The Best Bench Vise for 2024

Best Bench Vise - Top Picks, Reviews & Complete Buying Guide

Those people who work with wood and metal or any other materials know how important it is to have a bench vise in your workshop.

Bench vises are used to enable the user to fix a piece of material in one place.

What is the most important related to bench vises are to be safe and secure.

It is designed to offer stability and grip, so that your work can be much quicker, easier and of better quality.

To people who are not into that field, there would not be too many differences among bench vises, as they look pretty much the same.

However, a more experienced eye would notice the material from which vises are made as well as the features it has.

The features, such as the swivel, represent big variance between products.

Now, you guess, the more models, the tougher decision which one to buy.

You are right, so we have gone through various reviews and created a list of top bench vises to help you make your decision quickly and easily

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Top Rated Bench Vise

Model Rating Buy Now
Wilton 11106 Bench ViseWilton 11106 Bench Vise
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TEKTON 54004 Bench ViseTEKTON 54004 Bench Vise
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Yost Vises 750-DI Multi-Jaw Rotating Bench ViseYost Vises 750-DI Multi-Jaw Rotating Bench Vise
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Yost LV-4 Home Bench-ViseYost LV-4 Home Bench-Vise
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IRWIN 226306ZR Bench-Vise IRWIN 226306ZR Bench-Vise
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5 Best Bench Vise Reviewed

#1. Wilton 11106 Bench Vise

Top Pick
Wilton 11106 Bench Vise
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The first one on our list which definitely rightfully deserves this position is the Wilton 11106 Bench Vise.

This is certainly the best workbench vise on the market.

The material of which the Wilton 11106 is made is high strength steel.

Being that most vises are made out of cast-iron or forged iron, this is considered a huge advantage.

The strength is of crucial importance when bench vises are in question and some models are simply not that strong.

The stronger material has made the Wilton 11106 Bench Vise heavier and its weight is 38.8lbs.

However, the weight is not such an important factor.

Its great features, such as a double lock down swivel base and a large anvil work surface, make the Wilton 11106 the best.

The tool is both sturdy and versatile, but what some users found as its weakness is the fact that it only swivels 90 degrees.

Its clamping capacity is 6-inches by 6-inches which is enough to grip big objects.

Furthermore, the vise jaws are replaceable and the lifetime warranty offered by its producers is highly appreciated and taken as its major plus.

The producers are sure of the quality of this product, due to the solid build of this vise which ensures its longevity.

Its easy installation and the overall quality justify why it is our top pick.

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  • Made of an excellent materials
  • Jaws can be replaces
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Only swivels 90 degrees
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#2. TEKTON 54004 Bench Vise

TEKTON 54004 Bench Vise
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When people see the low price of the Tekton 54004, our second best bench vise, they often question its quality.

Sometimes, people make a mistake buying a cheap vise in the past and having to replace them in a short period of time.

However, the Tekton 54004 is the best bench vise for the money.

When it comes to its construction, it is made of 30,000 PSI cast iron which ensures its durability and longevity.

It has a replaceable serrated steel jaws offering non-slip grip which makes your work easier and more efficient.

One of the greatest advantages is the 120-degree swivel base which is not the case with our top pick.

Three mounting holes which hold the vise to your workbench ensure security, as well as  dual lock down nuts.

If all the advantages are taken into consideration, this is a good vise for DIY projects.

The only disadvantage is that mounting bolts are not part of this kit.

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  • Non-slip grip
  • Swivels to 120-degrees


  • Lacking mounting bolts
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#3. Yost Vises 750-DI Multi-Jaw Rotating Bench Vise

Yost Vises 750-DI Multi-Jaw Rotating Bench Vise
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The third place is taken by a high-end bench – the Yost Vises 750-DI.

This bench vise offer great performance and is definitely a great choice.

Its quality lies in its construction, as the vise is made of heavy-duty 60,000 PSI ductile iron.

This makes it the heaviest bench vise on the market, estimated to weight 63-lbs.

Besides its weight, what you get is a very durable product with an impressive 9,000 PSI of force.

Its great advantage is the self-align pipe jaws made from hardened steel that offer multiple contact points, durability and longevity.

The increased pressure is achieved by the large size of the screw and nut.

Furthermore, the vise head can rotate 360 degrees with 12 different locking positions making this vise even better.

This means that you can work on various angles.

How, the only disadvantage of this vise is the cost.

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  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Great clamping pressure


  • Expensive
  • Weight
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#4. Yost LV-4 Home Bench-Vise

Yost LV-4 Home Bench-Vise
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As the above mentioned one was too expensive, and you need to loom for the one which will be in line with your budget, then you should deliberate on the Yost LV-4.

This is a good option for the money.

It is the cheapest 4-inch bench vise in this list which has an O swivel base.

The versatility when working is achieved due to the fact that the vise can be rotated up to 240 degrees.

Even though it is cheap, the Yost LV-4 has a strong construction, being that it is made of cast iron, while the jaws of this bench vise are made of steel.

Installation is easy and if your plans are to use it in home workshops, do not hesitate buying it as you will get great quality for a low price.

However, make sure not to use it for heavy-duty projects.

The LV-4 vise has some drawbacks and one of them is that the center hole is too big for the bolt that runs through the unit, causing the locking of the vise into position.

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  • Excellent price
  • Strong construction


  • Not designed for heavier projects
  • Center hole too big for the bolt
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#5. IRWIN 226306ZR Bench-Vise

 IRWIN 226306ZR Bench-Vise
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The Irwin 226306ZR is a 6-inch heavy-duty bench vise which is the last one on our list.

Its longevity is achieved by the fixed main jaws made of steel.

It is a 6-inch bench vise equipped with the captured safety jaw which prevents the slide from falling out during the work.

Anvil and pipe jaws which can be found on this tool provide a strong grip while the 30.6 lbs weight is a solid base for larger pieces.

Its clamping pressure is up to 3000 lbs which is considered quite strong.

What users emphasize as its greatest characteristics are the smooth action, the rotating base and reliable locking feature.

After all the positive reviews, there has to be something justifying why the vise is not better positioned.

The first weakness is thattThis is not a heavy-duty vise and there were some issues related to durability of this bench vise.

The cast iron body is not as strong as the material that more expensive bench vises are made of.

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  • Great operation
  • Designed for light to medium use


  • Lacks durability
  • Difference in the products that users get
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Bench Vise: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Now, that you have gone through all the above mentioned models, you might have the idea what kind of bench vise you need.

In case you are not sure, we offer you some additional information in the following buyers’ guide section. Bench vise

What is a bench wise used for?

Once you take a look at a bench vise, you will get the idea what this piece of equipment can be used for.

The aim of this tool is to hold something in place while you can work on it.

The tasks that can be done while the piece of material is held by the bench vise are:

  • Cutting: Cutting on a bench vise can be done both on wooden or metal pieces. The fact is that a bench vise allows you to cut through the material quickly and easily, as you do not have to worry about it moving.
  • Drilling: The process of drilling involves great stability and precision of the piece which you are working on. If that material is fixed in place on a bench vise, you can do the drilling without worrying about it moving. Furthermore, drilling requires very specific measurements and markings and a bench vise enables you to do it more accurately and efficiently.
  • Sanding: A sanding project can be done quicker using a bench vise. It allows you to apply greater pressure as the material would be stable. Accidental damage is not an issue.
  • Gluing: A bench vise can be very useful when gluing materials is in question. Being that a piece would be fixed in place, you can easily apply glue and do not need to move it until it has fully dried.

What types of bench wise are available?

There are two types of bench vise: the woodworking vise and the engineering vise. The first one is designed for holding wood so that you can cut or sand it.

What it has are wooden jaws so that the wood is not damages while held by the bench vise.

The engineering vise has metal jaws, as it is designed for holding metal objects, and this kind of bench vises is heavier.

What are its main features?

The majority of bench vises are quite similar and they are all designed for the same purpose – to hold the materials while the job is done on them.

You know by now that the most important part of any bench vise are the jaws, but there are additional features that can be also very useful.

  • Jaws – One of the jaws opens, and the other is stationary, so you can place objects between them. What you have to know is that there are different size and types of jaws. The size of the jaws represents how far they open, while the style of the jaws can be flat and V-jaws. Flat jaws are designed to hold flat objects, while V-jaws are able to hold other round items such as metal tubing. In addition, some vise jaws are replaceable which is very important if you are using the vise frequently.
  • Swivel – this feature adds a great deal of flexibility to projects and they are usually around the base. By swiveling an object, you can have a better access to which makes doing the project so much easier.
  • Mount type – The most common bench vises have one of two types of mounting interface. You can choose between the bolt-on type and the clamp type. The bolt-on type includes 4 bolts used for attaching the tool on the bench. This way the fixing of your bench vise is great, even though much difficult to install, but you can apply higher pressure on your project. Clamp type bench vises are easier to install, but the security is not that high and it can be used for lighter applications.
  • Anvil – If you need an anvil as well, you can get a bench vise which includes one so that you can apply heavy pressure over the anvil instead of the workbench itself. That way no damage would occur to the surface, tools and materials.
  • Quick release – Twisting the spindle manually each time you want to release an object from its jaws can be irritating and can slow you down. That is when the quick release comes into play. The process would be quicker and easier if your bench vise includes this feature.


Frequently Asked Questions

What parts should a bench vise have?

The dynamic jaw, the static jaw, the slide and the handle are the basic parts of a bench vise. All the other parts would be considered additional features such as an anvil or a quick release.

Which one is better: a medium-duty or heavy-duty model?

This decision is individual, based on your plans related to the usage of your bench vise. A medium duty bench vise would do the majority of home tasks, while a heavy-duty vise is designed for an extensive use and professionals.

Why is a swivel base important?

A swivel base is there to provide versatility. Its role is to enable the user to set a long piece of wood or metal at an odd angle if he/she has to do a specific cutting or sanding. Some users claim that having a fixed base is much more secure.

What are the types of replaceable jaw?

The replaceable jaw inserts include: screw-on inserts, T-style inserts, and U-style inserts. The installation is easier with some of them than others.

What should I look for?

You can check where the bench vise was manufactured which can show you the quality of its construction. Furthermore, you should think about the shape of the jaws.

A few safety tips

Safety is particularly important when it comes to the usage of bench vises and we offer you some useful tips related to that.

You should not use the jaws of the vise as an anvil as you can damage them. It is suggested to look for a bench vise that has an anvil.

You should wearing protective equipment over the eyes.

You should choose the right vise as heavy-duty work cannot be done on a light vise.

You should securely attach the bench vise to your workbench. If it is unstable, it can cause damage and can even hurt you. Consider getting a bolt-on bench vise.

You should do regular checks and maintain your bench vise better than some other tools. Bench Vise


Yes, you might think that buying a bench vise is an easy job and that you do not need to deliberate on the specifications as it is not such a complicated tool.

But, you are wrong.

As you have seen from all the above mentioned reviews, there is pretty much to think about prior to determining which vise that is going to perfectly suit your needs.

That is why we have offered you this research with a range of models available to suit all budgets and all preferences.

If you need a basic bench vise for light duty DIY, there are many low-cots but still quality models available.

However, those in need of a more quality bench vise for heavy-duty tasks should look for those with excellent features including a swivel base and an anvil.

Now that you are equipped with the best knowledge and guidance, you certainly have a good idea of which one is ideal for you.

I hope you liked my article about Bench Vise, if so, please share or comment.

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