The Best Manual Post Hole Diggers for 2024

Best Manual Post Hole Diggers - Top Picks, Reviews & Complete Buying Guide

Manual post hole diggers are relatively simple tools, but there are still many of considerations that you do not know and that you should think about before making your decision which one to buy.

What every user advices is to do the research by going through the reviews made by satisfied and dissatisfied users and make the best purchase possible.

That way you will get all the information so as to completely understand the features and characteristics of hole diggers.

That is the reason why we performed the tests, studied the market, made a list of the best options available and now we want to share it with you.

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Top Rated Manual Post Hole Diggers

Model Rating Buy Now
Fiskars 60 Inch Steel Manual Posthole DiggerFiskars 60 Inch Steel Manual Posthole Digger
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The AMES Companies 1715100 Manual Post Hole DiggerThe AMES Companies 1715100 Manual Post Hole Digger
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Poor value relative to the FiskarsPoor value relative to the Fiskars
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AMES 78002 Manually-Operated Posthole DiggerAMES 78002 Manually-Operated Posthole Digger
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Bully Tools 92384 Manual Post Hole Digger-Tool Bully Tools 92384 Manual Post Hole Digger-Tool
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* Ratings are based on Editor's own opinion.

5 Best Manual Post Hole Diggers Reviewed

#1. Fiskars 60 Inch Steel Manual Posthole Digger

Top Pick
Fiskars 60 Inch Steel Manual Posthole Digger
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Number one on our list is the Fiskars 60 inch steel posthole digger.

According to our opinion, this is definitely the best of the best due to its construction made of lightweight stainless steel which is the ideal solution both for maneuverability and durability.

So, we can claim that the wear and tear will not be much of an issue here.

The design of this tool consists of the handles that deliver 12 extra inches of deepness as you dig your postholes, which means that you are enabled to use this tool for a wider range of tasks.

The tool is lightweight causing almost no fatigue.

However, even though it is number on, this unit is not perfect, being that it is not optimal for constant rigorous use and that its sturdy design is not durable enough as the tool broke within a year of intense activity.

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  • Made of steel
  • Light
  • Deep Holes
  • Offset Handles


  • Not designed for constant use
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#2. The AMES Companies 1715100 Manual Post Hole Digger

The AMES Companies 1715100 Manual Post Hole Digger
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The Ames Companies 1715100 model is the one that features a nice, ergonomic design which is the first thing that catches attention.

The comfortable hand position and the grips make your work quite comfortable.

This unit has many features which are considered positive such as durability due to an all-steel construction, and lightweight which improves the quality and easiness of work.

When the negative side is in question, we noticed that this tool is far more expensive than our top pick while still not capable of digging that deeply.

We believe that this may be an attractive option for you, but that there are models with a little bit more value.

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  • Made of steel
  • Ergonomic
  • Light


  • Poor value relative to our top pick
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#3. Poor value relative to the Fiskars

Poor value relative to the Fiskars
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The third place is usually taken by the tool which has the title “best for the money”.

In this category, the place is taken by the Seymour Structron Hercules, designed for a budget buyer.

If this is going to be an option to consider, we need to speak about many other features of this product than just the price.

The Seymour boasts its sheer rugged design and it is used by some professionals meaning that those who plan to use it for occasional tasks would have no problem at all.

Besides the strength which is great feature, the tool has an ergonomic padded handle designed to make the work more comfortable and it is able to consistently dig deep, neat holes.

Now, there have to be some reasons why this tool is not in the top two slots.

The greatest problem with this unit is its weight.

The job is done by hands and id the tool is heavy, it difficult to use it for extended periods of time.

It is true that the tool is built to last and that it is a good tool at a really good price, but if you need to work long hours with it, we suggest buying other less heavy model.

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  • Great value for the money
  • Durability
  • Ergonomic


  • Weight
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#4. AMES 78002 Manually-Operated Posthole Digger

AMES 78002 Manually-Operated Posthole Digger
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If you consider this model as a possible choice, we will have to tell you both pros and cons.

Let’s start with positive features of the AMES 78002 Manually-Operated Posthole Digger.

The 78002 is the least expensive option so it is budget friendly and the right tool for those who cannot afford a better quality one.

It is a light tool so people who will work with it for extended periods of time would consider this a great feature.

What we have found as its biggest problem is the design as it is made of wood construction with a steel head.

The wood construction is not that durable and prone to wear and tear.

It is not sturdy and definitely not for heavy duty tasks.

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  • Price


  • Wood
  • Uncomfortable
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#5. Bully Tools 92384 Manual Post Hole Digger-Tool

 Bully Tools 92384 Manual Post Hole Digger-Tool
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The Bully Tools 92384 is the last model which looks pretty good, being that it is lightweight, steel, and has a lifetime warranty.

At first sight, all these characteristics are attractive and everything sounds great.

However, once you start using it, you realize that the tool does not perform quite as well due to the hinge mechanism which is unfortunately prone to bending and distortion,.

You will only then be aware of the fact that the tool does not operate the way you expect it to do.

Bully Tools are good yard equipment, but definitely not suitable for a heavy-duty use.

Those who are in need of a good durable posthole digger should avoid this model.

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  • Light


  • Hinging mechanism prone to wear and tear
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Manual Post Hole Diggers: The Ultimate Buying Guide

If you are still not so sure and have unanswered questions which are related to the features of hole diggers, we have more things to say so as to make you able to pick the right tool.

We offer you some buying considerations that should help to simplify your decision in our buyer’s guide.Hole digger

Is the weight of the tool important?

Being that digging postholes is done by hand it is very important to have the tool which will be light and comfortable to work with, especially if you are working long hours.

So, the equipment that you use can make it easier if it weighs less.

In the majority of cases the heavy weight equals well-built tools which are designed to last for a long time, but the work done with them would lead to great fatigue and that is not what you want from it.

A home user who plans to work with the digger sporadically should not worry even if he/she does not pick a digging tool that is the lightest possible.

Other users who plan to use it for a heavy-duty task should have in mind that the 8-10 pound range should suit most people and should not take heavier tools.

Besides the weight, padded grips and ergonomic handle placements are small features which will make a big difference.

How significant it the material?

The manual posthole digger’s durability and efficiency is highly dependable on the materials used in the construction.

In the past the tool was made of a steel head and a wood handle, but now the technology has improved and the producers are investing more in the material of new models.

A posthole digger that is a lightweight and made of steel would be considered the best and the most suitable one.

The steel handle is better suited for wear and tear unlike the wooden handles prone to some weather-caused issues.

There are some advantages of a wood-handled digger and one of it is that they are more affordable than their steel alternatives.

Furthermore, the tool with this kind of handles is a little bit lighter.

Nevertheless, the majority of buyers will invest more money in a tool which has durable steel handles.

What should I know about the price?

As with every tool, the price can vary from unit to unit and it is highly dependable on the features and quality of the material and part of the tool.

You do not need to spend a lot of money on a very expensive tool if you do not need that high-end device.

You can find something that suits your needs and that will be efficient at a reasonable price.

Commercial users may benefit from the high quality and top end manual posthole diggers.

Why should I know the depth of the holes I plan to make?

Another feature is significant to be taken into consideration and that is how deep your holes should be.

We have already mentioned that some of the units are able to dig deeper holes than others so you need to have this in mind when determining which tool is the ideal for you.

Our top pick the Fiskars is designed to dig very deep holes and it is definitely the tool which can do everything it is expected to.

If you are aware of your current needs and have in mind your future products, you will know how deep you need your tool to be able to dig and our suggestion is to choose a tool that will be capable of digging deeper than you currently need.Post hole digger


After you have gone through all the reviews of manual posthole diggers, we believe that you are able to make a right decision.

What we can conclude is that we have offered you models which suit both commercial users and those who plan to use it at home, and it is up to you to decide which one fits best with your situation.

Going for our top choice, the Fiskars would be a wise choice but only if you have enough money to afford it.

A budget friendly pick is the Seymour Structron Hercules PD48.

Again, we say that these are only suggestions and you are the only one who can determine which option is best for your needs.

I hope you liked my article about Manual Post Hole Diggers, if so, please share or comment.

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    I build fences / weld Custom gates /fences etc. for a living and I can say from lots of experience that you want heavier diggers …. Unless you live in a sandbox with no existence of rocks,roots,old railroad tie posts that have broken in the ground the occasional Ford and other common items one will run into don’t exist. Yes at first it may seem a little daunting, but you’ll spend less time digging. Heavy diggers sink deeper break hard objects with less effort and take at least 1/3 less throws to complete each hole.Which will make up for some of your effort and before long you’ll be slinging the HEAVY post hole digger like it’s a toy. You’ll stay healthier your wife or girlfriend will admire your new muscles and , this is a big one ☝️ you won’t give Russia or China yet another reason to laugh at our work ethic lmao 🤣 🤣 🤣 Fiskars and Ames are very nice but if you need an excellent digger and wanna stay in the $60 area Lowe’s has the true steel kobalts with a limited lifetime warranty . Okay I’ve thrown in my 2.5cents and don’t forget the hole is the goal! 🤣

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