Reentering the Workforce after a Long Absence (and Staying There)

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Reentering the Workforce after a Long Absence

To begin with, you need to stop paying so much attention to competition issues as you feel anxious because of it.

Reentering the Workforce can be much simpler than you make it out to be without you even knowing it.

Of course, sending a resume to various employers you never see you don’t know what they expect from you and how you can differentiate yourself among other competitors who make the same thing.

It can be really tough and challenging but I can offer you some piece of advice so you can overcome an issue:

Choose your focus and reveal your priorities

Looking for a job without knowing your priorities is harder and, for sure, less effective.

Analyze your values, interests, strength, and personality to understand what is really important for you.

Also, pay attention to such aspects as your skills that were noticed by others.

All these points are your strength that makes you unique.

You may think that it’s nothing special and everyone can do it but you should remember that your set of skills differs from other applicants as each individual is good at different things.

Don’t forget to reveal what work activities you like most of all.

Do you like writing, organization, analysis, customer service or, maybe, working with numbers?

Or, maybe, there is something else?

If you cannot make a decision by yourself, you may ask a career counselor for help.

One another reason why it’s a great option is that you can learn about networking issues and get emotional support while searching for a job.

Seattle citizens can apply for help addressing the Center for Career Connections at Bellevue Community College and the Centerpoint Institute for Life and Career Renewal.

Also, there is a lot of consultants and couches that can offer you some help as well.

Get involved with some professional activities

You need to get involved with some professional activities so you can get acquainted with some people who can help you with your career challenge including serving references and promote as a determined and skillful personality.

For example, you can enter a part-time job or a volunteer activity in the sphere you are interested in.

In fact, these activities can be considered as a kind of investment in your future as those activities are only temporary options.

Also, you need to look for some resume-building activities that will make your resume more eye-catching in a short period of time.

You can find some volunteering option you can use or contact some local non-profit organizations.

Reentering the Workforce: Getting some source of income while building your resume

In fact, it can be any activity and you don’t need to include it in your resume.

Even if your activity doesn’t influence your future career significantly there is one useful life-hack that can provide you with some benefits.

Looking for the temporal source of income, it’s better to give preference to options with a lot of interaction with the public.

Why is it important?

The answer is simple.

You never know who you can meet randomly.

Maybe, you’ll be lucky to get the job you want just having a conversation with a stranger.

The truth is that various fan social activities are also important as well as job-related activities

Attend some sport, hobby or going to book clubs.

It’s not a waste of time but an opportunity to improve you and meet new people building new connections.

As soon as you become friends with some people you can tell them about your job hunting and ask them for some support.

Look for some professional associations of people working in the career field you are interested in

You know, if you concentrate on a certain career field, it’s much easier to achieve your goal.

Professional associations hold various networking events and group meetings.

Consider the fact that if you have difficulties with networking and chatting, there is no need to stress you out.

You can be just a simple observer and get some interesting and important information on your career field.

Just make sure you visit meetings regularly and rather soon you’ll be considered as an insider and get some acquaintances.

In case your chosen career gives more opportunities for finding clients/customers easier than an employer, don’t be afraid to launch your own service-oriented business

The point is that this type of business requires a little investment and brings you revenue rather fast.

The other point is that your clients don’t pay attention to your resume or job history.

The only thing that concerns them is your ability to provide the required support.

Starting your business, you may offer some good discounts to your first clients that can provide you with a good promotion.

You just need to perform your duties on a high level and make sure your clients are satisfied with your work.

Also, you can look for some home-based business options.

Just take your time and you’ll be able to find lots of useful tips and interesting ideas.

Look for success stories of other people paying special attention to those who started their career in the field you are interested in

You can find some useful strategies and tips that worked for other people and can help you to achieve your goal.

And, what if none of those worked?

In case any option didn’t work and you still weren’t able to restart your career, address a nonprofit or government-sponsored career counseling agency, a private career coach, church-based career counseling or library job search classes.

You can also check out “How to Become” section where we have complete career-specific guides.

Best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you rejoin the workforce after a long break?

You can start with volunteering, or working as a freelancer, to rejoin the workforce after being away from work for a long time.

Take refresher classes and get a certificate if it is available for the job you want.

Working at an entry-level job is also a good idea.

It is easier to get a job if you have a job, no matter what the job is.

Can I get a job after a 10-years gap of not working?

You can get a job even with a 10-year gap of not working, but it may not be easy.

Get an unskilled entry-level job, use your network, and do a lot of research.

Treat the job search like a job and work on it every day.

Just getting an interview may be the hardest part.

How long of an employment gap is too long?

There is no limit on how long you can be off work and still find a job.

If you have been off a year or more, it will be harder to get an interview, but the level of difficulty does not change a lot after that.

Be able to articulate your reason for not working, and what you learned during that time.

How do I make a resume if I have not worked in years?

If you have not worked in several years, make your resume skills focused.

It does not have to be just a list of jobs you have had.

List any certifications you have, or awards, no matter how old they are.

You might also add more about your education.

Why do employers not want to hire unemployed?

Our culture has a bias against unemployed people and many companies are hesitant to consider people who are not working, or who have not worked in a while.

Employers may feel the applicant’s skills will be out of date, or that they may not be reliable.

They may assume there is something wrong with the employee.

How do you explain a long gap in your work history?

Focus on your skills on your resume and do not emphasize your time off.

You could make that gap its own job and claim you are self-employed.

If you get the interview, simply explain your reasons and try to focus the conversation on your skills.

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