The Best Bench Grinders for 2024

Best Bench Grinders - Top Picks, Reviews & Complete Buying Guide

Bench grinders are machines designed to grind almost every item.

The number of its possible usages is great and it depends on which wheel you add.

A bench grinder can shape, sharpen, polish or clean any metal  or wooden object.

Bench grinders are standard equipment in any woodshop or metal industry.

If you have already made a decision that you want to get a bench grinder, then you are on the right place, where you can find all the necessary information leading to the perfect choosing of a bench grinder.

What we offer you is a detailed list of top bench grinders available on the market as well as a buyer’s guide with things of vital importance to consider prior to purchasing your new bench grinder.

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Top Rated Bench Grinders

Model Rating Buy Now
Metabo DS 200 8-Inch Bench GrinderMetabo DS 200 8-Inch Bench Grinder
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DEWALT DW756 6-inch BenchgrinderDEWALT DW756 6-inch Benchgrinder
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DEWALT DW758 Bench-Grinding ToolDEWALT DW758 Bench-Grinding Tool
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POWERTEC BGSS801 Bench GrinderPOWERTEC BGSS801 Bench Grinder
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JET 577102 JBG-8A Bench-GrinderJET 577102 JBG-8A Bench-Grinder
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5 Best Bench Grinders Reviewed

#1. Metabo DS 200 8-Inch Bench Grinder

Top Pick
Metabo DS 200 8-Inch Bench Grinder
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The Metabo DS 200 is number one on our list.

Its weight is 35.9 lbs, so it is considered a heavyweight bench grinder.

This 8-inch bench grinder has aluminum high quality protective covers designed to reduce the vibrations, which is not the case with many of the budget models.

Even though bolting to the bench is suggested, some workers do not bolt this unit. Furthermore, this machine is not noisy at all.

Its motor runs surprisingly smoothly up to 3,570 RPM while the grinder wheels can take a minute or two to a stop after switching off.

It boasts with an easy and quick setup, a dual push on/off button which are in different colors – green and red.

What is even better, the red button is raised slightly so that it can be pressed easily in case of emergency.

The high price is the only disadvantage of the Metabo DS 200, but it is well worth it.

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  • Quality
  • Little vibration
  • Quiet
  • Power


  • Price
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#2. DEWALT DW756 6-inch Benchgrinder

DEWALT DW756 6-inch Benchgrinder
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As it is a very famous brand, DeWalt could not avoid producing one of the best bench grinders as well.

The DeWalt DW756 model is a 6-inch bench grinder, easily used and nicely designed. It comes in the yellow and black colors, which are the colors of the DeWalt brand.

The first and foremost, when choosing a machine, it is important to look for a high quality motor. The DW756 has a 5/8 hp induction motor which produces a high RPM of 3,450 causing very little vibration.

This model has a very competitive price and it is for sure the best bench grinder for the money.

Additional characteristic that is taken as advantage is that this bench grinder has 12.5 inches of distance between the wheels which results in its flexibility to stand longer and larger projects.

DeWalt brand is famous for making high quality devices and this one is not an exception.

Its base is made of cast iron and other parts of aluminum.

This unit is not high-end one so you cannot expect too many features to have but there is a possibility of buying additional accessories and expanding your options.

The only drawback of this device is that the instructions are not provided which can make the setup difficult to be done.

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  • Price
  • Motor
  • Wheels distance


  • Lack of instructions
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#3. DEWALT DW758 Bench-Grinding Tool

DEWALT DW758 Bench-Grinding Tool
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DeWalt was not lazy, so it has produced another great bench grinder model, which is almost as excellent as the previously mentioned one.

The DEWALT DW758 Bench-Grinding Tool has a 3/4 hp induction motor which makes it a powerful unit for home and commercial use.

Its greatest advantage is that it can run at a very impressive 3,600 RPM.

As it is De Walt’s product, quality and durability are not in question.

If you take care of it and maintain your bench grinder well, it will last and work efficiently for many, many years.

The model is equipped with the overload protection, making the life of the motor longer. Additional feature is the tool-free adjustable guard used for quick guard installations.

The quality construction of this model, being that it is made of the rugged cast iron base, results in a very long-lasting bench grinder for all grinding operations.

What makes it even better is a 12.5-inch distance between the wheels, which enables more flexibility.

We mentioned just the advantages of this 8-inch bench grinder, but the fact is that it is not on the top of our list, and with a reason.

Its price is competitive, but the vibration which is produced when in operation is excessive and it even makes the wheels wobble which can be irritating and make your work more difficult.

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  • Amazing RPM
  • Durability


  • Vibration
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#4. POWERTEC BGSS801 Bench Grinder

POWERTEC BGSS801 Bench Grinder
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The next one of the top five is the POWERTEC BGSS801.

This model is the unique 8-inch unit which belongs to slow speed bench grinders.

Being that its RPM of 1725 is slow, this is attributed to the fact that they designed it that way so as to stop tools from overheating which is not the case with other models.

It has a 1/2 hp motor, which is quiet when in operation which is not easily found in other bench grinders.

Due to these great features, the BGSS801 is supposed to be a long lasting device. What makes grinding with this unit easy are the wheels which are 1 inch wide and made of white aluminum oxide, so as not to produce much heat.

Additional advantages are the minimal vibration, reduced by the heavy gauge steel base, but it can only be used for sharpening and light grinding.

It does not have enough power for heavy-duty tasks.

What consumers have notices are problems with unbalanced wheels, but still it is a great bench grinder for lighter applications.

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  • Quiet
  • Wheels
  • Vibration


  • Unbalanced wheel
  • Not good for heavy-duty tasks
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#5. JET 577102 JBG-8A Bench-Grinder

JET 577102 JBG-8A Bench-Grinder
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The steep price of the JET 577102 can come as a surprise to you, but it is designed for industrial grade use as this 8-inch grinder can easily complete a wide range of projects. It boasts with the motor which is 1 hp and provides 3450 RPM which is the power for heavy duty tasks.

When you think about its power, you believe that it does not run smoothly and that vibration it produces is great, but you are totally wrong.

The rubber feet on the unit make the level of noise surprisingly low and the vibration level as well for a bench grinder of its power.

The JET 577102 weight is 56 lbs which is neither light not heavy for this kind of machine.

The long lasting life is ensured by cast iron wheel guards, dust vents and pre-lubricated and sealed ball bearings.

Now, you are wondering why it is the last on the list.

This is due to the fact that its wheels can wobble and require adjustment.

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  • Power
  • Durability
  • Design


  • Wheels
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Bench Grinders: The Ultimate Buying Guide

As you are reading this, you have probably heard about these typical bench grinders designed for DIY in and around the home. But there are also a couple of other types of grinders and those are:

  • Die Grinder: A hand-held rotary tool, used for grinding as well as sanding and polishing metal. Furthermore, the same can be done with wood and plastic.
  • Angle Grinder: A hand-held tool, used for grinding and polishing.

A die grinder is designed for detailed work, so it has to be smaller than an angle grinder and it is very portable. The angle grinder is somewhere between the die grinder and the bench grinder.

It is also portable, but at the same time big enough to grind large surfaces.

Both the die and angle grinders are great as they can be carried, but the power and versatility of the bench grinder cannot be achieved.

What can I use a bench grinder for?

Those interested in buying a bench grinder would probably know all the things that can be done with it.

Still, there are number of different uses that many people are not aware of.

Bench grinders are so versatile tools which can be useful in a number of ways.

  • Carpentry – You can use it while building furniture or renovating your house to smooth the rough areas and level joints.
  • Flooring –  The flooring is nowadays so easier when a bench grinder is used. It will remove grout, raise nail heads much quicker and easier.
  • Painting – It can be helpful even with preparing surfaces to paint as it can swell or remove old paint. In this case, a bench grinder works as sandpaper but with greater efficiency!
  • Plumbing – Bench grinders can also be used for plumbing as you can cut worn out pipes with a grinder or it can help you smooth them out.
  • 6-inch or 8-inch – Bench grinders can be either 6 or 8 inch machines. These numbers represent the size of grinding wheels. The 6-inch is good for home use as it is powerful enough to carry out light tasks, while the 8-inch wheel is designed for professionals.


What are the types of wheels available?

Besides choosing a quality bench grinder, it is also of great importance to choose the right type of wheel.

In order that your work is quicker and easier, you should get acquainted with all the characteristics of available grinding wheels and then pick the one that suits you best.

Firstly, the material that needs grinding can determine the type of wheel you are supposed to use.

You have an aluminum oxide wheel which is designed to be used for grinding steels.

Furthermore, there is a silicon carbide abrasive that should be used for cast iron.

Very hard materials would require a softer grade of wheel, while softer materials require with harder grade wheels.

Here are the types of them:

  • Straight wheel – The most common type of wheel designed for sharpening chisels. It has different sizes and it is best for surface grinding.
  • Cylinder wheel – This is a hollow wheel which can only be used with horizontal or vertical bench grinders. Its size is very large, and by using it you will produce flat surfaces.
  • Tapered wheel – This kind of wheel should be used for grinding threads or gear teeth and it is designed for more delicate work.

There are more types of wheels such as saucer wheels, diamond wheels and cut-off wheels.

We will not speak more about them, as they are very rarely needed for home usage.Bench grinder

What do I need to have in mind prior to buying?

There are five important things you need to have in mind prior to buying a bench.

  • Identify your needs – Once you identify why you need a bench grinder for, half of the work will be done, as it is most important thing to consider before purchase. Finding a suitable bench grinder for you can be difficult, but if you are not sure of how powerful it should be, it is suggested to buy a more powerful one. If you are planning just to sharpen then you should look for a machine with a lower RPM, but the higher RPM is necessary if you will be using it for buffering. Reasonably, it will have a higher price.
  • Decide your budget – The decision-making process can be a little bit easier if you are aware of the amount of money you want to give for a bench grinder. If your budget is not so high, you should avoid the high-end brands and look for those more budget friendly ones. You cannot expect extra quality features in those low-cost one, but still there are models produced by not so famous brands that are of good quality and offer all essential features.
  • Select a reputable brand – It is true that the better brand product you choose, the more money you will have to give for that. But, when it comes to better quality, it is certain that those more expensive ones have improved characteristics and greater durability. Still, there are some lesser-known brands which offer the quality machine at an affordable price. If you are not sure which one to buy, and you have money, then DeWalt and Craftsman models should be your choice.
  • Compare the market – As you have read, we offered only five models which we consider the best and the most popular among customers. However, there are so many other brands offering bench grinders on the market and you can take a look at more reviews before making a decision. If you do not have time for a research, be sure that picking one of those mentioned on this list would not be a mistake. We highly recommend them and we are sure that you will not regret buying any of them.
  • Time to purchase – Once you have made your decision and it is time to buy your new bench grinder, you should check the warranty period that the product comes with. Additionally, you should check whether the grinder has any accessories which cannot be easily bought if needed.  The last thing you need to do is to read all of the instructions well.


Which tool you are going to choose highly depends on your needs and budget.

The more expensive tools are usually more durable and of higher quality, but they require a longer period of time for a good research.

A bench grinder is not like any other tool and the aim of this article was to help you gather the necessary information, save some time with on researching and determine which one of bench grinders is ideal for you.

Being that bench grinders are more popular nowadays, there are many great brands offering quality models at competitive prices.

If you are willing to pay more, you can definitely find high-end bench grinder which can stand heavy operations.

In case you are on a budget, you will have to think about those designed for lighter tasks, as they are usually more affordable.

I hope you liked my article about Bench Grinders, if so, please share or comment.

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