How Much Does Welding Training Cost?

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$ Associate's Degree in Welding: $2,000-$31,000 $ $ Bachelor's Degree in Welding: $40,000-$100,000

Welders several in the classroom or on-the-job through informal or formal apprenticeships.

They should complete a certificate program starting in entry-level jobs or joining an apprenticeship, while students that are completing a bachelor’s degree can start in managerial or engineering positions.

Typical Costs

The welding training programs come at the price of $5,000-$15,000 at technical schools and community colleges; lasting for two years and ending up in a certificate of completion.

Modern Welding School in Schenectady, N.Y., for example, provides a three-month welding program for the sum of $6,000, which includes tuition, fees and materials.

At the same time, Alexandria Technical & Community College in Minnesota, provides a one-year welding technology certificate for $7,000 in tuition and fees, while the Welder Training and Testing Institute in Allentown, PA, offers a nine-month program for $8,100.

Welding associate’s degree is priced between $2,000-$31,000.

For example, Austin Community College in Texas costs $1,900 for residents and $11,430 for non-residents.

The Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI, state residents pay $20,880 while out-of-state tuition costs $31,320 for the two-year associate’s degree in welding.

A bachelor’s degree in welding could reach the sum between $40,000-$100,000 and can last for four years.

For example, Ferris State University costs $41,760 for state residents or $62,640 for non-residents who are completing a bachelor’s degree in welding engineering technology.

A bachelor’s degree in welding and fabrication engineering technology from Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport costs $54,360 for state residents or $68,040 for non-residents.

In general, welders with bachelor’s degrees or higher degrees can become welding supervisors, inspectors, instructors or engineers.

Normally, the apprenticeships in welding cost $0-$1,300 and last for 3-5 years.

For example, South Florida Associated General Contractors provides formal welding apprenticeships at no cost to the student, since the fees are paid by the public school system and the books are for by the sponsoring contractor or welding firm.

The state licensing for welders comes at the price of $25-$250 and qualifications can vary by state or municipality.

Pittsburgh, for example, charges an $87 permit fee for welders, and the fees in Mississippi is $200 plus $50 for each additional license obtained.

The welding certification costs $275-$1,100 for various certifications within the field.

Tthe American Welding Society, for example, provides welding instructor certification for $825 for non-members or $1,040 for members.

What Is Included

  • The training in welding covers courses in shop mathematics, blueprint reading, mechanical drawing, physics and chemistry, electricity and computers according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Education Portal states that a certificate in welding may include coursework in cutting systems, metal fabrication and welding processes.
  • The associate’s degree includes a wider range of welding, fabrication and drafting techniques than a certificate program such as constructing jigs, flame shaping and welding symbols.
  • The bachelor’s degree includes training on welding leadership and design providing coursework in metallurgy, welding computer programming and engineering.

Additional Costs

  • The additional fees for welding students covers equipment fees and books, housing and meals  for the sum of $500-$10,000, based on the program and location.
  • The Albany Weld-Trade School in Albany, OR, for example, charges a $600 equipment fee for a 10-week program.
  • The additional costs at the Maritime Welding program in Jacksonville, FL, which lasts for 16 weeks, include $4,000 for housing and meals, $800 in lab fees, $721 for equipment, $240 for books and $65 for a physical examination.
  • The welding tools and safety equipment could be about $500-$1,200.
  • Alfred State SUNY College of Technology in Alfred, N.Y., for example, requires a $1,000 cost for tools, $150 for safety equipment, and a $700 welding rod.


  • Scholarships are offered to qualified applicants who are attending a welding training program.
  • The American Welding Society, for example, sponsors a number of scholarships of $500-$3,000 for students who are entering a welding education program.
  • The welding tools are available for the student to purchase at a reduced cost.
  • The Olympic College in Bremerton, WA, requires safety equipment and tools for $780 with an educational discount.
  • The used welding equipment can be found from retailers at a reduced price.

Shopping for Welding Training

The American Welding Society has an useful and searchable database of welding training programs by state.

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