The Best Digital Torque Wrenches for 2024

Best Digital Torque Wrenches - Top Picks, Reviews & Complete Buying Guide

Being that it is difficult to decide which digital torque wrench is ideal for you to buy, as there are a lot of digital torque wrenches models on the market, we created this article so as to help you.

If you take a look at the descriptions of the models offered on our list, we are sure that you will avoid spending a lot of money on a tool that would not satisfy your needs.

So, as to find the tool which will be in line with your expectations, we are giving you the buyer’s guide with detailed notes about important characteristics of digital torque wrenches, making you able to determine which models are great and which are not.

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Top Rated Digital Torque Wrenches

Model Rating Buy Now
GearWrench 85077 Digital Torque WrenchGearWrench 85077 Digital Torque Wrench
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BikeMaster RJ40583 Electronic Torque WrenchBikeMaster RJ40583 Electronic Torque Wrench
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ACDelco ARM601-4 1/2″ Digital Torque-WrenchACDelco ARM601-4 1/2″ Digital Torque-Wrench
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Craftsman 9-13919 Electrical Torque WrenchCraftsman 9-13919 Electrical Torque Wrench
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hilmor 1963826 Digital Torque-Wrench Toolhilmor 1963826 Digital Torque-Wrench Tool
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* Ratings are based on Editor's own opinion.

5 Best Digital Torque Wrenches Reviewed

#1. GearWrench 85077 Digital Torque Wrench

Top Pick
GearWrench 85077 Digital Torque Wrench
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Our first choice is the GearWrench 85077 – the best digital torque wrench available on the market.

For digital torque wrenches, the  most important feature is to have a system which will let you know when you have reached your target torque.

And this model is great when it comes to that.

It will not only vibrate and beep, but also shine a solid LED light.

Even if you cannot see the screen, you cannot but hear it.

Durability is also one significant characteristic of this model.

Measuring to 250 foot-pounds, this tool is designed for small and large jobs.

Furthermore, it is the longest ones which is great as you will be able to reach that amount of force without overexertion.

As it is neither too big, nor too small, weighting only 3, the GearWrench 85077 is a good overall buy.

Its only drawback is that it lacks batteries.

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  • Great alerts and range
  • Handle


  • No batteries
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#2. BikeMaster RJ40583 Electronic Torque Wrench

BikeMaster RJ40583 Electronic Torque Wrench
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Our runner-up which is worth your attention is the BikeMaster RJ40583.

If this is your choice, you will get a model which is the best value.

Its display is the greatest of all the digital torque wrenches available.

The significant feature is that this unit is capable to store the last 50 torque values you entered.

The automatic shut off feature on its display is amazing for keeping your battery off when the tool is not in operation.

Saving the battery means saving you a lot of money.

Its length is 9” and can report torques of up to 22.1 foot-pounds.

Furthermore, it can report torque in kilogram-centimeters, kilogram-meters, inch-pounds, or Newton-meters.

This is extraordinary for those who have to convert units.

Peak and trace modes are also part of this amazing tool, allowing you to see the maximum torque applied or the present amount.

What we can mention as a weakness of this model is that its 22.1 foot-pounds is not high, but it is ideal for non-industrial use.

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  • Stores torque values
  • Peak and trace mode
  • Torque alarm
  • Light


  • Small range of torques
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#3. ACDelco ARM601-4 1/2″ Digital Torque-Wrench

ACDelco ARM601-4 1/2″ Digital Torque-Wrench
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The third one should be taken into consideration as its torque range goes from 4 to 99 foot-pounds.

The ACDelco ARM601 features peak and trace models.

This is a massive tool, useful for different kinds of projects.

Its great characteristic is the anti-slip grip, designed to keep the tool steady while you work preventing the damage of the tool and work piece.

The ACDelco ARM601 digital torque wrench can report torques in many units and there is no need for conversion.

It reports them is foot-pounds, Newton-meters, inch-pounds, and kilogram-centimeters, which will save you a lot of time.

As it is not our top pick, there has to be something wrong with the ACDelco.

This unit has relatively unintuitive controls and comes with a poorly-written manual which would cause trouble to those who are using this kind of tools for the first time.

It is designed for more experienced users who have been working with digital torque wrenches for a while.

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  • 4-99 foot-pound range
  • LED
  • Alarms
  • Peak and trace mode


  • Controls
  • Manual
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#4. Craftsman 9-13919 Electrical Torque Wrench

Craftsman 9-13919 Electrical Torque Wrench
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The Craftsman 9-13919 has a massive torque range, going from 25 to 250 foot-pounds, in half-inch increments.

Just as the above mentioned models, it reports torque is various units – foot-pounds, inch-pounds, and Newton-meters, which users found very useful.

What other models do not possess and this one boasts with is a backlit LED screen, enabling you to use the tool in low-light or dark situations.

Furthermore, it is more visible in sunlight, as LED screens would be difficult to see without backlight.

When it comes it its disadvantages, ,we can say that one of them is that it only has peak mode.

As it is expected that every model has both peak and trace modes and a blinking LED warning light, a buzzer, or an alarm which will inform you when you are getting close to the proper torque, this model lacks all these features and is rightfully on the fourth position.

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  • Torque range
  • Backlight LED screen


  • No trace mode
  • Click warning
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#5. hilmor 1963826 Digital Torque-Wrench Tool

hilmor 1963826 Digital Torque-Wrench Tool
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The hilmor 1963826 is the last on our list because of its high price.

It is the most expensive digital torque wrenches due to the fact that it has an adjustable wrench head that ranges from ¼” to ¾”.

While some users consider this feature amazing, others believe that it is not secure enough to get the job done.

There are simple controls and nine memory settings for commonly-repeated torque values within this model, which is designed for those people who work on the same kinds of projects repeatedly.

Great characteristics of this model are the warning LED light and sound warning when you reach the appropriate torque, but what it lacks is a trace mode.

Being that it is expensive you might want to get more quality tool for that amount of money.

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  • Adjustable wrench
  • LED
  • Alarm


  • Price
  • Small torque range
  • Lacks trace mode
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Digital Torque Wrenches: The Ultimate Buying Guide

We hope that now you have an idea of what an ideal digital torque wrench is for you, but in order to make sure, we are offering more reviews related to characteristics of this tool which should pay attention to when purchasing a digital torque wrench.Torque Wrench

How important is the torque range?

Just as its name suggests, torque range is the important feature of any digital torque wrench.

There is a possibility to use the torque wrench beyond its recommended range but that is not advisable, as you can destroy the tool.

Once you are aware what range you will need, you can get a model that will suit your needs.

Most torque wrenches are the most accurate between 20% and 100% of their range, but values lower than 20% of its max range, it cause inaccuracy.

Now, how to know which to buy?

It depends on your work.

If your work requires tightening to less than 20 foot-pounds, you should not go for a torque wrench that goes up to 100 foot-pounds or higher.

The best solution is to get a torque wrench in line with your task and which can go as high as you need it to.

What about its digital features?

Digital features of this unit are very important, as you do not want old technology and its limitations to make your work less efficient.

Buying a digital torque wrench is better than a regular click torque wrench and this is proved by many facts.

Firstly, the digital units possess newer and better systems for alerting you to when you are reaching the desired torque.

There are some digital torque wrench models that still use the old click system, but you will get much more if you buy a more modern tool.

Secondly, there are bright LED lights, vibrating handles and digital beeping which are more noticeable than a simple click.

If your chosen model has one of the new alert features, you will save a lot of time and frustration especially if you are working in positions where it would be difficult to always monitor the digital screen.

What is the difference between the peak and trace mode?

It is expected that these modern digital torque wrenches come with both peak and trace mode.

In our reviews, those which do not have one are not considered good enough.

These features are there due to the digital technology.

Peak mode is there to show the highest amount of torque that you have applied and this is the mode is used when you know the specific torque you need to reach.

This mode that alerts you via beeps, lights, or vibration once you have reached the correct torque.

This is a feature which all digital torque wrenches have.

The second one is the trace mode, showing whatever the torque is at a given moment. This is good for situations when you do not want to max out at any point.

This feature is not necessary for everyone so it is not part of all models.

But if you think you need it, make sure that you purchase a model that has it.

Final thoughts

Our aim was to help you by offering this buyer’s guide and now it is up to you to determine what kinds of projects you plan to do with your digital torque wrench, and which model will match the requirements.

Make sure not to buy an expensive model or a cheap model if it does not suit your needs.Torque Wrench


All in all, we can say that whichever model you buy from our list, you will not regret it.

The GearWrench 85077 is the best digital torque wrench which every worker would like to possess, while the BikeMaster RJ40583 is our choice for best value.

This is due to the fact that is comes with a high-end features at not so high price.

The ACDelco ARM601 is a good, but only for experienced digital torque wrench users, due to the bad manual.

When it comes to the Craftsman 9-13919, this model has a good torque range and a backlit LED screen, but a click warning is not considered good enough, as there are better options available.

Last but not the least is the hilmor 1963826 with nice features, but pretty high price.

Now, that you have an insight into the world of digital torque wrenches, you will be able to decide which tool is the right for you.

I hope you liked my article about Digital Torque Wrenches, if so, please share or comment.

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