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Top Trade and Tech Schools in Tulsa, OK

Finding the right school for ourselves or our children is something we should take very seriously.

Among many schools on offer, we suggest that you start looking for the right program on time.

The goal of this article is to provide useful information related to the best schools in Tulsa, OK and the selection is made based on the quality of students who finish them and teachers who provide knowledge.

Tulsa Welding School

Tulsa Welding School is proud to announce that it has been providing an excellent education for 65 years.

Its staff consisting of industry professionals continue to successfully help young generations get the most out of education and enable them to start their future careers.

Some of the reasons why many people decided to enroll in Tulsa Welding School is that it offers flexible scheduling, financial aid assistance, career services, and student housing assistance.

So, you should try your luck applying to enroll in one of its programs.

Enrollment: If you have decided that Tulsa Welding School is the right choice for you, you should apply for the best welding training in Florida and make use of the chance of attending both day and evening classes and hands-on welding training.

People who belong to attracted future students should look for the application for admission available on the official website.

That would be the first step towards your new career path.

The admission process consists of several steps.

Everything begins with the scheduling of a personalized tour of the campus and meeting with an Admissions Representative.

He/she will contact you to help you complete the remaining parts of the process.

Courses Offered:

  • Professional Welder
  • Professional Welder with Pipefitting
  • Associate of Occupational Studies in Welding Technology
  • Welding Specialist
  • Welding Specialist with Pipefitting
  • HVAC & Refrigeration Programs
  • Electro-Mechanical Technologies
  • HVAC Training: Refrigeration Technologies Program
  • Electrical Applications

Contact Information:

  • Tulsa Welding School
  • Address: 2545 E 11th St, Tulsa, OK 74104
  • Phone: +1 918-856-6416
  • Web:

ATA College - Tulsa, OK

ATA College is proud to be accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools.

The accreditation proves the fact that at this education institution students can get quality instruction, training, and career placement.

Furthermore, valuable, hands-on instruction that prepares students for future successful careers is available here which attracts numerous applicants.

The school maintains the highest standards in the industry and its staff consists of highly trained professionals and instructors.

All of them are eager to provide students with up-to-date technology and skills.

Enrollment: Those of you interested in getting started at ATA College would be glad to know that this is an easy process.

First, it requires that you fill out the form available on the school’s official website and submit it and the only way of the form to be accepted is to be fully completed.

All the required fields must be filled out and answers to all the questions must be provided.

The college staff will take a look at your application form and get in touch with you.

During that conversation, you will get the information on any programs you are interested in and what you need to do to finish your admission procedure.

Courses Offered:

  • Medical Assisting
  • Dental Assistant Program
  • Limited Medical Radiography
  • Online Medical Coding
  • X-Ray Tech Limited Medical Radiography with Medical Assisting
  • Practical Nursing
  • LPN to RN Bridge Program
  • Associates Degree Registered Nurse
  • Online Medical Coding

Contact Information:

  • ATA College – Tulsa, OK
  • Address: 10820 E 45th St #100, Tulsa, OK 74146
  • Phone: +1 918-496-0800
  • Web:

Coding Dojo Tulsa

Enrollment: The first thing that comes into one’s mind when thinking about enrolling in any school is the admissions process.

We have to mention that it varies per program you are applying for.

Actually, the complete application process is described in greater detail in the course packet of your chosen program.

However, all programs require an application form submission which can be found on the school’s official website.

The next step is the scheduling of an interview with the admission representative and talking about whether you are a perfect fit for this school.

During this interview, both of you will determine your suitability.

You will have to pass the Skills Check and the Admission will make a decision whether to accept you or not.

When it comes to previous experience, a Computer Science degree or programming background is really helpful, but still, it is not required for programs.

Fees: Tuition varies by program type, but the school is eager to help its students by offering a range of scholarships.

You can get more information about the costs by getting in touch with the school’s staff.

Courses Offered:

  • Onsite Bootcamp
  • Online Full-Time Bootcamp
  • Online Part-Time Bootcamp
  • Intro to Programming
  • Data Science Plus+

Contact Information:

Tulsa Dental Assistant School

Becoming a dental assistant in as little as 12 weeks does not have to be just a dream anymore.

Dallas Dental Assistant School is definitely the right choice for you, as it offers programs that allow students to reach degrees in a short period of time, while at the same time, they do not just get a degree but become fully prepared to start their own careers.

Enrollment: People who want to enroll should follow the application process guidelines available on the school’s website and pay attention to meet all the requirements set by the school staff.

First, they will need to book an admissions appointment by giving a call to the school admission office.

Once the meeting is scheduled, a school representative and you will be able to discuss the admission process and curriculum offered, as well as financial aid.

During your admissions appointment, you will get a tour of the school and fill out an application, with the help of the representative.

Then, your application will be processed and if you happen to be accepted, you will be sent an acceptance email.

Fees: The full tuition cost of t$3,350 has to be paid before the beginning of the first class.

Also, there is an opportunity to pay it through the two payment options available.

However, have in mind that the total cost will be higher.

Courses Offered:

  • Dental Assistant

Contact Information:

Tulsa Technology Center

Enrollment: If you are eager to enroll in Tulsa tech programs, you would be glad to know that applications are now being accepted.

The admissions process is made easy so that everyone interested can apply.
To apply for a full-time program, the prospective student has to complete each of the following.

  • Complete and submit an application online.
  • Visit the campus by previously scheduling your visit online or by calling the school at 918.828.5000.
  • Answer three interest questions online
    • What interests you about this Tulsa Tech program and how will this program assist you in reaching your educational and career goals?
    • Please share any prior knowledge or experiences that will assist you in being successful in this program.
    • Do you believe regular attendance is important to your success at school or on the job? Please explain.
  • Submit documentation
    • High School applicants:  ACT Aspire, Pre-ACT Test, ACT, PSAT, or SAT.
    • Adult applicants must take a reading and math test at Tulsa Tech, unless you have recent ACT/SAT scores, or have earned an associate’s degree or higher.

Courses Offered:

  • Arts, Education & Enrichment
  • Business, Computers & Technology
  • Certification, Licensing & CEU
  • Health Care & Wellness
  • Manufacturing, Construction & Transportation
  • Architecture & Construction
  • Arts, A/V Technology & Communications
  • Business, Management & Administration
  • Finance
  • Health Science
  • Hospitality
  • Human Services
  • Information Technology
  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing, Sales & Service
  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Contact Information:

  • Tulsa Technology Center
  • Address: 6111 E Skelly Dr #100, Tulsa, OK 74147
  • Phone: +1 918-828-5000
  • Web:

Oklahoma Technical College

Enrollment: People interested in enrolling in s Oklahoma Technical College should know that they will be assisted through the whole application process, step by step once they get in touch with the admission representative.

They do not need to worry, and the beginning of the application process includes filling out an application form.

This form once received, will help admission representative prepare for the first appointment with you, whether in person or on the phone.

Concurrent enrollment is available for current high school Juniors and Seniors but to be accepted, applicants are required to provide:

  • the Official High School transcript with an unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale,
  • completed concurrent enrollment application signed by a parent and the High School Principal or Counselor,
  • personal interview with Admissions Representative and Department Head,
  • Getting to Know You Form and Recommendation by Admissions Representative.

During the tour of our facilities, you will be able to discuss your financial aid options and cover any other questions or concerns you may have

After you’ve completed the application, toured the facility you get the opportunity to sign your paperwork and officially enroll in school.

Courses Offered:

  • Automotive Technology
  • Diesel Technology
  • Electrical Technology
  • HVAC-R
  • Welding Technology

Contact Information:

WTI Tulsa Campus

Wichita Technical Institute is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).

The school has to offer excellent and high-quality training for a new, rewarding career.

You should think about the accreditation of whichever school you decide to attend, as it proves that it has to offer programs that have reached the standard of quality.

Now, take a look at the programs offered at Wichita Technical Institute.

Enrollment: Prospective students interested in applying to Wichita Technical Institute need to be eligible at first, and then to meet the admission requirements so as to be accepted as regular candidates for enrollment.

The applicant must be a citizen of the United States or an eligible non-citizen as classified by the Department of Homeland Security.

He/she must have a high school diploma or an acceptable equivalent.

Once you meet these requirements, the application process is the easy part, as everything is done online.

The application form is available on the schools’ official website.

What you are supposed to do is to fill it out and submit it so as to get in touch with admission representatives.

Their job is to answer all your questions and tell you the additional steps for applying.

Courses Offered:

  • HVAC Training
  • Computer Technology & Network Administration
  • Electronic Systems Technology
  • Medical Assistant

Contact Information:

  • WTI Tulsa Campus
  • Address: 8421 E 61st St u, Tulsa, OK 74133
  • Phone: +1 918-417-6898
  • Web:

Tulsa Community College Aviation Center

Tulsa Community College is one of the numerous educational institutions which is proud to offer exceptional educational opportunities that match the lifestyles and needs of the students.

The school is ranked in the top 2% of U.S. Community Colleges which offer an affordable, convenient and close-to-home educational opportunity.

Enrollment: Interested applicants should get familiar with the Online Admission process which is made easy for you.

By taking the following steps you will start your journey towards your new career.

First, apply for Admission and then check your personal email for your College ID and PIN.

If you are in need of financial aid, you will want to complete a FAFSA.

Finally, you can also check out all the scholarship opportunities available to TCC students.

The next step will be a TCC campus visit.

You will be required to submit documentation to the Enrollment Services offices and those documents are high school/college transcripts or GED scores and ACT or placement test scores.

Courses Offered:

Some of the courses are:

  • Accounting
  • American Sign Language Education
  • Art
  • Aviation Sciences Technology
  • Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Business
  • Cardiovascular Technology
  • Chemistry
  • Child Development
  • Communication Arts and Technologies
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Criminal Justice
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Digital Media
  • Education (Pre-Education)
  • Electronics Technology
  • Engineering
  • Engineering Technology
  • English
  • Enterprise Development
  • Environmental Science and Natural Resources
  • Fire and Emergency Medical Services
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Geology
  • Health Information Technology
  • Health, Human Performance and Physical Education
  • Healthcare Specialist/Paramedic
  • History
  • Human Resources
  • Human Services

Contact Information:

  • Tulsa Community College Aviation Center
  • Address: 112 W Beechcraft Dr, Tulsa, OK 74132
  • Phone: +1 918-595-3717
  • Web:

Clary Sage College

Enrollment: The filling out of the application form will be your first step towards enrollment, and it is designed to prepare an admission representative for an interview with you and to get to know a little more about you and your goals.

The admissions representative will get in touch with you and he/she will walk you through the entire enrollment process.

Current high school Juniors and Seniors can be accepted but only if they provide the following documentation:

  • Official High School transcript with an unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale
  • Completed concurrent enrollment application signed by a parent and the High School Principal or Counselor
  • Personal interview with Admissions Representative and Department Head
  • Getting to Know You Form
  • Recommendation by Admissions Representative

During the campus tour, you will get an opportunity to discuss financial aid, and meet with your future instructors!

You are supposed to bring: Recent Taxes (for financial aid), signed Social Security Card, State issued Photo ID, and High School Diploma/GED or High School Transcript.

Courses Offered:

  • Barber
  • Cosmetology
  • Esthetician
  • Fashion Design
  • Interior Design
  • Makeup Artistry | Cosmetician
  • Massage Therapy
  • Nail Technician
  • Master Instructor

Contact Information:

Community Care College

Enrollment: At Community Care College you will be assisted through the application process, step by step, but they will need to know a little more about you and your goals so as to be able to help you.

This is achieved by filling out an application form.

Some of the data you are supposed to provide during the application process are your personal details, such as date of birth, address, ethnic background, phone number, and email, but you will also need to answer the following questions:

  • Have you ever been arrested for, charged with, or convicted of criminal conduct, a misdemeanor or a felony?
  • Are you seeking financial assistance through any State or Federal Agency?

After receiving your application, an admissions representative will get in touch with you via phone or email and leas you through the entire enrollment process.

His/her job is to make sure that you find the program right for you.

Concurrent enrollment is available for current high school Juniors and Seniors who need to provide the following:

  • Official High School transcript with an unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale
  • Completed concurrent enrollment application signed by a parent and the High School Principal or Counselor (must be returned in an envelope with the school seal)
  • Personal interview with Admissions Representative and Department Head
  • Getting to Know You Form
  • Recommendation by Admissions Representative

Courses Offered:

  • Accounting Assistant
  • Business & Industry Management
  • Dental Assistant
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Fitness & Health Trainer
  • Health Care Administration
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Paralegal Studies
  • Surgical Technologist
  • Veterinary Assistant

Contact Information:

Trade Schools in Oklahoma by City

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Final Thoughts

Now, that you can see how many excellent educational institutions Tulsa has to offer and that you have gathered all the essential information, you will be able to understand school quality and determine which one is the perfect one for you or your children.

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