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A projection of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has shown an increase in administrative services management vacancies by at least 10% in the 10-year period starting from 2016.

This has occurred due to the issue of the increase in the size and complexity of both state and global economies.

This issue has caused the production and distribution of goods and services that generate profit and are efficient in cost to become somewhat more challenging than they used to be.

This occurrence has led to a higher demand for employers knowledgeable in Supply Chain Management (SCM).

Businesses are always seeking SCM professionals in order to thrive in the marketplace.

Some of the highest compensated experts are in fact the immensely trained SCM logicians and distribution or purchasing managers.

They are, however,  required to have gained expertise in modern business technology.

However, not everyone is qualified for jobs in Supply Chain Management.

What you need to is no less than a bachelor’s degree.

A person interested in this kind of job position can obtain one online, and what it provides is key knowledge of the flow of goods and services within a decided set of business procedures.

It is especially convenient for working adult learners who need flexibility and are not able to disrupt their professional lives.

This kind of degree will enable you to be efficient in a job related to the flow of goods and services, logistics, leadership, and facilitation of communication and funds involving businesses, clients, and suppliers.

You will also gain knowledge in ensuring the efficient delivery of goods to paying customers.

Supply Chain Management highlights growing efficiency and creates value for paying customers.

This leads to great financial growth, overall enrichment, and a prosperous enterprise.

Athens State University

Online BS in Global Logistics & SCM Degree Program

If you are looking for a college situated in the South, then look no further than Athens, Alabama.

The degree of Bachelor of Science in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management awaits you at Athens State University.

If you are interested in how business information systems work, this degree is the perfect choice for you.

You will learn how to apply the informational resources pertaining to supply chain networks.

In four years, which is how long this program lasts, you’ll learn all the essentials and go through the primary coursework.

Some of the obligatory classes include logistics and distribution, organizational communication, as well as acquisition and contract management.

Students will also be able to choose from a number of elective subjects to improve their knowledge of advanced topics in business.

If you wish to deal with the transportation of goods across the border or acquiring materials, there are necessary skills that this program can provide you with.

For this reason, Athens State University has tailored a seminar where students will be able to learn how to properly organize their portfolios once they are graduated.

A combined exam will be one of the things the students need to ace to showcase their competency of major skills.

This course is solely online, synchronous and asynchronous and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSOC).

It costs $315 per credit hour, and the total length of the course is 124 credit hours.

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Embry-riddle Aeronautical University-worldwide

Online BS in Logistics & Supply Chain Management Degree

If you are interested in studying in Florida, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide that has an online Bachelor of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management may be a great fit for you, given that it is located in Daytona Beach.

Students who attend his program later excel in being manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials in the food, furniture, and aircraft manufacturing industries.

Otherwise, in working in distribution departments where their job is to make sure products and services delivery is not late or not within the set budget.

Other than obtaining various professional skills and being geared up for jobs both globally and locally, one more benefit can be that they attend classes online in an asynchronous format via Canvas.

The program consists of 120 credits and the duration of it is four years.

The list of courses it offers consists of 12 business electives and 18 open electives, some of which are Purchasing, Logistics, Production, Transportation Science, and Management.

Some of what students learn and deal with within the course of the program is the examination of the physical movement of assets through numerous ways of distribution, air cargo and aviation concerns, such as inventory management, capacity planning, and distribution center coordination.

In this program, which would cost you $413 per credit hour, and that is accredited by SACSCOC, you have to pass the strategic management comprehensive exam, to which there are many benefits.

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Bellevue University

Online BS in Supply Chain & Logistics Management Degree Program

As its name states, Bellevue University which offers an online Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain and Logistics Management degree program is located in Bellevue, and it focuses on the various elements of distribution of goods and services.

The school provides courses online in an asynchronous format, examples of which are the following: Global Business Decision-Making, Business Logistics Systems Analysis, and Organizational Management, and also some additional courses in interrelated professions, such as, Accounting, Psychology, and Organizational Psychology, and some in Financing, Cash and Capital.

People who graduate from this program can obtain various job positions, some of which are purchasing agents, operations research analysts, and material moving specialists.

This particular program consists of 127 credits and it has been given accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

It has a cohort format, meaning the students can communicate and provide help to one another within a virtual classroom.

For all this, this school will bill you $415 per credit hour.

Official Website

Baker College

Online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in SCM Degree Program

Are you interested in an online course for the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management?

Baker College in Flint, Michigan, which is accredited by HLC, offers a program that allows their students to learn about the Supply Chain and its many elements such as logistics and handling raw materials.

The Colledge organizes the program asynchronously and it last four years during which time the students will have 120 credit hours at the price of $8,100 for one year.

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California State University-East Bay

Online BS in Business Administration (BSBA)-Operations & SCM Degree Program

Accredited by AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), East Bay University offers an online program for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis on Operations and Supply Chain Management.

The program focuses on four areas and offers interesting classes such as Enterprise Resources, E-Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

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Brandman University

Online BBA in SCM & Logistics Degree Program

If you are a fan of warm locations, another option for you might be the Brandman University in Irvine, California, which grants an online Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management and Logistics degree program that highlights the planning and management of stable supply networks and provides its students with extensive knowledge in the identification of sourcing partners, development of effective shipping mechanisms, and management of labor relations.

The curriculum includes the requirements of general education, core classes, and it especially focuses on supply chain systems.

Core business courses help students change and improve their organizational habits.

Moreover, they help them learn how to lead teams in various disciplines and elevate their strategic knowledge in the supply chain, information systems, project management, and a variety of different topics, some of which are complementary (such as, Finance and Entrepreneurship).

The program that costs  $500 per course, consists of 120 credits per hour, is delivered online in an asynchronous format, and has been accredited from from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), produces graduates that are later employed in freight transportation, data warehousing, manufacturing supply chain, and loss prevention.

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East Carolina University

BS in Business Administration (BSBA)-Operations & SCM Online Degree Program

You just might find your ideal online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Operations and Supply Chain Management degree program located in Greenville, North Carolina, within East Carolina University In order to be competitive in the marketplace, what they target is teaching their students all about the enhancement of an organization’s production system and supply chain, as well as the most basic and essential notions  in professional relations and ethical decision-making.

Throughout the 120-credit hour program with the duration of four years that has earned accreditation by SACSCOC, you would have to take six courses in  topics like strategic logistics management, purchasing, and materials management, and business and organizational marketing, for which you would be billed $166 per if you were a citizen of North Carolina and $716 per credit if you were not.

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University of Massachusetts-Amherstt

Online (BBA) Bachelor of Business Administration in Operations & Information Management-Supply Chain Management Degree Program

At the University of Massachusetts, you can get an online asynchronous,120-credit-hour program for the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration in Operations and Information Management that focuses on Supply Chain Management for the price of $475 per credit hour.

This degree opens up the possibility to work at various positions some of which are jobs in retail logistics or as health service consultants.

The University has accreditation and it offers obligatory core courses for students that encompass logistics, distribution, and design among other things as well as other major areas such as corporate finance, data analytics, and enterprise systems.

The students are also able to choose three elective subjects that deal with topics like sports management or they can opt for a foreign language class where they will learn how to work within the global market.

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Ball State University

BS or BA in Logistics and SCM Online Degree Program

Accredited by HLC, Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana offers an online degree program for those wanting to become either a Bachelor of Arts in Logistics and Supply Chain Management or a Bachelor of Science.

It is organized as a 120-credit-hour program at the price of $304 for those who have an in-state residence and $510 for those that are out of Indiana.

The students are obliged to attend major classes.

There are 39-credit general education classes and 13 foundational classes.

Every student will be able to talk to an academic advisor concerning internships as well as career options.

After graduation, the students can work as transportation solution analysts or inventory planners.

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Azusa Pacific University

Online BBA-Logistics & Supply Chain Management Degree Program

Looking for a program that focuses on practical skills that will prepare to work in the rapidly changing global economy in the field of lean supply networks?

With the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration or Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the Azusa Pacific University in California, you will be able to achieve exactly that.

An asynchronous, 120-credit-hour program will teach you all about spreadsheets, financial accounting, and principles in marketing.

Other major classes focus on the acquisition of materials and global trade regulations.

There is an optional internship program that students can partake in.

A cost of one course is $450 and the University gets accreditation from WSCUC (WASC Senior College and University Commission).

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Minnesota State University Moorhead

Online BS in Global SCM Degree Program

Minnesota State University, placed in Moorhead, Minnesota,  provides a high-quality online Bachelor of Science in Global Supply Chain Management degree program.

The requirements are the following: you must obtain 39 credits of major core courses, especially the ones in operations management, methods of improvement, purchasing, and sourcing management, logistics management and network design, and management information systems; you must also complete two related courses, such as, like microeconomics and probability and statistics.

The program consists of 120 credits of online classes that you take in an asynchronous format.

The price of improving skills for effective management of local, national, and global distribution of both goods and services is $239 per credit residents of Minnesota and $478 per credit for out-of-state students.

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Southern Wesleyan University

BSBA – SCM Degree Online

Southern Wesleyan University  (Central, South Carolina) provides a 120-credit per hour  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Supply Chain Management degree program which classes are taken in both synchronous and asynchronous formats.

If you decide to major in SCM, they will educate you in project management, logistics, strategic sourcing, and procurement management.

They will achieve this through core curriculum requirements, major requirements, concentration courses, and approved electives.

Attending this program, which you can do in January, May, and August lasts seven weeks.

It enjoys the accreditation provided by the SACS.

It comes at a price of $430 per credit hour.

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Northern Arizona University

Bachelor of Applied Science in Logistics & Supply Chain Management Online Degree Program

At an affordable price of $224 for one credit hour for students that live in the state and $344 for out-of-state students, Northern Arizona Univesity, which is accredited by HLC, offers online courses for the degree of Bachelor of Applied Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

If you are wanting to transfer from a community college, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Even those who completed their studies can transfer as many as 75 credit hours so they could get a degree in applied science.

Some of the classes the students will attend are business law and economic analysis, supply chain management and strategic logistics as well as green logistics and supply chain management.

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Kennesaw State University

Online Bachelor of Applied Science in Supply Chain Logistics Degree Program

Students who have an associate degree in applied science or applied technology can attend an asynchronous, online, 120-credit-hour program in Atlanta, Georgia at Kennesaw State University which gets accreditation from SAAC.

This program grants the opportunity to get a degree as a Bachelor of Applied Science in Supply Chain Logistics.

Students will be able to attend live online classes as well as access lectures easily at any time.

60 out of 120 credits aim at general education while out of the remaining 60 credits, 51 are major a 9 for electives on the upper-level.

One credit hour of this degree program will cost you $232 for one credit hour.

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Florida International University

Online Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics & SCM Degree Program

Another option for you might be one in the Sunshine State of Florida, under the wing of Florida International University – Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management online program.

This school will equip you for efficient leadership, effective and worthwhile implementation of trade systems, and application of quantitative methods to operations analysis and financial management, all through an online asynchronous format and a program of 120 credits per hour.

You would have to sign up for some of the core courses like logistics technology, export marketing, and decision-making and negotiations, and if you opt for business-related ones.

Some of the offered ones are about the application of quantitative methods to operations analysis and financial management.

The rest of the credits consist of classes designed for students of business who are of an upper level.

You will have free time during winter since you only have classes during the three remaining seasons.

The Connect4Success initiative enables Florida community college grads to enjoy some privileges in the form of admission benefits.

The tuition fee is much lower for Florida residents ($206) that for out-of-state students ($619).

Finally, SACSCOC accredits this school.

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Rasmussen College

Online BS in Supply Chain and Logistics Management Degree

An online Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain and Logistics Management degree awaits you at Rasmussen College which is located in Bloomington, Minnesota.

This online degree program perfectly aligns with TQM Models and Six Sigma, ensuring graduates to find high-paying jobs in companies.

You can complete the program through an internship or a capstone project and it lasts for 180-credit-hours at the price of $310 for one credit hour.

The college has received accreditation from HLC and some of the courses they offer include Winning Customer Service Strategies, Supply Chain Risk and Compliance, and Management of Information Systems.

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Marian University Wisconsin

Online BS in Operations & SCM Degree Program

Marian University Wisconsin in Fond Du Lac offers an online course for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Operations and Supply Chain Management.

The students will have 37-credit-hour courses on business administration, 35-credit-hours of optional courses, 30-credit-hours of liberal arts and 18-credit-hour courses of Operations and Supply Chain Management.

Operations and Supply Chain Management courses will include Purchasing, and Operations Management as well as Statistical Applications, Process and Quality.

The University gets accreditation from HLC and the cost of one credit hour is $225 for in-state and $450 for out-of-state residents.

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Portland State University

BS in Supply and Logistics Management Degree Online

Another interesting online program you might want to consider if you are interested in either junior- or senior-level requirements is a Bachelor of Science in Supply and Logistics Management degree program of Portland State University.

It is located in Portland, Oregon.

What this program mainly focuses on is the enhancement of skills in four categories.

They are sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, and planning.

It does so through a 120-credit hour program in an asynchronous format.

It’s accredited by Portland State University is Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Its Supply Chain Management degree program is accredited by AACSB and the Institute for Supply Management.

The tuition also differs depending on whether you are a resident of Oregon ($171 per credit hour) or not ($570 per credit hour), for which price you will get 24 credit hours of business core courses, supply and logistics courses, and many others.

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Franklin University

Online BS in Operations & Supply Chain Management Degree

If you are a fan of Columbus, Ohio, and its Franklin University, you will be glad to know that it can offer you a great online program.

What stands out here, in comparison to the other aforementioned schools, it that a capstone project is needed for getting a Bachelor of Science in Operations and Supply Chain Management degree.

Some of you might dislike it, but wait till you hear what all the perks you get from studying there are and you will love it.

Not only is there access to the online coursework and virtual library but also access to 24/7 student services.

Holding accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission, the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education accredits its online Supply Chain Management program.

It is a 126-semester hour program that will cost you $526 per credit hour.

For that price, there are many advantages.

One is their trimester schedule – meaning multiple entry dates during the course of each trimester.

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Florida State College at Jacksonville

Bachelor of Applied Science in Logistics & SCM Degree Online

Florida State College in Jacksonville offers an online, asynchronous curriculum.

That creates convenience in getting the degree of Bachelor of Applied Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

The course consists of 120 credit hours.

It lasts for five semesters and it covers both mandatory courses.

There are also electives and it prepares students for careers in logistics coordination and operational management.

The cost of one credit hour at Florida State College, accredited by SACS, rounds up to $105 for in-state and $219 for out-of-state residents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of benefits can an online degree in Supply Chain Management (SCM) offer?

It can offer you opportunities to earn an above-average salary and help upraise your career.

The average annual earnings of transportation, storage and distribution managers are estimated at $98,000 by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), while an average annual wage of roughly 10% of logicians is $120,000.

Therefore, not only will you enhance your credentials, but you will also get an opportunity to earn top dollar.

This kind of degree will present networking, job placement assisting, and internship opportunities to you.

This will help you pursue what you consider your career objectives.

Moreover, this career path is not competitive experience-wise.

Previous work experience might, however,  help you enroll in a premier league university.

That is if you wish to seek a master’s or doctorate study in SCM.

Lastly, being delivered in an asynchronous format and bachelor’s degree coursework and being delivered online means you can take lessons at your own convenience and pace.

At the same time, you’ll be fulfilling your obligations, and tasks as a student – assignments, exams, projects, deadlines, etc.

Q. What type of employment can you expect with a degree in Supply Chain Management?

There are plenty of different jobs you can seek out with a degree in SCM.

Which one to choose depends on your preference and the working industry.

Those who have graduated from this program usually have impressive problem-solving skills.

They are also analytical thinkers who possess rudimentary knowledge when it comes to logistical principles.

Entry-level positions are available for students who complete their degree through an online course.

That means they can work as financial analysts, sales representatives or as freelance advisers.

In order to work at management positions, a master’s degree is necessary.

Q. What are some career options I can pursue?


Those working in logistics are responsible for monitoring transport, delivery, and storage of goods.

They are also responsible for the information for the company they work for.

Not only that, but they deal with inbound and outbound logistics if they work as logistic managers.

Supply Chain Management:

Running day-to-day operations is the responsibility of a Supply Chain Manager.

Their job is to come up with strategies that will boost revenue as well as employ and train employees.

Working closely with a financial analyst, they assess profitability through sales information.

They also decide on how to improve productivity, reduce costs and maintain quality.

Procurement Analytics or Purchasing Management:

Procurement Analysts or Purchasing Managers deal with manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesale distributors.

Their job is to negotiate prices with vendors, ensure the quality of the products or service is excellent.

They also manage contract negotiations.

Distribution Management:

Securing, safety and hiring are some of the warehouse operations that are the responsibility of Distribution Managers.

Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representation:

Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representatives handle selling goods for manufacturers to not only government agencies but also private companies.

Sales representatives seek out potential clients, correspond with current clients and arrange prices and delivery.

One of the responsibilities for those specializing in sales is managing messages and cold calls at the office.

Sometimes, they have to travel to job sites where they will meet with clients to handle negotiations.

Cost Estimation:

What Cost Estimators do is deal with information accumulation and appraisal.

Usually these regard labor, delivery of service, time to create a product in particular areas and estimation of materials.

They work together with financial analysts, contractors, architects, and engineers.

All the while, they’re experts in specific industries, such as construction, retail, manufacturing.

Working in Chain Supply Management, you can expect to earn an average salary from $50,000 to $130,000 a year.

Q. What are some examples of different supply chain management organizations?

Being a part of a specific supply chain management (SCM) professional organizations can provide you with many opportunities.

Those could help you enhance your networking and career services skills.

Through those opportunities, you would likely speed up your professional growth.

These organizations are always up-to-speed and are updated on the latest resources, news, laws, trends, and regulations.

Here are some instances of SCM organizations:

Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM)

This organization employs somewhere around 45,000 s-c pros while providing them with development and education, career resources.

What they offer are mentor centers which you might find particularly useful.

Not only that but also local networking and learning from your peers.

American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS)

What APICS provides its employees is professional training and education, in terms of career resources, student scholarships, mentorship opportunities.

They also focus on training workshops, certification programs, credentials for production and inventory management.

They also sponsor the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM).

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP)

CSCMP employs about 6,000 logicians and SCM pros.

They have opportunities to network, educate themselves and meet industry leaders, as well as prominent experts in the fields.

They are also a part of the annual EDGE conference and they offer professional enhancement and training.

International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA)

What IWLA aims at is providing its members with various products and services.

They include eLearning, a career center, and legal, office, ISO certification, and staffing services.

Institute for Supply Management (ISM)

This organization attracts SCM professionals by allowing them to pursue education, certificates, leadership training, and research.

They discuss research, trends, strategy, and diversity, via annual and specialty conferences, as well as seminars throughout the country.

Material Handling Industry of America (MHI)

MHI offers many educational and training perks to its members.

Some of the educational courses are about resources, careers, and industry standards, all incorporated in their learning center.

Some of the others are solution sourcing, organization of membership meetings.

They also focus on executive conferences, networking, sponsorship of two trade expos, and executive conferences.

Final Thoughts

Finding a supply chain management degree online program that’s really worth your time and money is not an easy task.

We hope you’ll find this list useful in your efforts.

Good luck!

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