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If a Bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration degree is the one that interests you, you are at the right place, as we will inform you about the top educational institutions which provide proper education and training and prepare students for a demanding career in public safety administration.

Public Safety Administration professionals are there to ensure that homeland security, law enforcement, and the emergency response team are ready 24/7 and they are of great importance to strengthening homeland security which is considered the top national priority of the federal government.

Keiser University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration-Emergency Management specialization

Keiser University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration with Emergency Management specialization.

This is a 120-credit online degree but it is created for associate degree holders in the field.

The curriculum for BA in public administration includes 36 credits lower division and nine credits in upper-division general education courses, 30 credits for electives, and 30 credits in upper-division major courses.

Specialization is required for students to graduate and there are options so that you can choose to specialize in Emergency Management, Politics, and Communication.

The Emergency Management specialization is available through the university’s Fort Lauderdale Online Division in Tampa, which is an online degree program during which students will be taking courses in Public Relations, Tactical Communications, Business Ethics, Catastrophic Event Response Planning, and Issues in Disaster Response.

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Bellevue University

Online Bachelor of Science in Intelligence and Security Studies

Online Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management

Online Bachelor of Science in Security Management

Bellevue University has to offer three different kinds of courses.

Bellevue University’s Public Service, Safety, Security & Intelligence course is the one that sets the university apart from other online schools, being that its students are ready to dedicate their lives in public safety administration.

Bachelor of Science in Intelligence and Security Studies, Emergency Management, or Security Management are among your best options, taking into consideration the fact that BS in Intelligence and Security Studies program will prepare you for a career in homeland security, military, or civilian law enforcement.

This is a 127-credit interdisciplinary degree, which involves social science, technology, global affairs, and cybersecurity, meaning that graduates can look for careers in U.S. national security.

The Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management program is ideal for professionals in disaster management as it emphasizes the building-block approach.

Once they finish studies, students will be able to understand the cycle of emergency disaster management, but firstly, they are required to earn a total of 127 credit hours for graduation.

If you choose to take a Bachelor of Science in Security Management, you will become an expert in homeland security, personnel management, organizational interaction, infrastructure security, threat assessment, and critical communication is vital to security management.

This is a 127 credit hours course and it is based on business, criminal justice, security, and emergency management concepts.

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Florida Atlantic University

Online Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration

Florida Atlantic University features its outstanding Public Administration Department, which is considered the country’s leading producer of public safety professionals and which has to offer a Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration (IPSA).

You can choose to attend classes in both online and hybrid formats and you are required to earn 60-credits to get the degree.

The program is designed to prepare professionals for a career in the field of public safety administration.

At Florida Atlantic University, you may choose to concentrate in Law Enforcement and Corrections or Disaster Management.

Law Enforcement and Corrections coursework will focus on criminal studies and criminal justice management.

Disaster Management coursework focuses on disaster risk reduction initiatives, mitigation and preparedness efforts.

This concentration requires a government internship as your capstone project.

At this university, classes are delivered asynchronously and can be accessed through Blackboard.

It is worth mentioning that these online programs are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

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University of Maryland

Online Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration

The University of Maryland is considered to be a pioneer in online education, and nowadays it boasts the excellent Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration online program which emphasizes the importance of developing competent public safety professionals and the staff is doing their best to do so and at the same time to contribute to national security.

A Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration online degree is ideal for practicing professionals in the field who are seeking career advancements, due to the fact that all courses are delivered asynchronously and in eight-week sessions, allowing working students to enroll in these studies.

They need to earn the required 120-credit hours and the classes you will attend will be focused on ethics, communication, research, and contemporary practices in public safety.

The coursework is designed so as to expose students to both theoretical and practical applications of the program.

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St. Petersburg College

Online Bachelor of Applied Studies in Public Safety Administration

St. Petersburg College is widely known as it has to offer more than 50 online programs.

The school staff boasts the Bachelor of Applied Studies in Public Safety Administration program which is available both on-campus and online.

The online degree curriculum is designed for professionals involved in the field of public safety who cannot attend regular classes.

It is also an excellent possibility for transfer students with at least 60 transferable credits of undergraduate coursework to finish their studies faster and with more flexibility.

The curriculum requires students to complete a total of 120-credit hours and they can choose to concentrate in Criminal Justice, Emergency Management and Homeland Security, or Fire Science.

Furthermore, you can specialize in a cross-discipline of these three areas, meaning that you are provided with a more extensive background in public safety administration.

The college is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

It is important to mention that the degree is unable to accept distance learners that are residents of Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Nevada.

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The University of Maine at Fort Kent

Online Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration

The University of Maine at Kent Fort provides an online Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration, which is an interdisciplinary major and a 62-credit curriculum which is designed so as to focus heavily on your chosen specialization.

Students get a chance to choose from 6 specializations, including Corrections, Homeland Security/Emergency Management, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Forensics, and Game Warden and a minimum of 30-semester credits will be dedicated to your specialty.

Students will collaborate with university, the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, the Maine Emergency Management Agency, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, thus getting the experiential knowledge in the field of public safety.

It is recommended that you should earn an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice before entering the BSPAS program.

Credits from your associate’s degree will be credited in your bachelor’s degree.

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Roger Williams University

Online Bachelor of Science in Community Development

Roger Williams University features a degree in Community Development for those who want to advance their knowledge in your public safety career.

Throughout this course, you will discover the link of course with critical areas in public safety administration and you will be required to earn 120-credit hours.

The curriculum is focused on public health, general security, education, housing, transportation, and the environment and it is taught by expert faculty members.

Roger Williams University has accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.

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Concordia University-Chicago

Online Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration

Concordia University-Chicago offers outstanding education provided by faculty members who have extensive teaching and professional experiences.

The university is proud to offer 100% online Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration program, which is a 128-credit curriculum through which students will gain specialized education and training in the public safety field.

BS in Public Safety Administration graduates will get experiential knowledge to fill leadership positions.

From the moment you enroll in the program, Concordia University’s advisors are there to support you and they will develop a specific plan for you, thus enabling you to finish the degree in as little as 16 months.

Its major courses are only five weeks long and they are related to Public Safety Law and Society, Global Terrorism and Public Safety, Ethical and Political Issues in Public Safety, and Strategic Planning in Public Safety.

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Franklin University

Online Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Management & Leadership

Franklin University is one in the range of educational institutions focused on training public safety leaders.

Franklin University offers a fully online Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Management & Leadership program designed so as to train students in critical skills in the field, such as risk mitigation, investigation, prevention, communication, and emergency response.

The BS Public Safety Management & Leadership is a 120-credit course that focuses on Public Safety, Firefighting and Emergency Medical Services, Law Enforcement, and Legal & Policy Compliance, among many other issues.

At the Franklin University, students can choose to concentrate on Criminal Justice, Pre-Law, or Recreation And Sports Management and even, through the university’s online program, they can earn technical course credit in just 24 hours.

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Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Online Bachelor of Science in Safety Management

The Mansfield University of Pennsylvania features an Online Bachelor of Science in Safety Management through the Department of Geosciences.

At the Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, an online Bachelor of Science in Safety Management program is a technical degree that focuses on Environmental Health and Safety in infrastructure development in both urban and rural communities.

Students in the program learn foundational knowledge being that the coursework covers a comprehensive approach to health and safety, primarily environmental issues and once you graduate, you will certainly be prepared to be a Certified Safety Professional.

Mansfield University’s BS in Safety Management is a 60-credit curriculum.

The program is the perfect choice for those interested in the human aspect of occupational health and safety and a 12-week field experience is required for students to graduate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the reasons to earn a bachelor’s degree in public safety administration?

If you are interested in this field, but not sure whether it is worth earning an undergraduate degree in Public Safety Administration, we are here to tell you that this is the profession in high demand and the degree will provide you with foundational knowledge and understanding of critical areas enabling you to look for a job once you finish studies, as you will be equipped with the significant knowledge related to law enforcement, risk management and reduction, health services management, and safety science.

Graduates of the program become valuable parts in the public service agencies, and private organizations and what is even more important, they are not focused on the monetary value attached to the profession.

The degree requirements are straightforward and each coursework is based on providing comprehensive knowledge and understanding of organizational needs to its students.

The foundational courses in the program will adequately educate and train students to be a part of the growing number of public safety professionals.

During the studies, you will learn the value of strategic thinking and effective leadership skills, as there will be classes in community relations, issues in disaster risk management, domestic and international terrorism, law, and community development.

Public safety is an interdisciplinary field that links numerous areas, including homeland security, disaster management, criminal justice, and security management, meaning that job opportunities for you once you graduate will be various.

It is great to know that you can earn a degree online, as these programs give you more flexibility.

There are certain online schools that offer specialty areas, such as Corrections, Cybersecurity, Security Science, Homeland Security/Emergency Management, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, and Forensics.

Furthermore, online schools have developed public safety management curriculum which integrates business management concepts creating coursework that is attractive to individuals who have heightened interest in the world of business.

The curriculum will teach students basic administrative and managerial skills and the education will be focused on the cost of operation, fundraising efforts, management and leadership theories, and strategic management policies that benefit public safety.

Once you choose to pursue an online bachelor’s in Public Safety Management, you need to be aware of the fact that you will stand at the forefront of local, state, or national security efforts and that you will play a crucial role in securing your country and people living there.

You can find a job as a homeland security professional fire department administrator, safety or security consultant, or police department administrator and these people usually have a passion for service and patriotism.

The American public relies on highly-skilled professionals and the constant demand for these people exists.

Governmental agencies, local, state and federal levels would require your services and this is a career choice that you should be proud of.

Your main job would be to ensure that security measures are applied and preserve peace and order in the nation.

Q. What kind of license and certifications do I need to pursue Public Safety Administration practice?

It is not only important to reach the graduation being that the competitive job market is full of equally qualified graduates who are interested in the same position.

As a Bachelor’s in Public Safety Administration degree holder, you are suggested to find entry-level jobs in both the public and private sectors.

On the other hand, if you want to improve your job prospects, and be better among the candidates, you should gain additional training and certifications.

You can look for numerous online organizations that offer affordable training, certification, and resources for public safety professionals.

Some of the training available are public safety telecommunication, emergency medical dispatch, fire service communications, or law enforcement communications and all of them are for public safety communications professionals.

Furthermore, you can take the National Fire Protection Association’s Certified Fire Inspector Examination which will qualify you as a fire inspector.

The exam is designed so as to check your competency and preparedness to and passing the CFI exam will make you an expert in your chosen field.

The CFI certification is evidence of competence and professionalism and as a bonus, the NFPA will award you with a certificate, a wallet card, and a lapel which will symbolize your exceptional accomplishment.

In the area of emergency response and disaster preparedness,  you can also secure one of the two types of certification offered by the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) and those are the Associate Emergency Manager (AEM®) or Certified Emergency Manager (CEM®) certification.

The difference between these two examinations is the required hours of training, examination type, and the needed certification exam score.

The AEM® certification requires applicants to have at least 100 hours of emergency management training specific to their profession and 100 hours of general management training is also required.

A total of 200 hours must be completed in 10 years to qualify for the exam.

Furthermore, you are supposed to secure one letter of reference, signed and sealed from the office of your current supervisor.

Most importantly, you must secure a score of 75% or higher on the 100-item multiple-choice exam to get the certificate.

The second one, CEM® certification, has more intensive examination requirements, taking into consideration the fact that applicants must meet all needs necessary to qualify for AEM certification on top of the specific 3-year emergency management work experience, an undergraduate degree in emergency management, professional contributions, and participation in functional exercises.

The baccalaureate program must be from a regionally accredited college or university and applicants must submit a total of 6 professional contributions in the field completed within the last ten years.

These are only some of the available certification and training for you to advance your professional career and once you get them, you will be qualified and ready to land leadership roles in your organization.

Q. What are the career options with a bachelor’s degree in public safety administration?

Studies usually take two to four years to be completed and once you finish them you hope to find a job as a public safety professional.

It is good to know that your degree in public safety administration qualifies you to various career prospects, being that the holders of this degree can work as public safety managers, emergency response officers, health services managers, and public safety administration.

Pursuing graduate studies is also a great option if you are planning to secure better positions.

We are offering you possible jobs that you can get once you earn your online public safety degree.

Police detective or law enforcement officer – your job would be to investigate crimes, gather facts and evidence surrounding the crime scene and pursue witnesses and suspects. Police detectives are vital in crime detection and this is a profession in demand. According to the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, police detectives earn $63,380 per year with projected job growth at 7%.

Firefighters – you will be one of those brave individuals who put out fires to save people’s lives, property, or the environment. Firefighters have to be trained to control, clean, and eliminate harmful waste materials without exposing civilians to health hazards. You will be working 24/7 and stay on high alert for any emergency, but your salary will be $49,620 annually.

Emergency Management Specialist – this is a person who responds to major emergencies that have a widespread effect and significant impact on the environment and people. Their job is to coordinate with various organizations that focus on disaster prevention, mitigation, management, and response with the aim to manage risk reduction. Actually, their main role is predicting disastrous events and organize an emergency response and evacuation procedures. On average, emergency management specialists earn $58,602 per year.

Security Directors – those are people who manage the security and safety of an organization and their main job is to design and develop security measures and implement policies in the security department. Overseeing compliance with local, federal, and state laws is also an important part of their duties. They build awareness among their colleagues related to security measures and earn an average of $80,065 annually.

Police, Fire, and Ambulance Dispatchers or 911 Dispatchers – people who deliver a quick emergency response. They need to communicate with the appropriate team to send to the location, so they manage call logs and other necessary data to comply with incidence reports. On some occasions, they will have to testify to the occurrence of criminal activities. These people earn an average of $40,660 per year.

Fire Marshals – people who are there to impose strict fire codes to prevent incidents of fire when fire safety measures are not applied. Their duties are also to investigate fire incidents and they cooperate with the local government, agencies, schools, and businesses in obtaining fire safety in the community. In the United States, their salary is estimated to be $60,200 per year.

Final Thoughts

As you are interested in enrolling in this program, you would be glad to know that there is a need for this discipline because threats are unpredictable and attacks happen frequently, so the need for skilled individuals to dedicate their professional lives into ensuring public safety and security is constant, making the increasing number of job opportunities as well.

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