How Much Does Makeup Artist School Cost?

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$ Typical: $7,000-$17,000+

Makeup artists usually work in weddings and fashion, film and television, and in retail stores where they apply makeup and provide instruction in the application of makeup.

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the employment opportunities in the beauty sphere are expected to grow significantly, however most new jobs will be in salons and retail stores.

According to the OOH, around 2,100 people in the U.S. are currently employed as theatrical and performance makeup artists, and approx. 3,000 makeup artists will work in this field after 2016.

Typical Costs

The makeup artistry schools are in general private, and therefore the tuition can be high, ranging from $7,000 to $17,000.

School of International Makeup EI has a fee of $12,750 for a 12-month program in makeup artistry, which covers courses such as photography and fashion, as well as theatrical makeup applications.

Popular Programs

At the same time, the MUD’s Fashion Makeup Artistry Program program at the Los Angeles campus costs $11,000, while preparing students for work in retail, entertainment and bridal industries.

The makeup kits can be costly but are a necessary expense.

A list of makeup kits is offered by EI as an extra $1,500, while MUD tells students to expect to pay $2,200 for makeup kits.

What Is Included

  • As a rule, the training includes in-class instruction and practice on live models and starts with basic makeup application, including makeup for weddings.
  • Then the training moves on to more advanced skills, including applying makeup with air pressure tools, high fashion or avant-garde makeup application and makeup for different skin tone and ethnicity.
  • The advanced make-up courses for students training to work in television, theatre or movies can include instruction in creating characters through the use of makeup and applying prosthetics.
  • Training in hairstyling could also be included for students who want to work primarily in fashion.
  • А portfolio development (photos of a student’s work – a resume on job interviews) is also part of some make-up training programs.

Additional Costs

Certain states, like New York, for example, insist makeup artists are licensed, however, this requirement is not universal.


  • Schools such as EI in Los Angeles are approved for federal financial aid Stafford Loans, Pell Grants, and for GI bill assistance.
  • Certain schools, such as Westmore Academy, provide own monthly payment plans and loan programs.

Shopping For Makeup Artist School

  • Try reading our guide on becoming a cosmetologist for more information.
  • Check the Beauty School Directory for a webpage that presents links to the licensing boards of most states, for licensing requirements by state.
  • Admissions office usually provide information about the past graduate’s success, including their pass rates for licensing exams and also job placement rates.

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