How Much Does Teaching Certificate Cost?

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$ Online Teaching Certificate: $10,000-$30,000 $ $ Master's Degree Program: $12,000-$74,000 $ $ $ Bachelor's Degree Program: $25,000-$100,000+

Many teachers apply for getting a teaching license after receiving a bachelor’s or master’s degree in education, while others decide to teach after graduating with a degree in another subject.

Those future teachers must first complete a teaching certificate program.

Typical Costs

The online program for teaching certificate costs between $10,000 and $30,000.

Drexel University in Philadelphia, for example, provides a 30-credit online teaching certification program for $22,500, including coursework on specialized instruction based on the grade-level interest of the individual, and supervised field experience.

The program is designed for career-changers and people with a degree in another field, as it will prepare students for a teaching career in any state.

For example, Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia secures online accelerated teacher certification for the sum of $17,500, which is ideal for working professionals who are looking for a career change.

The price for the bachelor’s degree program in education starts from $25,000 at state universities and reaches $100,000 or more at private universities.

According to the College Board report for 2010, the average tuition and fees were $7,605 per year for in-state tuition and $19,595 for out-of-state tuition at public colleges and universities.

This tuition is equal to an average cost of $30,400 (for resident) and $78,400 (for non-resident) who are after a four-year bachelor’s degree.

The sum does not include room and board, which adds an extra of $8,545 per year.

At the same time, a master’s degree program in education usually costs between $12,000-$74,000.

The Master of Education at the University of Washington Bothell, for example, costs $26,200 for residents or $52,000 for non-residents.

What Is Included

The popular teacher training or teaching certificate programs have to follow the state guidelines to prepare individuals for a career in education.

The certification requirements for each state are available through the Education Testing Service.

Indiana, for example, requires all teachers to hold a bachelor’s degree, to complete approved teacher education coursework which has special education training, then pass the Praxis tests, and complete CPR-Heimlich Maneuver training paying a licensing fee of $35.

Additional Costs

The applicant costs can go up when the testing fees of $120-$300 are added.

For example, the Praxis Tests cost $50 for registration plus $65-$150 for individual tests, several required by a state.

A great deal of the states requires teachers to pass Praxis Tests before they receive a teaching license, which adds $30-$40 so that the individual’s score reports are sent to a specific state for licensure.

The state of Texas has developed its required teacher certification testing for the sum of $120 per test.

As a rule, the different tests are required for teachers with different concentrations, including special education, and those guidelines are discussed as part of a certified teacher training program.

The teachers’ licensing fees are between $35-$200, to be paid after passing any required tests and meeting additional licensing requirements.

The Connecticut initial education certificate, for example, costs $200; while in New York, the initial teaching certificate costs $50 for those who have completed a traditional education degree program or can get to $100 for those who have earned certification through alternative certification requirements.


Specific organizations funded by the state like Texas Teaching Fellows and national organisations such as Teach for America provide an excellent opportunity to find a teaching job with full salary and benefits before getting a teaching certificate.

When accepted, teachers usually complete their certification throughout a two-year fellowship, by taking courses at night or during the weekends while they work.

These programs usually include discounted teacher training or student loans assistance, plus intensive summer training.

Those states that have a high demand for teachers can institute additional programs to get qualified teachers at school.

The Alaska Transition to the Teaching program, for example, offers a low-cost teacher training certification program for applicants looking for their initial teaching certificate, with fees of $611 for the entire plan.

Shopping for a Teaching Certificate

  • Guidelines for teacher certification are different for each state, that have their certification process.
  • The National Center for Education Information provides teacher certification guidelines for every state, as well as help for individuals who have earned a non-education degree and want to start a teaching career.
  • presents a breakdown of teaching certificate programs, bachelor’s programs and master’s programs in education.

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