The Best Grout Removal Tools for 2024

Best Grout Removal Tools - Top Picks, Reviews & Complete Buying Guide

Many people would wonder what a grout removal tool is used for.

The frequent users would be able to explain that working on grout removal is the most hated job and the better tool you have the easier and more pleasant work you will get.

Especially, DIYers have a desire to make it painless, and that is why they tend to look for the right tool for it.

As you are reading this, you probably know that there are numerous tools available, but among those many opportunities, you have to choose the most suitable one for your tasks.

We are offering you descriptions of the best five models available and a handy buyers’ guide with additional information related to grout removal tools.

We wanted to make you a well-informed buyer who will turn this highly unpopular job as painless as possible by deciding which one is the best tool on the market.

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Top Rated Grout Removal Tools

Model Rating Buy Now
Oscillating Tool with a Grout Removal Blade (DEWALT DCS355D1 Multi-Tool Kit)Oscillating Tool with a Grout Removal Blade (DEWALT DCS355D1 Multi-Tool Kit)
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Reciprocating Saw with a Grout Grabber Blade (DEWALT DWE305)Reciprocating Saw with a Grout Grabber Blade (DEWALT DWE305)
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Reciprocating Saw with a Grout Grabber Blade (Grout Grabber GG001)Reciprocating Saw with a Grout Grabber Blade (Grout Grabber GG001)
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Rotary Tool with a Grout Removal Accessory (Dremel 4300-5/40 Tool Kit)Rotary Tool with a Grout Removal Accessory (Dremel 4300-5/40 Tool Kit)
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Manual Grout Removal Tools (QEP 10020)Manual Grout Removal Tools (QEP 10020)
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6 Best Grout Removal Tools Reviewed

#1. Oscillating Tool with a Grout Removal Blade (DEWALT DCS355D1 Multi-Tool Kit)

Top Pick
Oscillating Tool with a Grout Removal Blade (DEWALT DCS355D1 Multi-Tool Kit)
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The first one that we want to mention is Oscillating Tool with a Grout Removal Blade.

We present you the DEWALT DCS355D1 Multi-Tool Kit model which is easily used and at the same time, of small size, so you can control it while removing grout.

What is even better, it pulls out grout not turning it into dust.

It is true that it is not designed for heavy-duty jobs, but the fact that it is a compact, light and very easy to control model, it is very attractive to users.

The difference between the DeWalt DCS355D1 and the DWA4220 is that the first one is only as good as the blade you swap in to remove grout, while the latter is a high-speed carbide blade that can work for hours.

The fact is that this model does not turn the dust into a chocking cloud that gets in your nose and eyes and mouth.

The best features of oscillating tools are that they are fast and clean, the DCS3551D1 boasts brushless motor, proved to last long time.

Being that this tool is versatile you can do many other tasks using it, besides removing grout.

However, this is definitely the most expensive option on the market.

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  • Excellent grout removal blade
  • Versatile
  • Durable


  • Expensive
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#2. Reciprocating Saw with a Grout Grabber Blade (DEWALT DWE305)

Reciprocating Saw with a Grout Grabber Blade (DEWALT DWE305)
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When the Reciprocating Saw with a Grout Grabber Blade is in question, we want to present the DEWALT DWE305 model.

It is bigger than an oscillating saw, but still is a good substitute.

The DWE305 is ranking really high and one of its best features is that it gets its power from wall current.

This means that you will have a powerful tool every moment of your work, without having to recharge and change batteries.

Your job of removing grout would be easier, more efficient and more pleasant.

This model boasts durability and it is designed for a heavy duty tasks.

It is not waste of money if you invest in this quite an expensive purchase, as its versatility makes it a good value for money.

The only  drawback is that the tool is a bit heavy, thus a little harder to control at lower speeds.

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  • Durability
  • Great value for money
  • Versatile
  • Corded


  • Not great control at lower speed
  • Weight
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#3. Reciprocating Saw with a Grout Grabber Blade (Grout Grabber GG001)

Reciprocating Saw with a Grout Grabber Blade (Grout Grabber GG001)
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One more model of Reciprocating Saw with a Grout Grabber Blade is the Grout Grabber GG001.

This is a blade which is designed to be used on reciprocating saws to remove grout.

Actually, the manufacturers created a tool which can make any reciprocating saw a grout removal monster.

The reciprocating saw’s drawbacks are that it can jump around at high speed.

What we suggest is to use a reciprocating saw to remove grout slowly until you get used to the saw and the GG001.

The moment you get to know how the saw functions and how it works to remove grout, you would be able to take advantage of the great GG001.

The drawback of this tool is that it can be a bit expensive and it can only be used to remove grout and nothing else.

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  • Excellent on shower grout
  • Design


  • Expensive
  • Difficulty on old, compacted grout
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#4. Rotary Tool with a Grout Removal Accessory (Dremel 4300-5/40 Tool Kit)

Rotary Tool with a Grout Removal Accessory (Dremel 4300-5/40 Tool Kit)
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Those people who already possess a rotary tool would be satisfied to know that they can convert it to a grout removal tool by simply purchasing a cheap accessory.

Our choice is the Dremel 4300-5/40 Tool Kit which is the best one on the market for a rotary tool.

Its advantages are that it is quiet and easy to control.

It boasts its 1.8 amp motor which is the most powerful on the market.

When the comfortability is in question, the tool is lightweight and ergonomic .

The initial investment in this tool would be great, but the purchasing of the 4300-5/40 would be of great benefit to your home inventory, due to the fact that it is versatile tool kit which will enable you to do drilling, shaping, sharpening, and cutting.

What you get for a reasonable price are additional bits for additional jobs.

Its drawback is related to disadvantages of rotary tools in general.

It requires an eighth of an inch gap between tiles to operate the bit.

Make sure not to chip the tiles if you are not very careful when working with it.

This tool is not designed for a big job, so you might want to look for another model for heavy-duty tasks.

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  • Not loud when in operation
  • Versatile
  • A snap to control


  • Requires 1/8th an inch of space
  • Can chip tiles
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#5. Manual Grout Removal Tools (QEP 10020)

Manual Grout Removal Tools (QEP 10020)
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The next way of removing grout is by the Manual Grout Removal Tools, but bear in mind that this task has a terrible reputation just because removing it by hand can be time-consuming, difficult, unpleasant and frustrating.

So, the majority of users would recommend that you use a power tool for this task, but there are situations when you have to do it by hand, as the task is very small one.

Our choice for this kind of job is the QEP 10020 designed for just a little work.

We recommend you the QEP 10020 as the best tool to use as it make you able to get the nice and clean finished product of your work.

The great thing about this tool is that it scrapes out most grout with relative ease and allows you to get at the hard to reach chunks.

As it is inexpensive, you can buy a few of them and not worry it if loses its edge.

However, this is not a tool for major projects, but just for small manual tasks when so much better powered options are not useful.

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  • Functions well
  • Detailed grout removal
  • Price
  • Great complementary tool


  • Requires a long time
  • Useful only for small jobs
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#6. Angle Grinder (PORTER-CABLE PC60TPAG)

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The last one on our list, but definitely not the least is the Angle Grinder which is a tool designed for massive amounts of grout.

It will not only remove the grout quickly but very efficiently as well.

However, what many people find it as a weakness is that it is really loud and requires a hefty gap between tiles.

Another disadvantage is that it will create a lot of choking dust, making your work environment both unpleasant and unhealthy.

However, there are situations when angle grinders are a valuable tool in removing grout, and that is when there are long lines of it.

When a big project is in question, an angled grinder is irreplaceable.

That is why we suggest you to buy the best of angle grinders – the Porter Cable’s PC60TPAG.

It is a powerful tool which is at the same time lightweight  and easy to control.

The price is also reasonable and it can be said that the PC60TPAGis the great value for money.

This is an excellent overall addition to your tool inventory which does not have a lot of flaws.

The drawbacks are that it is noisy when in operation and  creates a cloud of dust, so wearing a dust mask would be of great benefit to your health.

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  • Great value for money
  • Powerful
  • Light
  • Versatile


  • Noise
  • A lot of dust
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Grout Removal Tools: The Ultimate Buying Guide

The removal of grout is the task that the majority of workers would like to be non-existent, as it requires a lot of time and effort, especially if you do not have the useful tool for that.

That is why we have offered you descriptions of models that rank high  and which can be helpful to you as they will be used to help ease the pain, to speed up the process of grout removal and to make it a lot less irritating.

As you could see, we mentioned a few of models which can be used both for this job, as well as for some other tasks, making them more of a wise choice.

Now, if you still have doubts on which one to choose, and do not have more time to put into research, you can just continue reading and find the additional beneficial information which will definitely help you make that important decision.

We know that no one wants to spend too much money, if he/she can get the same quality tool for much less, but you have to bear in mind that sometimes the price equals the quality of the product.Angle grinder

How to determine which tool is the right one for me?

So as to be able to determine the right tool for the job, you will have to have in mind the nature of the job you need to do.

When this tool is in question, the amount of gap between the tiles is something that will determine how you ought to remove it and which tool is the best for that exact kind of task.

We have suggested a power tool to reduce the amount of work, as manual tools are so time consuming and can be so irritating working with them.

However, in case your work area is small, you do not have to spend money on expensive power tools, as the manual tool would do the job efficiently.

The power tools are designed for tasks when you have more grout to replace and what we suggest are oscillating tools.

This is because they are easily controllable and remove grout without creating a lot of dust.

The only drawback of oscillating tool is that they are not designed for large jobs.

Another good option is a reciprocating saw, a lot more powerful tool, which power has to be held back until you learn how to handle on it.

You can also choose an angle grinder and a rotary tool which require a minimum of a 1/8th inch between tiles.

Rotary grout removers are great as they do not chip your tiles, while angle grinders tend to be noisy and create a lot of dust.

Is price significant?

The only tool that is expensive among the above mentioned models is the DeWalt oscillating tool.

All the others do not cost a lot of money, especially the hand tools.

However, you should know that the work with them is the most limited.

Oscillating tools, reciprocating saws, angle grinders, and rotary tools boast versatility so if you have more money, it is suggested buying one of these power tools as the tasks they can do around the house are numerous and the work would be definitely easier and more efficient with them.

What about safety?

When it comes to safety, whichever model you decide to buy you would need knee pads, eye protection and a dust mask.

The majority of the above mentioned tools will create a cloud of dust which is bad for your health and can make breathing for difficult.

Furthermore, flying specks of stuff that can get into your eyes and you would spend quite a lot of time on your knees while working, so padding would be very useful to reduce stress on those.Saw


Which model you will choose depends on the amount of work you have to do.

If you plan to remove grout in your home, a good choice can be an oscillating tool.

The DeWalt DCS355D1combined with the DeWalt’s DWA4220 blade is the best grout-removal tool, but at the same time the most expensive.

When the reciprocating saws are in question, as a good alternative, we suggest buying the DWE305 with the Grout Grabber GG001 blade.

Rotary tools are also useful, but they can chip tiles.

If you think that you will save money by buying a manual tool, you are wrong.

This kind of tool is only designed for small jobs and it is only good as a complement to a power tool.

Angle grinders are there for long lines of grout, but their disadvantages are that they are noisy and create a lot of dust.

The Porter Cable PC60TPAG is a powerful tool worth consideration.

Now, we believe that our buyers’ guide was full of useful purchase tips which have helped you make the right decision.

I hope you liked my article about Grout Removal Tools, if so, please share or comment.

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