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Marketing Coordinator Job Description

Companies, government agencies, and non-profits use a variety of media forms and events to promote their products, services, and brands.

The marketing coordinator job includes tasks, skills, and experience that help make these marketing and promotion programs successful.

What Does a Marketing Coordinator Do

Marketing coordinators oversee multiple projects and events.

They handle the preparation of campaigns or events, including staging, reserving space, designing, providing supplies, and booking participants.

Upon completion of a campaign, a marketing coordinator should gather results and feedback and convey them to management.

Marketing Coordinator job


  • Develop and coordinate presentations, commercials, radio jingles, online campaigns, special events, etc.
  • Monitor the planning and implementation of marketing programs and campaigns.
  • Manage and provide content for social media pages or the website.
  • Research and identify trends and segments of the market.
  • Pass the market trends, sales data, customer questions, and comments, etc., to the sales department.
  • Serve as a point of connection between the company and vendors, advertising agencies, buyers, media, etc.
  • Monitor the implementation of special events, product sampling or demonstrations.
  • Collect feedback on events, samples, and demonstrations and communicate it to the company.

Essential Skills


Marketing coordinators frequently speak on the public and communicate with multiple people inside and outside the company.

They should deliver clear instructions to the employees during events or campaigns and listen to feedback from buyers, vendors, customers, etc.


Marketing coordinators should be able to manage people and resources efficiently to ensure the success of a project.

Management skills also imply the ability to delegate tasks, set deadlines for completing tasks, answer employees’ questions, and ensure that the tasks are accomplished.


Marketing coordinators need excellent attention to detail to complete campaigns, events, and other projects successfully.

For example, they have to ensure correct spelling in brochures, press releases, and other literature.

They also must contain correct information on dates, times, locations, as well as the purposes of events.

Coordinators should also ensure that the space for the event is reserved and prepared properly.


Marketing coordinators interact with multiple parties, such as vendors, suppliers, management, staff, media representatives, etc.

They should be able to answer questions and deliver comments to these groups while acting courteously and professionally.


Marketing coordinators need skills with design, social media, publishing to promote events, companies, and their products.


To create an effective marketing campaign, coordinators need to understand the results of surveys concerning customer satisfaction, product samples, and more.

How to Become a Marketing Coordinator

Marketing coordinators usually have a college education and accumulate experience in positions related to promotions and marketing.

They should also be proficient in computers and digital technology to do their job.

Training and Qualifications

Marketing coordinators usually have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or business administration.

They may have taken other majors such as public relations or communications.

However, some employers prefer candidates with a master’s degree.

Students can gain practical experience in promotions, marketing, and public relations through internships.

Aspiring marketing coordinators may find internships or summer jobs with sports teams, advertising agencies, athletic departments, or various non-profit organizations.


Most employers seek candidates with experience in communications, event planning or coordination, marketing, public relations or advertising.

Some companies prefer marketing coordinators that have experience in graphic design, web design, sales, or management.

Working Hours

Marketing coordinators usually work full-time and can be expected to work after standard hours and weekdays.

They have to attend promotions and events, which mostly take place in the evenings, during the day, and often on the weekends.

Depending on the workplace, marketing coordinators may have to be available for media broadcasts and interviews which may take place in the early mornings.

Marketing coordinators may also have to travel overnight.

Besides, they may have to establish the presence of companies and products at trade shows, fairs, sporting, and other events.

Career Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment in the “Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Managers” sector should increase by 9% by 2024.

Marketing coordinators and other professionals increase the awareness of the brands and offerings, especially on social media and online.

With the use of computers, tablets, phones, and other devices, companies can virtually display their messages.

So professionals with skills in the internet and social media marketing will stay in demand.

With the importance of marketing to the revenue and sales of the companies, marketing coordinators are less likely to be affected by the downsizing.

The PayScale reports that the average salary of marketing coordinators is $41,087, and can range between 30,443 and $55,187.

Also, with experience and great performance, marketing coordinators can advance to marketing managers or directors.


Marketing coordinators oversee various campaigns and promotional events.

They should be able to manage people and time, pay attention to detail, and present images and messages to attract customers.

While the average salary is $41,087, the quality of work and experience can help these employees advance to higher roles of marketing directors or managers and receive a higher salary.

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