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Top Trade and Tech Schools in Wilmington, DE

Wilmington is known for its rich history, vibrant arts, and thriving in the historic film industry.

Diverse trade jobs are available in Wilmington and the standard salary for these is approximately $59,145 to $71,554 depending on your career.

Wilmington has different trade schools that will surely assist you in your desired careers.

Most of the programs that they offer are completed in less than two years and focus on hands-on training in different fields such as Welding, Real estate, Cometology, Medical, and more.

Here we gathered a list of the top trade schools around Wilmington.

James H. Groves Adult High School

About the School

The James H. Groves Adult High School is one of the oldest and thriving institutions in the area.

A unique curriculum and a quality education are being provided by James H. Groves Adult High School for youths ages 16 or over.

The James H. Groves Adult High School is a secondary high school whose purpose is to offer multiple opportunities for Delaware adults and other students to complete and obtain their high school diploma.

To be qualified here are some requirements that are needed:

  • Fill up the application form.
  • Must be aged 16 and 17.
  • Official High School Transcript

Courses Offered

Their basic program covers the subjects English, Mathematics, Social Science, English, Science, Health, Career Pathway, World Language, and Electives which have diverse units of credits.

This school offers a hybrid online learning program to students, especially to those at the edge of dropping out.

They also provide a flexible schedule as long as the student completes the required weekly task together with their supervised teacher.

Aside from this they also offer an ABE program which is a refresher course that is for individuals to obtain credit classes.


  • James H. Groves Adult High School
  • Address: 1703 School Lane, Wilmington, DE 19808 (James H. Groves Adult High School)
  • Phone: (302) 683-3642
  • Website:

Networks School for Employability Skills

About the School

Networks School for Employability Skills prepares its students for their future careers and to become a productive member carrying an employability skill.

The following programs are designed for ages 16-21 or grades 9 to 12.

If you’re looking for an institution that will help you enhance your intellectual, higher-level thinking, problem-solving skills, and technical abilities this school is for you.

They protect their students and aim to make them feel at home and ease on their campus as they embrace the diverse traits of everyone.

Courses Offered

As they aim for the success of their students here are the programs that they offer in Networks School for Employability Skills:

  • Autoworks
  • Copyworks
  • ETCHworks
  • Fabric works
  • Floral works
  • Frameworks
  • Merchant works
  • Munch works
  • Team works.

In the Autoworks program, they tackle the fundamentals of cleaning and maintaining the appearance of a vehicle.

For fabric works it focuses on commercial embroidery and sewing machines and technical skills that are significant in pursuing the career.


National Wine School

About the School

This Institution is designed for students who are interested in learning more about wine at a different level.

The National Wine School officially offers Sommelier programs that are accredited for winemakers and the entire wine trade.

They established their school together with their core principles and diversity that make their school stand strong in providing a quality education.

Students are supervised by instructors who acquire a broad of experience.

If you happen to be interested in being a wine educator the National Wine School can help you achieve this goal.

Courses Offered

The National Wine School offers different levels of Sommelier programs and here are some:

  • Level 1 – $300
  • Level 2 – $500
  • Level 3 – $550
  • Advanced Sommelier
  • Online Wine courses

Level 1 of the Sommelier program will open the knowledge of students such as the nine essential grapes, how to parse a French wine label, the proper way to taste a wine, and many more.

For Level 2 students get to learn blind tasting, separating the layers by the flavors of the wine to its components, and more.

Lastly, for Level 3 they engage with the world’s sommeliers and winemakers to have ideas about the essentials of wine and the business.


  • National Wine School
  • Address: 2093 Philadelphia Pike Building 1961, Claymont, DE 19703
  • Phone: 800-817-7351
  • Website:

Schilling-Douglas School of Hair Design

About the School

The Schilling-Douglas School of Hair Design is an institution that assists students in achieving their goals in the beauty industry.

They consistently aim to produce proficient graduates who have the rightful behavior to keep up in the industry since 1977.

The programs that they offer meet the standards and help to comply with the state of Delaware licensing examination.

The Schilling-Douglas School of Hair Design is fully accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Science.

Aside from this, they are currently in partnership with other companies to provide wide assistance to their students.

Courses Offered

Here are the programs they offer that might help you pursue your dreams:

  • Cosmetology -1500 hours
  • Barbering – 1500 hours
  • Nail Technology – 300 hours.
  • Instructor training
  • Shaving – 35 hours
  • Esthetics

They accept students who are new and re-entering the field and they teach their lessons in different learning methods.

For the Cosmetology program, they engage with their students to learn about the different styles and techniques that they can bring until they start real jobs.

For improvements, they also offer a shaving program that is available for both part-time and full time however it differs in terms of completion.

For full-timers, it is completed in just a week and for part-timers, it is completed in about 5 weeks.


  • Schilling-Douglas School of Hair Design
  • Address: 211 Louviers Drive, Newark, DE 19711
  • Phone: 302-737-5100
  • Website:

Smith & Solomon Commercial Driver Training

About the School

The Smith & Solomon Commercial Driver Training is a perfect place for students who seek to have a career in commercial driving.

They have been instructing students for over 30 years on the quality of education.

They have helped over 50k students who gladly graduated from their programs.

A flexible schedule is made for students to be accessible and fit perfectly in their schedules.
They are committed to finding their students the perfect job that will suit their preferences and skills.

They acquire complete equipment that students will use in training to improve their driving skills.

Courses Offered

This institution offers a CDL A: Tractor Trailer Training that contains a total of 160 hours that will prepare students for licensure exams, employment, and driving all kinds of commercial vehicles.

Students gain knowledge and confidence to drive and operate trucks safely and efficiently.

Classes are made small to provide everyone with the individual attention that they need.

They acquire 140 pieces of equipment that are used in hands-on and behind-the-wheel training.

They also offer a refresher course that is required in the state for all CDLs who have not driven for the last 6 months.

The refresher course consists of 40 to 160 hours of brushing up on the skills needed in the industry.


  • Smith & Solomon Commercial Driver Training
  • Address: 217 Lisa Dr., New Castle, DE 19720
  • Phone: 800-633-0355
  • Website:

Zip Code Wilmington

About the School

Zip Code Wilmington is a nonprofit software coding boot camp that was founded in 2015 and provides a high-quality education.

This institution is designed to be accessible and affordable for all students who are interested in improving their skills and talents.

The Zip Code Wilmington is certified by the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce.
They are also awarded the Best Coding Bootcamp in the year 2021 -2022.

They are currently in partnership with other institutions for a broader opportunity for their students.

Courses Offered

They offer a Software Development training program that is designed to be accessible to those who are passionate about what they do.

Their program center is about the most commonly used programming language in the world which is Java.

After completing this program students will acquire entry-level knowledge in Java and its concepts, adapt to the 3-tier web architecture, perceive understanding about the given enough time, and acquire good communication and interviewing skills.

They also offer a Data engineering program which is considered one of the fastest growing career fields in the world.

Students get to obtain different skills like understanding Spark, Kafka, pandas, and more after completing this program.


American Driver Training Academy, Inc

About the School

The American Driver Training Academy opened its doors in the year 2002 and has consistently provided a quality education that will bring you to the best career in the driving industry.

This institution is owned by a woman named Jaden McKinley who acquired 20-30 years of driving experience and is ready to put students in partnership with companies nationwide.

This academy is committed to providing a secured job as a commercial truck driver and provides access to different equipment such as the internet, printers, fax machines, computers, and more.

The programs that they offer teach students the skills needed by students.

Courses Offered

The American Driver Training Academy, Inc. offers a CDL- A training program that contains a total of 160 hours to improve the skills of their students.

This program covers the whole 48 hours of behind-the-wheel training that is started from day one until the end.

Classes in their programs are made small, having a maximum of 20 students in their class.

This institution holds a lifetime job placement policy for their students who complete their 4-week program.

Their classrooms are checked regularly by recruiters meaning opportunities are always around.

This institution aims for its students to be successful and professional commercial drivers.

97% of their graduates are employed and obtain generous signing bonuses from their specific companies.


National Personal Training Institute

About the School

The National Personal Training Institute is one of the oldest and largest personal trainers in the whole of North America.

This institution has lifetime job placement assistance and most of the best courses in the country are offered by them.

Employers are lining up their graduates, so they acquire the best skills that are taught and practiced in the programs that they offer.

The National Personal Training is an educational platform that is designed to help students improve their knowledge and fitness in the industry.

Courses Offered

They offer multiple programs that might interest you and here are those:

  • Hybrid Personal Training Diploma Course
  • Virtual Personal Training

Classes are offered in day, evening, and weekend classes that will perfectly fit your schedule.

A hands-on personal training program is done in their program to guide their students better in real-life situations.

Their Hybrid Personal Training contains a 500-hour program that is divided into 300 hours of theory and 200 hours of practical experience.

Similar to Virtual Personal Training it is also divided into 300 hours of theory and 200 hours of practical experience however study materials and classes are done in live instruction via Zoom.


Delaware Technical Community College

About the School

Delaware Technical Community College assists its students in gaining the skills they need to be employed in the future of their selected careers.

They provide a quality education that the community needs.

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education has accredited the Delaware Technical Community College as they open their admission.

The Delaware Technical Community College was founded in 1966 and continues with its comprehensive curriculum aiming to be an institution to produce graduates who are committed to their diverse workforce.

They embrace the beauty and skills of each and everyone including their diverse traits as they want their students to feel safe on their campus.

Courses Offered

The Delaware Technical Community College offers numerous programs in diverse fields that might suit your career dreams.

Here are those:

  • Agriculture
  • Business
  • Culinary Arts
  • Education
  • Energy and Engineering Technologies
  • Health and Science
  • Public Service
  • Transportation
  • Visual Communications
  • Information Technologies
  • Architectural Engineering Technology
  • Automotive Technician Studies
  • Automotive Technology
  • Aviation Maintenance Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Baking and Pastry Skills Certificate
  • Baking and Pastry Skills Studies
  • Biological Sciences
  • And many more

In the program Architectural Engineering Technology job careers such as Architectural Design Technician, Cost Estimator, Project Manager, Technical Sales Representative, and Architectural CAD Designer are possible jobs that are available for you to pursue once you complete the program.

The Baking and Pastry Skill program is offered on a part-time basis, and you will gain experience in demonstration and skills that are used in the kitchen.


Wilmington University

About the School

Wilmington University is an accredited and private institution that offers diverse degrees and certificate programs that will help you in your career.

They have been serving a quality education since 1968 and are known as the number 1 most affordable private institution in the region.

Wilmington University is accredited by a third-party quality assurance by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Financial aid is available to those who qualify and 100% of their students receive low, in-state tuition rates.

Courses Offered

This university offers 200 degrees and certificate programs that are available for all graduate and undergraduate levels.

Here are some programs that they offer at the university:

  • 3D for Digital Media
  • Art
  • Business Communication
  • Digital Communication
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • Web design
  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice
  • Health Sciences
  • Human Services
  • Nursing Leadership
  • Post-MSN Nursing Leadership
  • And many more

In terms of the allied health industry, they offer multiple programs like Health Sciences that cost $1,227 and have a total of 90 – 120 credits.

The program 3D Digital Media is done in both online and traditional classroom styles where you’ll gain skills in different character creation lighting, rendering, rigging, animating, and modeling.


  • Wilmington University
  • Address: 320 N. DuPont Hwy, New Castle, DE 19720
  • Phone: (877) 967-5464
  • Website:

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Final Thoughts

Now you have read the top trade schools in Wilmington and reviewed every significant thing such as accreditation, financial aid, schedules, and programs that will perfectly suit you.

Take your time in choosing the perfect school that will be with you on your journey as you pursue your dreams.

In less than 2 years you’ll achieve the goals and success you are aiming for.

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