Dress To Impress For Your Online Video Calls

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Dress To Impress For Your Online Video Calls

62% of people follow a casual dress policy if they are working from home.

It is important to remember, however, that even though you may not be seen in person, the way that you dress has an impact on the impression your colleagues have.

Human Resource Development Quarterly published a study that found that if you dress in formal business attire, you will be considered to be more competent, authoritative, and trustworthy.

This is why what you wear during your online video calls and vocational training sessions really matters.

Your Style Should Be Smart

Research published by Entrepreneur found that 20% of employees believe that people who dress casually for work were “slackers.” 55% said that you work more productively if you are dressed smartly.

66% of people said that senior managers should definitely be better dressed than their employees.

How you dress leaves a lasting impression, so right from the start of your vocational training, make the effort with your clothes, even if it is for an online video call.

Choosing Your Jewelry

Wearing jewelry is one of the ways that we accessorize and make an outfit feel polished.

This can give you confidence in a meeting or training session.

When you choose your jewelry for your online meeting, go for a bit of sparkle to frame your face.

A delicate necklace is always a timeless classic and is understated without being brash.

It can also add a point of interest to your outfit.

If you are wearing earrings, make sure that they are matching and complement your other jewelry well.

The Classic Office Look

For both men and women, a classic dress shirt is always a good option for an online meeting.

If it is a formal occasion, such as a job interview, then men should consider wearing a tie.

Even in the summer months when it is warm, you should dress as you would do for the office, with a suit jacket or blazer if it is appropriate.

Make sure that your nails are neat, and if you are wearing nail varnish, make sure that it is not chipped, as this will stand out if you are gesticulating.

When you are taking vocational training courses online or having a meeting with work colleagues, it is important to dress well.

Your clothes instantly make an impression, so you should always make an effort to look smart.

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