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The first thing we need to mention is that the music education is the field that a few people complete successfully, and if you think about pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Music you must be aware of the fact that you will not only be exposed to the theories, but also to the practical part of the course.

Online schools are numerous and depending on the program, students may be required to submit an audition tape or perform live as a part of the application procedure.

Berklee College of Music

Online Bachelor of Professional Studies in Music

Online Bachelor of Professional Studies in Music

Berklee College of Music is proud to have the best contemporary music program in the United States.

Actually, the college is bringing together talented musicians under one roof and at the same time, boasts a beautiful campus in Boston.

According to various opinions, this is the world’s largest independent college dedicated to contemporary music and it matches the latest trends by offering the Berklee College of Music online degrees.

The modern academic platform allows students to connect passion and a career in the music industry and this is achieved through the classes provided by world-class instructors.

You can choose to major in Music Production, Guitar, Music Business, Songwriting, Interdisciplinary Music, Songwriting, Music Production, Electronic Music Production, Sound Design, or Music Composition for Film, TV, and Games.

In case you are not sure which major to choose, you can enroll under the Undeclared Option degree and study all music majors.

All degree programs require 120 credit hours, except the Undeclared Major which includes only 45 units and is transferable to any of the music majors.

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Judson College

Online Bachelor of Arts in Music

Judson College is known as one of the oldest women’s colleges in the United States.

It got its name after Ann Hasseltine Judson who is historically known as the first female missionary from the country to have joined a mission to Burma.

At this college, you can choose from a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as completion and associate degrees and what is even better, through the Judson College-Marion, you can enroll in distance learning programs.

The Distance Learning students can earn online undergraduate degrees including the Bachelor of Arts in Music and it consists of courses such as Music Theory, Music History, Sight Singing/Ear Training, Form and Analysis, and Applied Lessons.

The Liberal Arts curriculum consists of 47 to 51 credit hours.

Furthermore, BA in Music students can choose to minor in Church Music.

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University of Maine-Augusta

Online Bachelor of Music

The University of Maine-Augusta offers an Online Bachelor of Music degree for distance learners.

If you want to get into a demanding world of the music industry, you can do that by enrolling in the University of Maine Augusta’s (UMA) online Bachelor of Music program whose curriculum is designed so as to produce graduates who are well-equipped both in theory and history of the various world music styles.

The Bachelor of Music online program allows students to pursue one of two majors, namely Bachelor of Music in Contemporary and Popular Music and Bachelor of Music in Contemporary and Popular Music with a concentration in Music Education.

Both of these programs expose students to foundation courses, including music theory, music history, audio recording, improvisation, electronic music production techniques, and they are supposed to complete 62 to 65 credit-hours coursework.

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University of Michigan-Flint

Online Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS)

The University of Michigan-Flint (UM-Flint) is a very well-known educational institution that does its best to provide high-quality education to the state of Michigan residents and beyond.

So as to fit into the modern world of education, UM-Flint offers accessible and affordable online undergraduate degree programs which include Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Music.

What students can learn throughout this program is music theory, music as performance art, contemporary music, jazz, and music of the world.

The university’s BAS degree program is suitable for working professionals and non-traditional learners who may earn a degree in Music even though they do not have time to attend regular classes.

The curriculum will make you ready for live performance, conducting, and pedagogy and once you graduate, you can earn a state certification in K-12 music that leads to a rewarding teaching career.

BAS in Music can be completed entirely online, and whatever problem you encounter, you will be assisted by BAS advisors.

The credit hours required should not be less than 124 to comply with the curriculum requirements and out of the 33 units of upper-division major credits, 30 units must be earned at UM-Flint.

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University of West Georgia

Online Bachelor of Music with a Major in Composition

At the University of West Georgia, future enrollees can take advantage of affordable and accredited online education.

The University of West Georgia Online Department of Music offers ideal music education through online learning for adult learners who want flexibility and comfortability throughout their studies.

UWG-Online offers an online Bachelor of Music with a Major in Composition whose curriculum consists of courses in music theory, aural skills, technology in composition and improvisation, applied composition, and conducting.

The Bachelor of Music requires minimal campus attendance, and it is suitable for working professionals who wish to pursue a career as a composer.

It is a 120-credit hour curriculum of general education courses and major subjects and upon graduation, you will become skilled and competent conductors and composers.

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Texas State University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Music, in Music Studies, in Performance, and in Sound Recording Technology

Online students at Texas State University can enroll in an online Bachelor of Arts in Music, Bachelor of Music in Music Studies, Bachelor of Music in Performance, and Bachelor of Science in Sound Recording Technology program.

The Texas State’s Bachelor of Arts in Music requires 120 credit hours, while the Bachelor of Music in Music Studies requires 129 units for completion.

So as to graduate from this University, all students are required to finish all general-learning requirements, select a minor, and demonstrate skills on the piano and theory skills.

They are also supposed to pass a higher-level competency and aptitude examination.

The mandatory courses are music theory, aural and auditory skills training, the history and the music, and music analysis.

If you are interested in Jazz and Mariachi, they are among the optional minors offered in the program.

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Valley City State University

Online Bachelor in Music

Valley City State University is proud to offer an entirely online degree for Bachelor in Music, which is suitable for students and adult learners who cannot attend on-campus classes.

It is considered ideal for military men and women serving abroad as well as people working or stay-at-home parents.

During the online Bachelor of Music of VCSU studies, you will be taught a wide variety of core music courses and performance courses and you will be able to end the degree with a thesis, recital, or composition in place of a capstone project.

VCSU offers its online courses in real-time, so you just can go online on a set schedule.

Even though all courses are online, there is an obligation that students take performance lessons in person.

The Bachelor of Arts in Music and the Bachelor of Science in Music programs accept applications for Spring and Fall semesters and applicants need to submit an audition DVD in addition to the primary application requirements and transcripts.

It takes approximately four years for full-time students to graduate, but there is also a possibility to shorten the time by transferring previously acquired course credits from other institutions.

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University of Rochester – Eastman School of Music

Online Bachelor of Music in Performace, Composition, Theory, Music Studies, and Jazz

The Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester was New York’s first professional music school.

It was established by George Eastman who is well known for the creation of Kodak Eastman.

He had a vision of training individuals for a life in music, so the school is made to be focused on intensive musical training, academic studies in music and humanities courses.

Its programs include Bachelor of Music in Performance, Composition, Theory, Music Studies, Jazz Studies as well as graduate programs in Music Training.

The Eastman Career and Leadership Certificate Online is a program that provides students with both musical skills and the knowledge of business, marketing, and professional skills.

The curriculum consists of four courses which total to six credits, namely Career Skills for the 21st Century, Digital Marketing, Leadership Issues in Music, and Entrepreneurial Thinking.

The traditional program begins in either Spring or Fall.

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Rutgers University

Online Bachelor of Arts (BA) Major in Music

At Rutgers University, which is truly dedicated to research and development, arts programs were created at the Mason Gross School for the Arts in 1976.

This includes the Music Department whose main goal is to train students to become professional musicians with a thorough foundation in the history and theory of music.

The students will certainly be provided with outstanding knowledge and experience, and that is proved by the fact that the Rutgers University Department of Music is ranked 9 out of 393, making it one of the best universities for Music in the United States.

Students can choose from several online undergraduate music courses and those are fundamental musical theory, special topics on genres and history, and making music with computers.

Each course is accredited and lasts for 15 weeks.

They can be taken during fall, spring or summer and an online degree for Master of Music in Music Education is also offered for graduate students.

This degree is a 30-credit program with a 3-credit capstone project.

Upon the end of studies, graduates of this program can be competent music teachers for K-12.

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Liberty University

Online Bachelor of Science in Worship Studies in Music

Liberty University’s Bachelor of Science in Worship Studies is known as a program that gives its students practical education in music and worship studies.

Liberty is one of the nation’s largest schools of music.

What makes it so attractive to young learners is the fact that it offers a wide selection of resources for the training in music and its musicians will be trained and equipped as champions of Christ through their music.

You are supposed to complete the 120-credit hour curriculum and in the School of Music and Culture, you will gain real-world experience from knowledgeable professionals of the music ministry and the music industry.

What churches cannot handle are the recording and distribution process and the challenge of the Music business.

The curriculum consists of courses such as Old and New Testament Principles of Worship, History and Philosophy of Worship, Principles of Worship Leadership, and Music Skills for Worship Leading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is a Bachelor’s in Music degree worth taking?

Even though there are some people who think that a Bachelor’s degree in Music is unpromising and useless, we are there to tell you that they are totally wrong.

Actually, in this very competitive and rapidly growing economy, knowledge and skill in music are valuable as the music plays a significant role in the creation of movies, ads, video games, and even psychological treatment.

Q. What kind of jobs can I look for after graduating from a Bachelor’s degree in Music?

A degree in Music is valuable, being that there is a demand for graduates of Bachelor’s degree in Music.

You should know that among the many careers one can have with a music degree, these are just a few to mention: music producers, sound technicians, music therapists, arts and music instructors, musicians and sound engineers.

Q. What kind of people should take a Bachelor’s degree in Music courses?

It is true that these courses are open to just about anyone, but it is important that students first ask themselves whether a career in music is what they desire and if they are ready for these studies.

The music programs are founded on passion and they are not suitable for a person who does not truly love music.

An online degree in Music is the best choice for those who cannot pursue a traditional musical education, as they are full-time workers, parents, and people who are working overseas, being that it offers flexibility and comfortability.

Final Thoughts

No matter which one of the above-mentioned online program you decide to take, career opportunities will be available for you, being that music professionals have become highly in-demand.

With this degree, you can become a music director, music curator, or sound engineer in various areas in performance art.

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