How Much Does Masonry and Bricklayer Training Cost?

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$ Masonry Certificate: $1,200-$9,000

Brickmasons (further known as bricklayers), stonemasons and block masons could learn from working alongside experienced masons or by completing a formal training program at a vocational college or technical school.

The formal apprenticeships last 3-4 years and offer extensive training.

Typical Costs

In general, the price of the masonry certificate is between $1,200-$9,000 and takes 1-2 years to complete at a technical college or vocational school.

For instance, the Milwaukee Area Technical College requests $4,100 for state residents or $5,800 for non-residents that are covering the one-year masonry diploma.

At the same time, a one-year masonry certificate program at Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College in Shell Lake, WI, costs $4,080.

The students could then continue to an apprenticeship after they get a certificate or diploma program.

The masonry certificate program teaches the students the basics of stonework and bricklaying, reading diagrams and blueprints, as well as cost estimating.

A price of the masonry apprenticeship ranks between $0-$1,750.

There are masonry apprenticeship programs in Tennessee and Ohio, for example, with no costs for the apprentice, who can also earn a partial wage during a training on-the-job.

At the same time, The Phoenix Bricklaying & Tilesetting Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee provides a three-year apprenticeship for the sum of $1,100 for classroom fees.

These apprentices receive up to 60% of the wage during their first year and more during the next two years.

The licensing and certification for masons cost $50-$150.

The licenses to masonry workers in Virginia are $150 for two years, while the contractor licensing fees in North Carolina is $50-$100 per year, based on the number of licenses obtained, while Massachusetts charges $150.

The voluntary certification from the American Institute of Construction and Constructor Certification Commission is priced $155 to apply and up to $535 for the test fee and certification.

Those contractors that take the exam can use the letters AC or CPC after their titles and are recognized for setting high ethical standards in the construction industry.

The industry trade group American Mason Contractors Association provides voluntary three-year certification for masonry businesses for $600 per company.

What Is Included

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the masonry or bricklayer training needs to include hands-on experience in mixing and spreading mortar, setting stone, laying brick and block.

Classroom instruction includes blueprint reading, mathematics, and design or layout work.

The formal apprenticeship program needs to include a minimum of 144 hours of classroom instruction, followed by 3-4 years of job training.

The local unions, trade groups, and contractors can sponsor formal apprenticeships in masonry and bricklaying.

Additional Costs

The additional costs for a masonry student range from a few hundred for tools and uniforms to several thousand for room and board.

According to Michigan’s Department of Labor, at the Maine School of Masonry, one year of accommodation costs $4,000, while the hand tools may cost $100-$400.

A student tool kit at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, IA, estimates $125-$200.

The Marshalltown Bricklayer Apprentice Tool Kit, for example, costs $120 and includes a canvas tool bag, wood line blocks and line winder, brick trowels and brick jointer.


The industry trade groups usually offer scholarships to students that are part of the masonry or bricklaying program.

Scholarship programs are offered by The Washington Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers and the New York Bricklayers & Allied Craftworks.

Shopping For Masonry And Bricklayer Training

  • Accredited training programs in masonry and bricklaying are offered at The Mason Contractors Association of America.
  • The National Contractors presents masonry or bricklayer license requirements and fees by state.

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