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If Social Sciences is a degree program of your interest, you probably already know that this science focuses on the study of society and how people behave and affect the world.

The information received through these studies are necessary for the government systems, lobbyists, legislators, and local authorities to be able to function, so this makes the Bachelor’s in Social Science program one of the most popular degrees in the country.


Online BA in Integrated Social Sciences

At the University Of Washington, you can get your undergraduate degree without worrying about value, flexibility, cost, and completion.

University of Washington’s (UW) Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Sciences online program is designed for students interested in exploring and developing an understanding of how various groups and societies engage with each other.

That is the reason why the BA in Integrated Social Sciences (ISS) offers courses that will explore the complexities of societal arrangements, and a total of 180 credits has to be earned.

Some of the fields that will be included in learning during your studies are Social Science Theory in Context, Survey of Social Science Methods, Introduction to Portfolios in the Social Sciences, and Portfolio Seminar in Integrated Social Sciences.

You will also be required to represent what you have learned in the Integrated Social Sciences Capstone project.

Courses in the program are divided into seven areas of inquiry and they are grouped based on the theme or field of study.

Enrolled students can choose from Information and Technology (IT), Populations and Movement (PM), Conflict and Cooperation (CC), Diversity and Global Justice (GJ), Health and Risk (HR), Inequalities and Power Relations (IP), and Societies and Environments (SE).

It is significant to have in mind that you need to complete one course from the seven thematic areas of inquiry mentioned to comply with degree requirements.

The program is based on the asynchronous instruction style, you can complete the program in your own time and at your own pace, but it usually takes full-time students 1 to 2 years to finish the studies, while part-time students may need 3 to 4 years.

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Online BS in Social Sciences

The University of Central Florida (UCF) offers a Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences.

The degree should be earned by those people interested in understanding human societies and associations, being that this curriculum develops student’s critical view of social sciences.

Once you enroll in University Of Central Florida Online course, you will get the flexibility of their online degree programs, meaning that you can choose the courses based on your specific interests, but you will need to earn the 120 credit hours requirement which will cover foundational courses in statistics, research methods, social science theory, and communication.

Students are able to select three minor concentrations within the social sciences from Anthropology, Communication, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology or Women’s and Gender Studies.

If you become a graduate of the program, you will be able to recognize and solve social problems from different perspectives and reach very successful careers in the 21st century.

During the last semester, you will be obliged to take an Exit Exam and it is significant that you reach a great score, even though it will not determine your graduation.

The better score you reach, the stronger confidence in yourself you will have and that will affect your professional life.

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Online BA in Composite Social Science

The Social Sciences Department at Dickinson State University is created with the aim to develop their students’ knowledge and appreciation of world civilizations.

That is the reason why the courses in the social sciences include the rigorous 120-credit hour curriculum.

The social science coursework will train students to develop critical thinking capacity and learn essential tools and methodologies for a successful career which will thus make them able to facilitate changes in economic and government policies.

Once enrolled, students can choose to major in B.S. in Education – Composite Social Science Education, B.A. in Composite Social Science, B.A. in Composite Social Science (Criminal Justice Track), Social Science Minor – Elementary Education or Non-Teaching, or Sociology Minor.

The education is provided by knowledgeable and experienced professionals who understand the complexities of the field and who would do their best to transfer their knowledge to young learners.

Students who complete a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Composite Social Science must also select and complete between Composite Social Science Major or the Composite Social Science Criminal Justice Track.

Both of these options will include the classes in Macro-economics, History of United States to 1877, Modern America, and European and World History Electives to mention just a few.

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Online Bachelor of Social Science/Economics/Politics/Sociology/Anthropology/Journalism/Linguistics

New York University (NYU) is well known as the university which offers one of the best social science departments in the country.

New York University even gives a chance for students to learn through their online platform and the online degree available are Economics, Politics, and Sociology, Anthropology, Journalism, as well as Linguistics.

The university has also created the Department of Environmental Studies.

This innovation attracts the young generation of students interested in exploring the humanities, social sciences, as well as the natural sciences.

These degree offerings are available in both online or hybrid format and are accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE).

New York University Online Bachelor of Social Science program is an extensive 128 to 130-credit program curriculum and it covers courses in Culture, Power, and Society, Language, Culture, and Society, Language and Culture, Sex, Gender, and Language.

Department of Anthropology is under the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)which means that students can reach a joint major with the Department of Classics, with the Department of Linguistics, or with the Global Public Health.

The combined program requires that you complete both core and elective courses in the two areas.

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Online BA in Spatial Social Sciences

Bradman University offers a unique Social Science major.

The reason why the Bachelor of Arts in Spatial Social Sciences differs from other universities is that it focuses its curriculum on taking advantage of analytical tools in examining spatial environments.

The students will learn throughout the curriculum how to determine the existing relationship between people, places, environment, and communities and to make use of it.

Students gain the ability to communicate in various cultural and professional settings through the concept of transliteracy.

It is an extensive course that is available 100% online and a 120-credit curriculum is very demanding.

The included classes are Social Scientific Perspectives on Media and Culture, Quantitative Methods and Social Statistics, Interpreting Data and Geospatial Approaches to Society.

Students will become experts in discovering links between people across various communities through data analysis, research, and policy creation.

Upper-division classes in Criminal Justice, Organizational Leadership, Legal Studies, and Political Science will also give them a significant advantage.

Once you graduate, you will be prepared to pursue a career in government, data analytics, nonprofit and social services.

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Online BS in Social Science

Troy University boasts excellent college graduates in Alabama.

Troy University has on-campus students, including thousands of distance learners who are pursuing higher education in various fields.

The university’s social science degree is among the top online social sciences program in the United States.

The program is offered under Troy’s College of Arts and Sciences and it holds the most significant number of enrollees.

Social science students are allowed to choose from three concentrations, General Social Science, Geography, or Leadership.

The General Social Science concentration is designed for those who want to gain a broader view of the social sciences and 36 hours of specialized general study requirements are required.

Those include Research Methods in the Social Sciences, Statistics in the Social Sciences, GIS in the Social Sciences, and Social Science Theory.

The General Social Science concentration is also a perfect choice for those who want to pursue a second major in Education and become eligible for Alabama teacher certification.

The Geography concentration includes classes in Principles of Physical Geography, and Principles of Cultural Geography, and taking 15 hours of upper-division classes under social sciences is required for completion.

This also applies to Leadership Development concentration, but there are some specialized courses such as Tools for Leaders, Leadership Theory, and attending a Leadership Seminar.

Those who intend to take advantage of the 58 hours Accelerated Law curriculum are required to complete the General Social Science concentration and take additional upper-division courses by your junior year at TROY to qualify for the program.

There are even some admission requirements such as LSAT and minimum GPA which must be satisfactorily complied with before admission to any of the partnered institutions.

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Online BA in Social Sciences

Washington State University features an online Bachelors of Arts in Social Sciences program.

This online program offers high flexibility and allows students to tailor their learning experience according to their interests and desires.

It strictly follows an interdisciplinary curriculum, but will still enable you to concentrate on an area of your interest.

The areas among which you can choose are Administrative Studies, Anthropology, Communication, Comparative Ethnic Studies, Criminal Justice, Economic Sciences, History, Human Development, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Women’s Studies.

Social sciences majors are given two options – Plan A which gives you the flexibility of earning two different concentrations and Plan B allows students to take three different concentrations.

If you choose Plan A, you will need to complete 24-semester credits in any of the following: Anthropology, Comparative Ethnic Studies, Criminal Justice, Economic Sciences, History, Human Development, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, or Women’s Studies.

Furthermore, you will also need to finish 15 credits of upper-division classes and earn 15 credits from your secondary concentration.

You are free to choose from any discipline, but that is not all.

You are required to take 15 credits within a concentrated academic department, at least six credits must be upper-division classes.

Plan B requires that out of the total semester credits, 21 must be upper-division level and must be listed as Social Sciences electives or within the concentration area.

Plus, you will need to finish 9-semester credits in each Social Science discipline to complete each concentration and additional 12-semester credits are required to comply with the academic requirements of Plan B.

You can choose from Administrative Studies and Communication in addition to the options available to Plan A.

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Online Bachelor of General Studies in Social Science

Roger Williams University also features distance learning experience which allows great flexibility to those students eager to earn a Bachelor of General Studies in Social Science through University College.

It is a unique program and what the enrolled students will explore are topics in history, culture, politics, and humanities.

What is even better is the fact that Roger Williams give their online students the flexibility to incorporate their interests and career goals into their studies.

The Social Science, B.G.S. degree requires a total of 120 credits for completion.

This curriculum is comprised of 24 major credits, 30 core curriculum, and 66 credits of electives through the degree.

The flexibility is proved by the fact that you can choose your courses and control your academic experience.

You will be attending classes in liberal arts, natural sciences, fine arts, as well as two writing courses, but once you graduate,  you will definitely become a skilled, and confident professional.

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Online BS in Social Science

Kansas State University Global Campus offers a fully online Bachelor of Science in Social Science.

This curriculum is designed to trigger curiosity in the study of societal institutions.

Social Science majors examine the different situations and societal institutions and how they affect human behavior.

On the other hand, they will be also focused on how human interactions and behavior influence society’s institutions.

KSU Global requires that a B.S. in Social Science student takes courses in four social science disciplines.

These courses are designed so as to develop students’ critical thinking skills and at the same time, build their credibility in the field.

The four disciplines have to be chosen out of the nine areas of study under the Social Science department and those are Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Mass Communications, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies.

Enrolled students will need to complete the 120-credit hour curriculum to graduate.

The asynchronous program is four years long, but there is the opportunity that students can finish the degree in a shorter time if they study full-time.

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Online BA in Social Science

California State University is located in Chico and is proud to offer a fully online Bachelor of Arts in Social Science degree.

Two Social Science (SOSC) programs are available in CSU, and those are the Multidisciplinary Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Both options are available to distance learners and can be completed with careful planning and consultation with an adviser.

If you choose to enroll in the Multidisciplinary Option, the courses will provide you with a broad background in the general social sciences.

Students of this program develop sensitivity towards how individuals relate to various community settings and at the same time, acquire knowledge in behavioral sciences and history as well as geographic literacy.

This degree program is considered ideal for students who want to earn a California teaching credential in Social Science, as they can complete up to 42 units through the CSU Chico Distance and Online Education.

The Specialization Option is a more interdisciplinary, 45-unit academic path that is comprised of 21 units of Sociology classes, and 15 units of Career and Life Planning classes.

This path is considered a great choice for those students who are seeking a productive career in social organizations, career placement, or school counseling.

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Online BS in Social Science

Excelsior College features the online Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences.

This is an interdisciplinary program that combines various academic disciplines and those are Economics, Sociology, Psychology, and Political Science.

It is a unique program designed to prepare future students to address and examine the complexities of various social trends.

Excelsior College’s B.S. in Social Sciences program requires 120-credit hours and students can take Human Services as a concentration.

The classes are related to Interdisciplinary Social Science, Understanding Society, Social Science Research, Organizational Behavior, and Multicultural Issues in Criminal Justice, to mention a few.

It is good to have in mind the fact that those who will pursue Human Services concentration will be prepared to work with people, meaning that they will be exposed to concentrated coursework with courses in Ethics and Social Policy, Budget and Finance, Substance Abuse, Legal, and Regulatory Environment of Health Care.

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Online BS in Social Science

The University of Maryland-University College offers Bachelor of Science in Social Science.

This is a 120-credit program that is available fully online and it is a combination of theoretical aspects of social sciences and hands-on training in research methodologies.

Besides the social issues that affect our day-to-day affairs and communities that students will be required to deal with, they will also study group dynamics, world cultures, organizations, and institutional functions.

So as to get a bachelor’s degree from UMUC, students will have to get a total of 120 credits.

The degree requires 30 credits for major courses and 41 credits of general education coursework.

The foundational courses are in critical social science subjects, but the students will get the opportunity to choose a degree focus.

They will be able to earn 12 credits of strong academic background in Anthropology, Gerontology, Psychology, and Sociology, but that is not all when it comes to the requirements.

So as to get a degree, a capstone course is required and this is the project where students gain experiential knowledge, thus preparing distance learners for entry-level jobs in the field.

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Online BA in Social Science

Southeast Missouri State University (SMSU) offers a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science online.

If you choose the Southeast Missouri State University as your future educational institution,  you will be given the flexibility in choosing an area of significant concentration as well as a minor concentration.

The online BA in Social Science program allows you to select from the following areas, Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

Anthropology and Political Science are only available to online students who have prior credits in the same discipline.

The BASS program in Southeast is delivered in a 16-week semester during the fall and spring semesters and it is divided into two 8-week sessions.

Your educational development will be mentored by the university’s faculty that will handle the 120-credit multidisciplinary curriculum.

Courses will include 39 semester hours of senior division classes and so as to get the degree, you will need to finish the studies with the required Writing and Proficiency Exam.

It is worth mentioning that this program of study is available to online students on the main campus, as well as to students in Kennett and Sikeston regional campuses.

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Online BA and BS in Social Science

State University of New York System, Empire State College is offering a unique online degree.

This program is dedicated to the study of social science and the courses are designed so as to examines the history, social, and economic structures in both contemporary and modern societies.

The online Social Science undergraduate degree requires 52 semester credit hours for completion.

Throughout your studies, relevant theories, methodologies, and research frameworks will be thought by experienced and knowledgeable school staff so as to make students able to address critical issues of modern society once they graduate.

Empire State College is regionally accredited under the supervision of SUNY.

This means that the college can offer both a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Social Science.

You also have a variety of options for specialization, and online students can choose from African American Studies, Sociology, Social Theory, Public Policy, Political Science, and Women’s Studies.

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Online Bachelor of Arts in Social Science

University of Maine Augusta (UMA) offers both on-campus and distance learners the option to learn about the behavior and the different relationships shared by individuals, communities, and societies through its online Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences program.

Students are exposed to the systematic way of viewing addressing critical social issues and once they finish the studies, they will be able to develop a comprehensive approach to matters that affect our lives.

Students studying this program will not only gain new knowledge but will develop their skills in social research, which means that the studies are designed only for those who find thrill in innovation and conducting experiments and surveys.

This is a 58-credit major program that will focus mainly on social theories, social network analysis, community study, and social media analytics, among many other subjects.

The University of Maine Augusta offers online students the opportunity to gain practical experience in the area of choice while still being engaged in community development efforts, fiscal stability forums, and other social science engagements.

The best of all is that students will conduct individual or group research that will highlight their empirical research knowledge and skills.

The Social Science program offers several ways for you to fit your courses and what is even better, the UMA programs are not highly demanding while maintaining quality and excellence which is significant for distance learners.

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Online BS in Social Sciences

Assumption College is am educational institution frequently chosen by distance learners who wish to earn an online degree from a Roman Catholic college.

By enrolling in its programs, adult learners become closer to an undergraduate diploma.

The Continuing & Career Education Department of this college offers a fully online Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences degree.

The B.S. in Social Sciences degree is a 120-credit curriculum that requires completion of a total of 40 courses which are all based on the complex social science theories and research methodologies.

Students enrolled in this course will take ten liberal arts courses, which will cover classes in Writing, Theology, Ethics, Philosophy, Literature, Mathematics, and History, while the only way to earn a strong academic background is by selecting to specialize in either Criminal Justice or Psychology.

To manage this, you will be required to take eight courses within your preferred concentration and earn 24 credits out of the total 120 credits.

At the end of your education here, you will need to complete a capstone project and only after that, you will be able to graduate.

If you are one of those who want to accelerate their completion, you can take advantage of the 7.5-week session.

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Online BA in Social Science

Great Basin College has been providing online education at an affordable cost for its students who are interested in achieving higher education goals while ensuring flexibility and quality.

The online Bachelor of Arts in Social Science curriculum will be based on the following subjects – History, Anthropology, Political Science, and Psychology.

The Political Science component includes classes in political behavior, public policy, public opinion, and the American government.

Furthermore, students are required to take two courses from each core classes, including political science.

Political Science program is a complete program that only admits students who have earned an AA or AS degree.

The minimum requirement involves at least 60 credits earned from a regionally accredited academic institution.

What you will be thought at this college is the fundamentals of Research Methodology, Ethics, Writing, Communication, Political Behavior, Social Psychology, Roman Empire, among others.

Highly-trained and well-educated faculty members will provide you with outstanding knowledge and you are supposed to complete all classes online, including the capstone requirement.

The 39-credit BASS program requires students to complete an internship.

This kind of learning experience is a perfect choice for working professionals who are looking for career advancements.

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Online BA in Social Science

The University of Nevada in Las Vegas is allowing distance learners to study and understand the social science disciplines, by offering an online Bachelor Arts in Social Science Studies program.

What the students of this program will develop is a great interest in social interaction, human relationships, social groups, and human subjectivity.

UNLV’s BA in Social Science Studies is a 120-credit curriculum.

Its courses will cover extensive social science subjects and you will be asked to choose from six key areas, including Anthropology, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Women’s Studies.

Distance learners can also choose their area of specialty, but they will need to take 21 credits of specialized courses to qualify for graduation.

At the end of the education process, students must participate in a capstone project so as to show their knowledge in the chosen area through a presentation, a paper, or a project.

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Online Bachelor in Social Science

Portland State University is a public institution that provides quality education to both on-campus learners and online.

The university offers an online Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science, which makes students able to choose the flexible academic workload while focusing on one area within the social science program.

If you want more flexibility, you can enroll in sample courses across program departments and the available sample courses are – Anthropology, Black Studies, Criminology, and Criminal Justice, Child and Family Studies, Geography, History, International Studies, Indigenous Nations Studies, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, to mention a few.

The Social Science bachelor’s degree is a 180-credit curriculum.

The program consists of both lower- and upper-division courses and the majority of the courses are available online.

However, there are few exceptions which are online available on-campus.

What students find great is the fact that they are allowed to take a dual concentration in Psychology and Sociology and this solution is the most suitable one for those who are planning to pursue a Master’s program in Social Work and the Master’s in Counseling.

PSU’s Social Science degree program is definitely one of the top choices among adult learners who want to pursue the Graduate Teacher Education Program.

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Online BA in Social Science

The University of Alaska Southeast is proud to be offering a 120-credit, Bachelor of Arts in Social Science online.

Once you enroll you will find out that the curriculum includes classes in Concepts and Contemporary Applications of Mathematics, Methods, and Theories in Archaeology, Historiography and Historical Methods, Research Methods in Social Science, and Data Analysis in the Social Sciences.

This is designed that way so as to enable BASS students to take advanced courses in up to three areas of specialized study.

The42 credits of upper-division classes must be from 300 or above, making the degree an interdisciplinary program, which mainly focuses on students’ learning outcomes.

You can choose from six areas of specialization, such as Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

The university allows its students to choose up to three concentrations, one as the primary concentration, and two secondary ones.

To complete the program, you must complete the General Education Requirements (GERs) besides the specific requirements set by the department.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the reasons to earn an online bachelor’s degree in social science?

Human beings have that inner need to seek to understand the world around them so as to make it a better place to live in.

All people are somehow connected and that gives birth to the concept of society.

Social Sciences is a field that seeks to analyze society and its institutions.

It involves studying the factors that play an essential role in these societal institutions.

The main aim of social science is to explore the relationship between people, organizations, and how their actions affect each other and the job of a social scientist is to make the analysis of these institutions and relationships.

A degree in Social Science is the perfect choice for people who want to improve the human condition and society.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science is available online, giving students more flexibility and control of their schedule as well as on campus.

Considering the fact that there are numerous advantages of an online bachelor of social science degree, being that it allows students more independence in their coursework and students can tune their course study based on their interests and their goals, more and more students choose an individualized online program of study in their social science field of choices such as Anthropology, Political Science, Psychology, And Sociology.

The online education is very similar to the traditional classroom education, as long as students are equipped with theoretical knowledge and skills and are sure that the college or university they decided to enroll in is accredited.

Many people are wondering why accreditation is so important, but we would like to emphasize the fact that the main purpose of accreditation is to ensure that the school has satisfied the qualifications set by the US Department of Education and that it has reached high standards of quality.

Also, if you wish to transfer existing college credits if you want to enroll in another school as well as to apply for federal financial aid it is only possible to be done at an accredited institution.

Online students complete coursework in a variety of disciplines like anthropology, political science, and psychology.

Anthropology classes involve the study of human relationships, culture, and interaction.

Political science classes focus on the government, its role, and how it affects society, people, and institutions, while psychology classes explore the human psyche.

The tuition cots of an online social science degree range from $30,000 to $81,000, as it varies from one school to another.

The course load will also affect the payment and the majority of colleges or universities charge higher for out-of-state students.

Q. What are my job opportunities as a holder of an online bachelor’s degree in social science?

Once you become the holder of a bachelor’s degree in social science online, you will be ready to get involved in all the areas related to it.

In the majority of cases, students are very well equipped with in-depth knowledge and experience in their chosen fields, so that they can use their problem-solving skills and apply that knowledge to real-world issues.

We are offering you some of the career fields where  graduates of online social science degree programs may look for employment:

Political Scientists are those people who are focused on the analysis of the government, its institutions, and how it affects society and its citizens.

Political scientists are there to help the government design a better social service and improve the living conditions.

These professionals have a strong background in research as it is impossible to stay updated with the new developments in politics and related areas without this skill.

Political scientists engage in office work, while there are those who work at a university or are analysts for news shows or television programs.

They offer information to the public and earn $53,962 annually.

A Social and Community Service Manager is a person who directs and leads community services and its job is to work directly with the people to develop and improve social service programs

They are actually the government agents who engage in outreach programs and they are in need of government funding.

It can be said that they serve as the bridge between the people and the government.

The main aim of their job is to help improve people’s standard of living.

Some of the administrative work that they do involves hiring new staff, tracking attendance, satisfaction, cost, and publicity.

A Social and Community Service Manager has an average annual salary of $48 994.

Social Workers also assist the government, but their job is to make sure that government programs are lawfully executed and implemented.

Social workers are professionals who engage with the community, work closely with their clients and their families and so as to be able to achieve their goal, they must work together with other social science professionals.

They have to be people who are able to cope with emotional and societal problems and at the same time understand them.

They are often on fieldwork and excellent communication skill is a must for this kind of job.

What they usually do is work with support groups and do research studies to find information that is relevant to the problems of a client and use that experience to help future clients.

The Social Workers’ annual salary is $45, 471.

Marketing Managers are often hired by businesses and their main job is to supervise and create advertisements and campaigns so as to attract more customers.

They achieve this goal by studying aspects of product demand and pricing.

However, it is not possible to do it by yourself, so they need to work together with various departments like sales, public relations, and product development teams to create excellent campaigns.

The business industry is a competitive field, and marketing managers are there to help product managers implement new or modify program initiatives, as well as assist in market research studies and analyze their findings.

A marketing managers’ salary is $64,156 per year.

Economists are professionals who are there to give advice to businesses and or government agencies and they achieve this by doing some research to identify trends, formulate, and forecast economic models.

They can help both the government, which can utilize their findings to improve its economy and business investments and marketing.

We can conclude that economists are important and if you want to become an economist, you may take an online social science degree majoring in economics.

The Economist’s average salary per year is $73, 710.

Psychologists can be those people who have earned a bachelor’s degree focusing on psychology.

Also, those can be people with a doctorate in clinical or counseling psychology.

They are professionals who use their knowledge to do some case documentation, treatment, and diagnosis recommendations, or they engage in diagnostic interviews, counseling, as well as individual and group psychotherapy.

The field of psychology is dynamic, challenging but it can also be very tiresome.

Psychologists tend to work in a team, being that consultation with other professionals is very significant.

The place where they can work is at school, and as school psychologists, they work with teachers, social workers, counselors, and doctors.

Communication skill is essential, as they will need to speak with their client’s family members and other care providers.

To work as a psychologist, you must have a degree from an American Psychological Association (APA) accredited the school, as well as get a license for the applicable state and malpractice insurance.

The experience in therapy or at least an internship will improve your chances of getting hired.

The Psychologists average salary per year is $75, 738.

Medical and Health Services Managers are professionals whose job is to improve and maintain health care quality.

What they need to ensure is legal compliance with health care laws.

Some of the work they do is to recruit, train, and oversee employees in healthcare institutions like hospitals or smaller medical practices.

Medical and Health Services Managers can reach this career only of they possess experience and expertise in the healthcare field.

Their job is to develop new health care programs and find out which areas of health needs improvement, as well as train their people.

Now, that a Medical and Health Services Managers are actually the leaders, he/she must be up to date with the latest innovations and practices in the medical procedure and equipment.

The annual pay for this job is $65,720.

Q. How long does it take to finish an online Bachelor’s in Social Science program?

It cannot be exactly stated, being that the time needed to complete an online social science degree depends on the student, his/her devotion to studies and the pace of learning.

On average, full-time students who enroll in an online bachelor’s in social science degree are able to complete it within four years or after having completed 120 credits.

On the other hand, there are students who may finish the course for a shorter or lengthier period depending on themselves.

The reasons why students choose enrolling in an online course are that they can study at their own pace and they do not experience problems like not being able to enroll in a class because it is out of slots.

You will be able to finish your degree faster if that is your choice by doing a series of tests for you to earn credits.

Due to this credit transfer, when you pursue a degree it will be easier for you, as you will not be starting from the very beginning.

We are offering you some of the factors that impact the time it takes to earn an online degree:

Transfer credit: Those students who have their existing college credits and professional experience can use them for their bachelor’s degree program, but only in the accredited universities allow the transfer of credit.

The institution will assist you in determining what credits are credited to the new degree, and being that you do not have to take some courses, your tuition fee cost will be lower.

Fast track: There are schools that offer a series of exams that allow students to earn credit for their knowledge and that is called the fast track.

Once you take and pass these exams, you are not supposed to consider other required courses.

Course load: Those who enroll online can either extend or shorten the period of their studies and if you decide to reduce it is, it means that you will take more than the required number of courses in your academic term.

Period of non-enrollment: Considering the fact that sometimes in life, there are unwanted occurrences which might cause the repeating of a course or taking a break from your degree program.

You cannot control these kinds of situations, but they can affect the time you need to earn your bachelor’s degree.

In conclusion, the length of time required to complete your online bachelor’s degree in social science totally depends on you and your circumstances.

You should plan to finish your online degree in a short time and pay less, and that is possible only if you establish a good routine.

A good online course set up can make your studies shorter, and you can choose between asynchronous online delivery or synchronous online delivery.

The asynchronous online format is designed for students who want to have more flexibility in assessing your course materials through the internet, as the only thing they have to do is complete assignments and tests according to their deadlines specified in the syllabus.

On the other hand, synchronous online delivery has a schedule which means that you must access a virtual classroom and attend real-time instruction.

Students are able to communicate with their instructors through messaging or video conferencing.

Some students even choose an accelerated online degree program, which means you receive the same course work as a traditional campus student but will be able to complete it sooner.

Students may earn a degree in 18 months, but they need to bear in mind the fact that the coursework in this program is intense and requires both daily and weekly time commitment.

Final Thoughts

Online schools in the United States put importance on their social sciences program and as you could see, the programs at all universities engage distance learners in holistic coursework related to Anthropology, Economics, Communication, Community Development, Cultural Studies, History, Political Science, and Psychology.

Now, it is up to you to determine which one best suits your needs and desires.

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