communication, law, accounting, and more.

Anyone working in the administration area can benefit from such courses.

Besides, in some offices, you can receive some on-the-job training, specifically including filing and note-taking systems.


Similar to other jobs requiring years of work in a single place, one has higher chances to get the job with experience.

Some employers hire candidates with less experience if they demonstrate superior skills during the interview, but the experience is always an advantage.

Some employers hire office administrators only with some experience.

However, if you have the required skills and can properly present them but don’t have that much experience, you have all chances to win the job over someone with a lot of experience but not doing their job well.

Career Outlook

The career outlook for the office administrator job and salary isn’t that positive.

The employment rate is expected to grow by only 2% until 2024.

The first reason for this is the continuous advancement of technology and security for most positions.

Typically, if the position of an office administrator is filled in, it remains so for years.

In fact, very few administrators switch jobs since, over time, the workload only gets easier.

This position is one of the most sought-after jobs in the administration.

It offers a decent salary and high job security.

Additionally, the job requirements are low and job satisfaction is high, so many people are interested in the position of an office administrator.

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