Gambling Dealer Salary

How Much Does a Gambling Dealer Make?

On average, a Gambling Dealer make $28,960 a year. The lowest-paid 10 percent made $17,740, while the top-paid 10 percent made $47,810.

Annually National Average Salary: $28,960


* Based on information from the May 2021 salary report from the BLS.

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Salary by State

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Annual Salary by State

State 10% Annual 25% Annual Avg. Annual 75% Annual 90% Annual
New Hampshire$18,230$18,230$22,210$19,790$30,090
New Jersey$24,960$24,960$34,380$48,100$48,140
New Mexico$21,840$21,840$23,710$21,840$22,860
New York$30,420$38,480$49,630$60,950$61,010
North Dakota$17,080$17,730$28,820$29,900$46,750
South Carolina$17,120$18,600$21,920$23,190$27,970
South Dakota$22,200$27,480$29,710$35,540$36,970
Puerto Rico$15,830$17,020$20,280$21,460$23,450

Annual Average Salary: Top 5 States

The top earning state in the field is New York, where the average salary is $49,630.

These are the top 5 earning states in the field:

New York - $49,630
Texas - $43,730
Washington - $42,940
Florida - $35,850
New Jersey - $34,380

Gambling Dealers: Salary Overview

Gambling dealers operate table games and dispense cards or blocks to players or operate gaming equipment.

They also distribute winnings and collect money or chips.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for gambling dealers was $21,260 as of May 2019.

Salaries in this profession vary depending on the workers’ level of skills and experience but also depending on the region of employment.

The top 10 percent made more than $36,370 a year while the lowest 10 percent made less than $17,040.

The 25th percentile for the salary distribution was $18,570 per year, which means that 75 percent of all gambling dealers earned more than this.

The 75th percentile for this profession was $24,720 per year; this means that only 25 percent of gambling dealers earned more than this.

Hourly rates for gambling dealers vary between less than $8.19 and more than $17.49.

Gambling Dealer Salary by Industry

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the biggest employer for gambling dealers was the travel accommodation industry- a field that paid them on average, with $21,080 a year.

The second-biggest employer for gambling dealers was the gambling industry- this is also the highest paying field.

In this sector, the average annual wage for gambling dealers was $27,400.

The average annual wage was $27,370 for gambling dealers who worked in the field of spectator sports and $25,260 for those who worked for local governments.

The average annual wage for gambling dealers who worked for other amusement and recreation industries was $25,220.

Gambling dealers who worked for civic and social organizations reported a mean annual wage of $24,330 per year.

Additional cash earnings

Many gambling dealers (especially entry-level employees) are paid an hourly rate plus tips.

The good news is that, even though this profession is not very well-paid if you’re a skilled worker with good interpersonal skills you can earn more in tips than your base salary.

How much a gambling dealer makes in tips also depends on the type of establishment where he/she works but these earnings typically vary between $15-$50 per hour- which is significantly more than the median hourly wage for this profession.

More experienced gambling dealers may be paid on a fixed salary.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has set the basic combined cash & tip minimum wage rate at $7.25 so, even if you’re an entry-level employee, your cash compensation can’t be lower than this amount.

The minimum cash wage is set at $2.13 and the maximum tip credit against the minimum wage is set at $5.12.

Tipped employees are defined as employees who receive more than $30 per month in tips.

Some states regulate a higher minimum cash wage rate for tipped employees.

In California, for example, employers who have 25 employees or less have to pay at least $12 per hour in cash wage while the rate for those who have more than 25 employees is set at least $13.

In conclusion, as a gambling dealer in California, you will earn more than $12 an hour which is more than the U.S. average for this profession.

Montana sets the minimum cash wage at $8.65 for businesses with gross annual sales over $110,000 and $4.00 for business with gross annual sales under this amount.

So, as a gambling dealer, in some regions, your salary will vary depending on the size of the employer.

Working at a high-end casino will help you earn a higher salary but you may need a few years of experience working in a smaller casino before being hired by a bigger establishment.

Some local governments also sent minimum wages that are higher than the state-regulated minimum.

Especially if you’re an entry-level employee, your starting salary will vary depending on the region of employment because the hourly rate for tipped employees also varies depending on the state and city of employment.

* Based on information from the May 2021 salary report from the BLS. The figures represent accumulated data for all states of employment for Gambling Dealers. BLS data represents averages and medians for workers at all levels of education and experience. This data doesn't represent starting salaries.

* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

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